Goji, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Goji berry (common dereza) Or buckthorn is rude
belongs to a group of plants with a common collective name “wolf
“. By the way, not all plants of this group have
toxic effects on humans – some of its species, like goji, have unique healing properties.

Goji berry is a perennial deciduous shrub (family
Nightshade) with lilac, purple or brown flowers and subtle
thorns. When ripe, the berries acquire an oblong oval
shape and deep red color.

The homeland of the goji berry is Asia, namely fertile lands
mountain valleys of the Himalayas and Tibet. Today the berry is common
on the territory of almost all continents of the Earth: Eurasia, America, North
Africa and even Australia. But it should be noted that the most useful
properties are possessed by goji berries from the fertile lands of the plateau
Ningxia (China). In this area, the land receives a natural, rich
mineral fertilizer – loess, which is brought from the mountains by the waters of the Yellow River.

Throughout the history of human use, the goji berry was titled
various epithets, such as: “berry of love”, “source of longevity”,
“Berry of happiness”, “red diamond”, “berry of paradise”, “fruit of the desired
longevity ”,“ Tibetan barberry ”. And also, assigned various
popular names – “Dereza Barbarian”, Darmoros, field jasmine,
Deribas, trencher and so on.

A bit of history

There is a whole myth about why the common wolf in Asia
it is called the goji berry. The story happened during the Wars of
Ningxia Province of Ancient China in the family of a peasant Gou Zi. When
the head of the family was called to a long-term war with the invaders wife
and Gou Tzu’s mother were left without food, and hunger raged around and
death. They only managed to survive because Qi (the peasant’s wife)
picked berries on the thorny bushes that grew on the southern slope
fragrant mountains, and used them in cooking.

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Calorie content of goji berries

It is 253 kcal per 100 grams.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 11,7 37 43,2 – – 253

Useful properties of goji berries

The composition and presence of nutrients in goji berries

Part “longevity berries“(As goji is also called)
includes: vitamins of group C (ascorbic acid) and B, zinc, phosphorus,
iron, copper, selenium, germanium, calcium, Beta-carotene, thiocyanates,
antioxidants, amino acids,
subisaccharides, glycosinolates, flavonoids and steroid saponins, thiamine,
zeaxanthin, riboflavin.

Medicinal uses of goji berry

Since ancient times, goji berry has been used in Chinese medicine
to increase libido in women and men, as well as to raise mood
and improving well-being in stressful situations. It’s believed that
this plant contributes to the fight against cancer cells, increases
immunity and prolongs life.

In addition, goji berries contribute to the treatment of kidney diseases,
liver, eyes, reproductive system, lower blood sugar levels,
relieve prolonged insomnia. And also, prevent the development
Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes,
restore hormonal balance, urinary functions,
improve the functioning of the nervous system, tone up, eliminate negative
the effects of menopause and increase the level of melatonin, strengthen the lungs,
prevent fatty degeneration of the liver, improve the work of hematopoietic
systems. With the help of goji, you can get rid of headaches and dizziness.

The set of nutrients of this plant also helps the body
human to produce an antioxidant
superoxide dismutase with a weak hypotensive effect, which promotes
the effects of drugs on the human body. To the list
useful properties of goji berry can be added and suppression of candidiasis,
pathogenic E. coli and inflammatory processes.

After studying goji berry by renowned research centers
and identifying in its composition a unique combination of vitamins, macro-
and trace elements world celebrities (for example, Steven Spielberg,
Oprah Unfrey) began to advertise her and use in production
their branded products, and athletes – to recuperate and
increase the level of endurance.

Goji berry has become a highly advertised weight loss remedy.
after many of the nutritionists unanimously said “berry
goji promotes weight loss without active efforts. ” They celebrate
that the plant helps to improve metabolism and blood circulation,
lowers the level of bad cholesterol, accelerates the breakdown of fat

In addition to berries in modern medicine, leaves, bark and roots are used.

Goji berry in cosmetology

Due to the fact that goji berry accelerates cell division in the body
human (including skin) it is used in cosmetology to achieve
anti-aging effect. Namely, they are added to the composition of creams, lotions
and other skin care products.

Goji berry in cooking

Due to its pleasant sweet and sour taste, the berry has become very popular.
ingredient of all kinds of soups that are on the menu of famous respectable
restaurants. It can be added to tea, fruit salads, dishes with
rice, muesli
and yogurt.

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There is a legend that even the Chinese emperors were served
dishes that included goji berries.

Dangerous properties of goji berries

It is not recommended to use goji berries in the diet or use
drugs based on them for individual intolerance
of this plant. Also, it is contraindicated during pregnancy, during the period
breastfeeding and children under three years of age.

And also, you cannot consume more than 25 g of berries per day – this can
cause the opposite of the therapeutic effect of the effect.

Myth or reality of the incredible effects of goji on the body
the person?
Journalistic research on the health benefits of berries
goji is presented in this video

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