Salmon, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Salmon is an anadromous fish of the salmon family, length
up to 1,5 m, weighing up to 39 kg.

Scales small, silvery, spots below the lateral line
not. Found in the North Atlantic Ocean
and the southwestern part of the Arctic Ocean, as well as
the same in the Baltic Sea.

Sexual maturity in the 5-6th year of life. In the rivers goes to the decomp.
time (in autumn and at different times in summer). Spawning in September-November.
During spawning, salmon appear on the head and sides of
red and orange spots.

Fertility is 6-26 thousand eggs. The caviar is large, orange.
Juveniles live in the river for 1-5 years, feed on invertebrates
and small fish. It feeds on fish and crustaceans in the sea.
Lives up to 9 years. A valuable fishing object.

Useful properties of salmon

Salmon is a very tasty fish, which, thanks to its
useful properties will be appropriate as in the diet of an adult
a person and a child. Usually salmon ends up on the table
smoked and slightly salted. To keep the maximum
the amount of nutrients, it is better not to fry the salmon
in a frying pan, and bake in foil, or grill.

Salmon meat is easily absorbed by the body and is
an excellent source of protein, it also contains a large
the amount of phosphorus, iodine,
calcium, potassium,
sodium, magnesium,
zinc, fluorine.
Only 100 g of fish contains up to half the daily value

Salmon gives the body at least 2 times more
calories than white fish. Unlike saturated fat
of animal origin, unsaturated fats from fish are considered
most helpful. According to scientists, it is fatty
Omega-3 acids found in fish contribute to
prevention of cardiovascular diseases, reduce
the risk of blood clots in the vessels, and also contribute
improving blood flow in the capillaries.

Sea fish is very useful for expectant mothers. There is evidence that
eating oily fish reduces some of the symptoms of psoriasis,
improves vision and brain function. Sea fish contains a complex
vitamins, in particular vitamin
D. Fish oil is 5 times more effective than vegetable oils, it reduces
blood cholesterol. Fats in the liver of fish
rich in vitamins A and D.
Fish muscle tissue contains vitamins
group B, which help the body to absorb proteins.

With the constant use of salmon, blood circulation improves,
work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, vascular
system, nervous system, immunity increases. Slightly salted
salmon contains substances that prevent development

More and more messages have been appearing lately,
where it is stated that eating oily fish
(salmon, mackerel, herring,
sardines and cod)
protects against asthma. This is due to the action of fatty
anti-inflammatory omega-3 acids,
and magnesium. It has been proven that people whose body is low
magnesium levels are most prone to asthma attacks.

Eating salmon meat relieves emotional stress,
improve mood, overcome depression and thereby
to keep healthy. Salmon also helps recovery
mental performance by increasing elasticity
cerebral vessels, increasing oxygen consumption
brain cells and by improving blood circulation.

A lack of omega-3 fats is often associated with diseases such as
like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, weakness
immune system, etc. Salmon contains nicotinic acid
and vitamin D, which are also an important factor
health of bones and nervous system and promote

Dangerous properties of salmon

It is believed that this type of fish has no contraindications. but
do not forget about the individual intolerance to fish and seafood.
In addition, it is not advisable to get too carried away with salmon with tuberculosis.
in active form, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, chronic
liver diseases, as well as in the presence of inflammation and ulcers in the gastrointestinal
pathway, since a huge amount of saturated fatty acids can
negatively affect the health of such patients.

Also, doctors warn about the dangers of “artificially” grown salmon,
for which antibiotics and modified

Lightly salted salmon in large quantities is contraindicated for people,
suffering from hypertension and kidney disease, as well as those who suffer

The video shows the fascinating process of catching large salmon with a line.

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