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Eel is not an ordinary fish. Outwardly similar to
snake, it has a cylindrical shape, only the tail is slightly
compressed from the sides. The head is small, slightly flattened,
small mouth (when compared with other predators),
with small sharp teeth. The body of the eel is covered with a layer of mucus,
under which small, delicate, oblong
scales. The back is painted brown or black, the sides
much lighter, yellow, and the belly is yellowish or

Eel comes in both freshwater and saltwater. Emerged
on Earth more than 100 million years ago, first in the area
Indonesia, the eel began to inhabit the area of ​​the Japanese archipelago
– especially in Lake Hamanaka (Shizuoka Prefecture).
This creature is very tenacious, able to live even without water.
with a small amount of moisture. Currently in
there are 18 species of eel in the world.

River eel is an anadromous fish, but unlike
from sturgeon and salmon that go to breed
from seas to rivers, eel goes to spawn from fresh water bodies
into the ocean. It was only in the XX century that it was discovered that
eel breeds in the deep and warm Sargasso Sea,
which, being the gulf of the Atlantic, washes the shores of the North
and the islands of Central America. Eel spawns only
once in a lifetime, and after spawning, all adult fish die.
A powerful current carries the larvae of the eel to the shores of Europe,
which takes about three years. At the end of the path, they are already small
glassy transparent eels.

Juveniles enter our reservoirs in spring from the Baltic
sea ​​and settles along river systems and lakes, where
usually lives from six to ten years.

Eel feeds only in warm weather, mainly at night,
during the day they burrow into the ground, exposing only
head. With the onset of frost, they stop feeding.
until spring. Eels love to feast on various small animals,
living in mud: crustaceans, worms, larvae, snails.
Readily eats eggs of other fish. After four to five years
being in fresh water, the eel becomes a nocturnal ambush predator.
Eats small ruffs, perches, roach, smelt, etc.,
that is, fish living at the bottom of reservoirs.

After reaching puberty, eels rush along the rivers
and channels to the ocean. At the same time, they often end up in hydraulic engineering
structures, which can even cause emergency situations.
But most eels go around obstacles by crawling
like snakes some part of the way overland.

The taste of eel is well known. It can be boiled
fry, marinate and even dry. But especially good
it is smoked. This is a delicacy served on
the most exquisite banquets and receptions.

Useful properties of eel

Eel meat contains about 30% high quality fats,
about 15% proteins, a complex of vitamins and minerals
elements. Eel contains a large amount of vitamins A,
B1, B2,
D and E.
Has a beneficial effect on the human body high content
protein in eel meat.

Few people know that eel meat is popular in Japan.
grows closer to summer, as acne contributes to
relieves fatigue in the heat and helps the Japanese better tolerate
hot summer period. Fish oil found in meat
conger eel prevents the development of cardiovascular

In addition to its incomparable taste, conger eel –
is a source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as sodium
and potassium for health.

Eel has a high content of vitamin E, so in hot
weather the Japanese love to eat the so-called eel kebab.

Also, smoked eel contains a large amount of vitamin
And that prevents eye diseases, skin aging.

Separately, we can note the usefulness of smoked eel for
men – the substances contained in eel have a beneficial effect
on men’s health.

Separately from the meat of the eel, they eat its liver or make it from
her soups. Since eel dishes are classified as
dear ones, they are often treated to guests. Eel dish gift
can adequately replace a bottle of good wine. Exceptional
the taste of eel is also revealed during cooking

Dangerous properties of eel

Acne is contraindicated in cases of individual intolerance.
In addition, this fish is not recommended to be consumed in large quantities.

Also, doctors do not advise to get carried away with dishes from any eel with
diseases of the gallbladder and liver. It is also worth caution
eat this product for chronic gastritis
and asthma.


In the video, the chef will share the secrets of making smoked eel with Japanese omelet and unagi sauce.

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