Trepang, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Trepang (Far Eastern) – invertebrate
type of echinoderms. The skeleton is greatly reduced. Trepang body
elongated in section, almost trapezoidal, somewhat
flattened, especially in the lower part, worm-like;
there is a mouth at one end, an anal at the other
hole. The mouth is surrounded by a corolla of 18-20 tentacles serving
to capture food, and leads to the long tubular intestine.
The skin of the sea cucumber is dense, elastic, contains numerous
calcareous formations called spicules. In thick
the leathery sack contains all the internal organs. Dorsal
the side bears soft conical outgrowths – dorsal papillae,
collected in 4 rows.

In length it can reach 45cm, and in width up to 10cm, weighing
up to 1.5 kg.

Puberty occurs in the 2nd year of life, duration
life up to 10-11 years.

Inhabits the northern part of Yellow and East China
seas, most of the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, in the eastern
coast of Japan and the southernmost part of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk
in the coastal zone of the Kuriles and south of central Sakhalin.
Occurs at depths from the water’s edge up to 150 m.

Useful properties of trepang

Trepang meat contains proteins, fats, vitamin B12,
thiamine, riboflavin,
mineral elements, phosphorus, magnesium,
calcium, iodine,
iron, copper, manganese.
Trepang fat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids,

Trepang has long been used in Eastern medicine
as an effective remedy against many serious ailments
and by virtue of its medicinal effect, it aimed along with ginseng.
The healing properties of sea cucumber are reflected in its Chinese
the name “Heishen” – “sea root” or “sea ginseng”.
Mentions of the miraculous properties of trepang are found
in treatises of the 16th century.

The ancient imperial dynasties of China used the infusion
from trepang as a rejuvenating elixir that prolongs
a life. Research has confirmed that trepang tissue is ideal
saturated with trace elements and biologically active substances,
what explains the anti-aging effect. By the composition of mineral
substances with trepang can not be compared with any known

Trepang infusion with honey is a natural substance. Hood in a liquid state,
allowing to bring to all organs and systems of a person
healing ingredients of sea ginseng.

Dried trepangs covered with charcoal are on sale.
dust to protect them from damage. Such trepangs
kept in cold water for 24-30 hours, changing water 2-3
times; at the same time, they increase in volume by several
time. Before cooking, cut the abdomen and clean out the remains
entrails. Cook for 2-3 hours until the meat is tender.
It is then used to prepare meals. Trepangi
put in cabbage soup, pickles, hodgepodge, salads, bake
with vegetables, stewed with onions.

One of the first scientific descriptions of the healing properties of sea cucumber
appeared in the .th century. in the famous book “Wu-tsza-tsu”. Emperors
many eastern countries believed that eating
trepang dishes can increase their residence time
on the throne. Modern research scientists believe
that the medicinal properties of trepang are due to the contained
it contains biologically active substances. Exactly these
substances have a healing and rejuvenating effect
on the human body.

Eating trepang in food contributes to the rapid
renewal of cells and tissues of the body. Cooking trepang is very
simply. It must be boiled one by one in fresh
and salted water for ten minutes each, and then
peel and simmer with onions or tomato paste.
The extinguishing time depends on what consistency you are
want to get trepang: the longer you extinguish it, the
it becomes softer.

Dangerous properties of trepang

Trepang extract is not advised to use in the case of an individual
intolerance, as well as under the age of 15, during pregnancy
and lactation.

Do not abuse trepang with hypotension, as this
the product significantly reduces pressure.

Also, doctors do not advise using trepang with thyroid hyperfunction
glands, as its excess can cause an exacerbation of this disease.


An entertaining video demonstrating the process of growing trepangs, the number of which has significantly decreased recently, in the Primorsky Territory.

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Trepang, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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