Strawberries, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is customary to call a perennial herbaceous strawberry garden (forest)
plant of the genus Strawberries, families pink. Although
in some sources of popular science literature in the same way
they also call the type of garden strawberry (pineapple) belonging to this
the same kind and family.

Strawberries have a rich vitamin and mineral complex and are considered
one of the best sources of vitamin C. In addition, it contains
a set of biologically active substances, which, according to scientists,
make a great contribution to the body’s defense system and reduce the risk of developing
inflammations of various nature.

Useful properties of strawberries

Composition and calorie content

Fresh strawberries contain (per 100 g) . :

Calories 32 Kcal

Vitamin C 58,8 Potassium, K 153 mg Vitamin
B4 5,7 Phosphorus,
R 24 mg Vitamin
B3 0,386 Calcium, Ca 16 mg Vitamin E 0,29 Magnesium, Mg 13 mg Vitamin B5 0,125 Sodium,
At 1 мг

Full composition

Strawberries are most beneficial when fresh. As with other berries,
it contains a large amount of essential nutrients,
but, besides this, it has a low calorie content. Moreover
this fruit has a low glycemic index –
40 units, and can be used when
diabetes. Frozen strawberries lose some of their beneficial
properties, but still brings much more benefit in comparison
with strawberry jam and jam. After heat treatment of the berries
are deprived of a significant part of vitamins and minerals, and are absorbed into
yourself a large amount of sugar.

The healing properties of strawberries

Strawberries are the richest source of nutrients such as
vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium,
calcium, iron, iodine, manganese). In addition, the berry contains
a whole set of non-nutritive biologically active components (phenolic
compounds), which together have a synergistic effect
on the body, strengthening health and preventing the development of various
diseases. In particular, strawberries contain ellagic acid and flavonoids,
including anthocyanins, catechins, kaempferol, quercetin, etc.

Note that one of the main advantages of phenols is their
the ability to fight free radicals. This struggle is expressed
in neutralizing the destructive effect of active oxygen on
cells. Thus, these compounds contribute to the protection
organism and reduce the risks of developing diseases arising from
oxidative stress (cardiovascular disease, obesity,
type 2 diabetes, various inflammation and even cancer).

The mechanism of protecting the body from cardiovascular diseases is simple
– phenols help to lower the level of “bad” cholesterol and
improving the functioning of the endothelium (inner lining of blood vessels).
The latter is a special endocrine organ, “scattered”
throughout the body. He is responsible for the production of substances that control
such important processes as blood clotting, contractile
activity of the heart, metabolic support of the brain..

With regard to the fight against diabetes, then, firstly, it is believed that
the berry is quite safe for people with an already developed disease.
Secondly, by conducting an experiment in which 1000 took part
women of different ages, British scientists came to the conclusion that
the high concentration of adiponectin contained in strawberries returns
the sensitivity of body cells to insulin and thus reduces
the risk of developing diabetes.

Strawberry close up

With cancer diseases, everything is not so obvious, but scientists have recorded
improving the condition of patients with a precancerous condition of the stomach
after adding strawberries to their diet. Antioxidants are thought to
slow down the division of pathogenic cells and prevent the development of inflammatory
processes. Scientists claim that the red pigments of anthocyanins also
good prevention of cancer of the mucous membranes. Experiments on
mice have shown that there are also substances in strawberries that
inhibit the growth of a breast tumor and significantly complicate
the process of metastasis in breast cancer.

However, as recent studies demonstrate, phenolic compounds
not only fight against the influence of free radicals and associated
these diseases, but are also able to protect and even “repair”
damaged areas of DNA. They improve cell metabolism and supply
peripheral tissues with oxygen and glucose.

If we talk about the traditionally rich vitamin complex in berries,
then you should pay attention to the fact that, in addition to the vitamins of the group
B, E and A, strawberries are very high in vitamin
C (higher than lemon).
In addition, it successfully combines the presence of ascorbic
and folic acid and iron, which makes it very useful for iron deficiency
Vitamins C and E also have an important effect on the condition
skin, promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Strawberries contain 20% of the daily intake of manganese. This item
important for the body in terms of serotonin synthesis and maintenance
correct enzyme work. Manganese also nourishes the intervertebrates
discs and along with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium helps to strengthen

In addition, strawberries contain a fairly large amount of food
fibers that are not absorbed in the small intestine. They are positively
affect the digestive processes, improve intestinal motility,
and also nourish the beneficial bacteria that live in the colon.

Finally, it is no coincidence that strawberries are considered a symbol of sensuality.
and sensuality. Scientists have confirmed that this berry is natural
an aphrodisiac that enhances libido. By the way, small
light dots on a berry are seeds that contain a lot
biologically active zinc, which has a positive
effect on sex hormones.

Strawberry flowers

The use of strawberries in medicine

Although strawberries have many beneficial properties, in the pharmacological
it has not yet received widespread use in the sphere. Basically, her
used in the form of natural oil, which is obtained by dry
pressing seeds. It can often be found among the components of various
ointments and creams, the action of which is aimed at treating diseases
skin. In the composition of such drugs, oil,
usually responsible for regulating the process of cell keratinization
and maintaining a high level of skin hydration.

Also, essential strawberry oil is used in aromatherapy,
as part of a comprehensive treatment for mental disorders. Specialists
consider this fragrance “cheerful”, therefore it is especially often
used in the fight against depressive conditions. By the way, strawberry
flavoring is added to many preparations (candies, tablets,
syrups, potions) to improve the taste and smell of medicines.

The use of strawberries in traditional medicine

Since in our area many people have grown and continue
grow strawberries in their gardens, they began to actively use it
with self-treatment of various diseases. And in recipes
traditional medicine is used not only by the berries themselves, but also by the leaves,
and sometimes even the roots of the plant. However, rely only on strawberries
in no case is it possible. After consulting a doctor, you can use
folk remedies as auxiliary.


Considering that strawberries are not a bad diuretic
remedy, traditional healers recommend adding berries to
tea for exacerbation of renal
failure, jade,
urolithiasis, as well as during inflammation of the urinary tract
ways. Usually they take one tablespoon of tea leaves for cooking.
and half a glass of small berries for 0,5 liters of boiling water.

With metabolic disorders and the inability of the body completely
excrete uric acid, a person develops gout
– a disease affecting the joints. During crisis exacerbations of this
ailment folk healers recommend brewing tea from the leaves
strawberries and currants.
As a rule, take 70 g of dry raw materials per 250 ml of boiling water. Such
tea should be drunk several times a day for a week.

A hot drink made from strawberry leaves is believed to also help
with colds
and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Note that best of all
collect leaves during the flowering period, when all the nutrients are
accumulate in the ground part of the plant. After collecting them, you must
rinse and spread to dry naturally. Usually choose
a cool place without access to the bright sun. From time to time leaves
you need to turn it over.

Strawberry juice


In some cases, in folk recipes, instead of berries, is used
Strawberry juice. For example, with osteochondrosis
spine must be mixed with carrot juice
in a ratio of 2 to 1. This drink is taken for a month
twice a day, half a glass one hour after eating. In addition to
this, strawberry juice along with a decoction of valerian root
helps to overcome insomnia.
To prepare a drink, you need to cook a teaspoon of chopped
root in 200 ml of water, and then add a tablespoon of this broth
into a glass of strawberry juice and drink at night.

A combination of strawberry juice with hot milk is considered good
an assistant in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.
Add 4-5 tablespoons of hot milk to a glass of fresh juice and drink
daily until the condition improves. Also with this berry
the drink is used to treat the prostate gland in men.
It is recommended to mix in a blender 1 glass of strawberry juice, 1 banana,
half a pear
and 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast. The mixture is drunk 250 ml three times
a day before meals.


Strawberry infusion is often recommended for minor
or for colds as a diuretic and diaphoretic
funds respectively.

For the preparation of the drug, 5-6 medium-sized berries are used
and 1 glass of boiling water. Brewed mashed fruits are insisted in a thermos
about 20-30 minutes, then filter and take half a glass of drink
before eating. You can also rinse your mouth with this tool.
to prevent gum disease and freshen breath.

Due to the fact that strawberry leaves contain phytoncides –
substances that protect plants from adverse effects
environment, they are used to fight inflammation in the body.
For example, an infusion of leaves with the addition of berries gargle
in the larynx
and angina.
To prepare this product, you can take it as fresh berries.
and leaves as well as dried. For 0,5 liters of boiling water is usually enough
2 tablespoons chopped fresh raw materials or 1 tablespoon
dry. Fill with boiling water, the drink must be left to infuse 2-3
hours, and then apply 3-4 times a day.

Among folk recipes, there is also an infusion that helps to relieve
condition with tuberculosis.
To prepare it, you will need to dry 10 stems with berries.
Then they are crushed and poured into 1 liter of boiling water, insisting for about an hour.
Take 2 glasses daily for a month.

Traditional healers believe that even with neuroses
can be dealt with with strawberry infusions. There are some
recipes, one of which suggests combining a teaspoon
dry strawberry and strawberry leaves
with a tablespoon of hop cones. The mixture is poured in two glasses
boiling water and infused for several hours. You need to drink this remedy
twice: one glass in the afternoon and the other before bed.
According to another recipe, with strawberry and strawberry leaves instead of
hop cones add a teaspoon of red clover flowers
and also pour two glasses of boiling water. After straining in
infusion add a teaspoon of honey and drink 250 ml per day.

Strawberry decoction and tincture


Strawberry decoctions are made mainly to fight gout, nephritis,
hemorrhoidal bleeding and indigestion. For cooking
the remedy is usually fresh or dry leaves and
roots. According to the recipe, 1 tablespoon of raw materials must be poured
0,5 l of water and boil covered for 10 minutes. Then strain and
use 2 ml 100 times a day before meals. Store the broth
in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

External application

Strawberries are considered an effective treatment for a long time
healing wounds, ulcers,
diathesis. In order to make a bandage, you need to stretch a few
berries to a puree state, attach to the problem area
and bandage, leaving for 30-40 minutes. Used for outdoor
uses and leaves of strawberry. With furunculosis
compresses are made of them. For the preparation of a medicinal mixture, raw materials
wash, grind and pour a glass of boiling water. Recommended to wrap
the dishes containing the infusion in a blanket and leave overnight.
Then compresses are made with this infusion.

Strawberries in oriental medicine

According to ancient Chinese medicine, strawberries
belonged to the category of products with a cold and damp nature.
With the help of medicinal products prepared on the basis of these berries,
treated hemorrhoids, bleeding, got rid of
from worms. The leaves and roots of the plant were used for diseases
liver, gallbladder, as well as joint problems. It was believed
that infusions on the leaves helped with itchy skin,
and the sap of the plant was used to treat female diseases.

In Tibetan medicine, strawberries were considered a real elixir.
life and the secret of longevity. They were used to slow down
aging processes. Also, ancient doctors believed that strawberries
helps to strengthen the lungs and with its help healed diseases
respiratory tract. In addition, the berries were used when
stomach problems.

Strawberries in scientific research

Due to a predominantly sedentary lifestyle and a diet that includes
large amounts of sugar and animal fats, more and more
people suffer from various problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
Scientists from the University of Massachusetts tried to come up with a solution
question by looking for a dietary product that can alleviate
symptoms or help prevent the development of diseases, and such
was found.

Studying strawberries in the laboratory

Experiments on infected mice have shown that regular
daily consumption of strawberries reduces inflammation that occurs
in the gastrointestinal tract, and also stops bloody diarrhea.
The size of the portion of berries that the mice received corresponds to approximately
3/4 cup strawberries for a person. By the way, in mice that received
as a dietary supplement strawberry extract, the condition has improved
not so significant, therefore it is fundamentally important to use
whole berries. By the way, they, by the way, among other things, contribute to the recovery
healthy intestinal microflora..

Another group notes the beneficial effects of strawberries on the intestines.
scientists who conducted their research at Ohio University. They are
for half a year monitored the condition of patients with changes in the esophagus,
which usually precede cancer. All patients consumed daily
60 g of freeze-dried strawberries. As a result, 30 of
36 people recorded significant improvements. Scientists link
such an effect with the action of antioxidants, which reduce inflammation
and slow down the division of cancer cells..

Promising Spanish-Italian results have been published recently.
a study that examined the effects of strawberry extract
on the development of breast cancer in women. So far, the experiment has been conducted only
on animals, but scientists have confirmed that mice whose diet contained
berry supplement, the tumors were much smaller than
in those animals that did not receive it. In addition, phenolic compounds,
causing such an effect, also slowed down the spread of
metastasis.… Note that the concentration of phenols in strawberries can
vary depending on the variety.

Another group of researchers from Italy and Spain studied
studying strawberries in terms of their effect on blood counts.
In their experiment, 23 volunteers took part, who had previously
passed a blood test. For a month, they consumed daily
500 g of strawberries. After 1 month, they again donated blood for analysis.
The results of all participants showed a significant decrease in the “bad”
cholesterol and maintaining the “good” level. In addition, the
lipid profiles and increased levels of antioxidant biomarkers.
15 days after removing strawberries from the diet, the indicators returned
to their original positions. Scientists believe that this effect is due to
anthocyanin activity..

A joint study by American and British scientists, which
lasted 18 years, demonstrated the effectiveness of strawberries and blueberries
as a prevention of heart attacks in women. 93
volunteers aged 25 to 42 were filled every 4 years
a questionnaire regarding your diet and physical condition. It turned out,
that over 18 years among these women, 406 heart
attacks, but among those who regularly consumed strawberries and blueberries,
the number of seizures was 32% less.

Despite the fact that this experiment did not take into account additional
factors such as age, heredity, body weight, presence
bad habits, etc., scientists came to the conclusion that the use
of these berries 3 times a week contributes to a significant reduction
risk of cardiovascular disease in general and heart attack
in particular..

A team of Serbian, Italian and Spanish researchers put
experiments on rats trying to find out if the administration of the extract affects
strawberries on the condition of the gastric mucosa, especially after
drinking alcohol. As a result of the experiment
it was concluded that strawberry extract (based on 40 mg per 1
kg of animal weight) not only improves the condition of the gastric mucosa,
thanks to its antioxidants, it also activates the body’s enzymes.

Moreover, in those rodents that received berry extract
for 10 days before drinking alcohol, it was observed
much less intensive development of peptic ulcer in comparison
with those animals that did not receive it..

Strawberry fruit salad

Slimming strawberries

100 g of strawberries contain only 32 kcal, so they are often included
into various diets, and sometimes it even becomes a staple.
However, the dietary beauty of this berry is not only in its low calorie content,
but also in the fact that it supplies the body with the fiber necessary
to improve the digestion process. In addition, strawberries provide
the body is a powerful vitamin and mineral complex.

However, nutritionists still categorically do not recommend making
a diet of only berries and sits on the so-called strawberry
mono-diet. First, it is allergenic
product. Secondly, strawberries contain a large amount of acids,
which can put a lot of stress on the kidneys.

It is best to develop a balanced diet in which, in addition to
the strawberries themselves, there will be carbohydrates (fruits, herbs, potatoes, oat
cereals, whole grain bread) and proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, kefir,
milk, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt). Everyone is banned
flour products, sugar and animal fats (sausage,
lard, fatty meat, cream, butter, etc.). Strawberries are consumed
600-700 g per day.

Indicative menu that can be adjusted according to your needs and taste:

  • Breakfast: mix strawberries with banana, apple
    and season with low-fat yogurt or spread over two slices
    bread strawberry-curd mixture;
  • Lunch: boiled asparagus
    mix with chicken / turkey fillet, strawberries, cucumber and parsley,
    season with olive
    lemon oil and juice, sprinkle with pine nuts or stew
    sea ​​fish with beets, carrots and onions, and then eat strawberries
    with banana and fat-free yogurt;
  • Dinner: mix a few potatoes with sprigs
    onions, low-fat cottage cheese, strawberries and season with low-fat
    yogurt and lemon juice or boil potatoes with carrots
    and cauliflower, and for dessert a slice of bread with strawberry-curd

During second breakfast и lunch
you can make oatmeal with strawberries and low fat yogurt,
strawberries with kefir or strawberry banana milkshake.

Strawberries and cream

Strawberries in cooking

Strawberries can be found in almost every kitchen in the world. Have
we traditionally use it as a separate dessert or
served with ice cream, cream, yogurt, waffles, pancakes. Also
chocolate covered strawberries are popular, and at home people usually
eat strawberries with sugar. These berries are often used to make fillings for
pies, pies and cakes. In addition, drinks are popular with us
strawberry-based (juices, soft drinks, smoothies, cocktails, etc.).

However, in other countries there are different traditions of using
strawberries in cooking. For example, in addition to sweet dishes, these berries
go well with seafood
and poultry. They also go well with lettuce, arugula, spinach,
avocado, cheese, pine nuts, so they are often added to
salads. Olive oil is usually used as a dressing.
with lemon juice. These berries also make a delicious strawberry-wine
sauce, and they are also added to the Spanish cold gazpacho soup. In China
even released a series of strawberry-flavored chips.

Pasta-addicted Italians have come up with a recipe in which the dough
for pasta, knead on strawberries. If experimenting is your thing,
then preparing such a dish is not difficult at all. For the test you will need:
2 cups flour, 1 cup fresh strawberry juice, 2 eggs,
1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon honey, salt,
pepper. The dough should be thick, then you need it as much as possible
Roll out thinly and then cut into strips. Boil such
pasta is best in milk.

A strawberry snack with
black pepper
and spices. For cooking, you need 300 g of strawberries, 50 g
butter, spices and pepper to taste. The berries are cut in half
sprinkled with spices and sent to oil heated in a pan
for 3 minutes.

Note that nutritionists recommend combining strawberries with milk
foods (especially if you consume it in large portions),
because the calcium it contains can help neutralize
excess acids that enter the body from berries.

Strawberries in cosmetology

The cosmetology market is full of products containing extract
strawberries. We are talking about cleansing creams, lotions, masks for
face, moisturizing hand creams, shampoos and balms. Considering
the fact that strawberries have a whitening effect, they are often used
in brightening masks.

Strawberry face mask

Spanish and Italian scientists conducted studies that
give hope for the creation of an effective sunscreen for
based on strawberries. In the laboratory, they placed the extract
berries to human skin cells and exposed them to ultraviolet
exposure equivalent to 90 minutes sun exposure
in summer. The extract has been found to have a protective function
and reduces DNA damage. Scientists hope that the new remedy
will help protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, long-term exposure
which causes the development of various skin diseases, including
including cancer..

By the way, strawberries are often used in case of sunburn.
The berries are mashed and applied to the affected skin
to relieve discomfort and help the skin faster
will recover.

The most popular use of berries in home cosmetology
– preparation of face masks. They are usually applied for 15-20 minutes,
and then washed off with warm water or chamomile tea. For dry skin
recommend these options:

  • 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon
    a spoonful of sour cream.
    For a thicker consistency, you can add crumbs.
    black bread. This mask should have a tonic effect.
  • 1 teaspoon strawberry puree, 1 teaspoon sour cream, 1 teaspoon
    a spoonful of starch and 1 teaspoon of almond oil. This mask does
    the skin is more elastic and nourishes it.

When caring for oily skin, the following recipes may suit you:

  • 1,5 tablespoons of strawberry puree and 1 egg white. Such
    the mask removes excess fat and helps fight blackheads.
  • 2 tablespoons strawberry puree and half a tablespoon
    white clay. The mask refreshes and dries the skin.

If you are the owner of combination skin, then you should be suitable
a mask like this:

If you have normal skin type, then instead of masks, you can use
strawberry water. To prepare it, you need to take 100 g of berries,
turn them into mashed potatoes and pour 1 cup of warm boiled water.
After 30 minutes, strain and apply liquid to cleansed face
using a cotton pad.

We have collected the most important points about the benefits and possible dangers of strawberries.
in this illustration and we will be very grateful if you share
a picture on social networks, with a link to our page:

There are no special secrets to choosing fresh strawberries. Necessarily required
smell the berries, they should exude aroma. They should also not
be external damage and brown spots. The berry must be firm
and not crumpled. The color is red without white areas that indicate
about immaturity. You should also take strawberries with green tails,
otherwise, she will quickly run the juice.

Berries are perishable and should be refrigerated
no longer than 3 days. If you want to make preparations for the winter, then the most
frozen berries that preserve
almost all useful items. The open method is now popular.
frost when you wash the berries, peel them from the tails, lay out
on a board or tray in one layer and send it to the freezer.
When the strawberries are frozen, they can be transferred to a container or

There are also traditional canning and processing methods.
strawberries in jams and compotes. However, when heat treated, strawberries
loses all vitamin C and many other nutrients. Many
do not process strawberries, but grind them fresh with sugar
in a ratio of 2 to 1. However, this amount of granulated sugar levels
usefulness of berries. It is better to dry the strawberries at a temperature not higher than
50 degrees. This will preserve most of the vitamin and mineral

Note that in our time, making preparations for the winter is optional,
because fresh berries can be enjoyed all year round. Even in the off-season
on the shelves are strawberries brought from China, Turkey, Armenia,
Egypt. True, often such berries do not have the usual aroma.
and taste, many consider them “plastic”. The thing is that large
retail chains specially place orders for breeding breeders
varieties that bring large yields and can be stored for a long time
during transportation. Such berries differ in taste and smell, but
the composition of useful properties in most cases remains intact.

A few words should also be said about the chemical treatment that
passes strawberries. The one that is imported to us from abroad,
before transportation is placed in special chambers, where 250
times the concentration of carbon dioxide is increased. So in the berry
metabolic processes slow down, although this does not cause much harm,
and even helps to retain more minerals. However, almost any
strawberries are processed during flowering and ripening, and, I must say,
the berry very easily absorbs pesticides and nitrates.

There are many ways described on the Internet, like at home
find out if the berries have been chemically treated. But,
according to scientists, all these methods are absolutely inoperative, because in each
the berry gets micrograms of harmful substances and on its physical properties
(aroma, density, speed of juice release, etc.) it does not affect in any way.
Reliable results can only be obtained under laboratory conditions.

Before talking about the peculiarities of growing strawberries, you must
figure out what kind of berries we are talking about. Originally named
“Forest strawberries” or “garden strawberries” we called spherical
fruits of green strawberries or garden strawberries, however, with scientific
classification, the name “strawberry” was assigned to strawberries
nutmeg. According to botanists, the main difference between them is that
strawberries (nutmeg strawberries) peduncles are dioecious, that is, they exist
bushes with male and female flowering, and strawberries (green and garden)
the male pollinator is in the flower itself.

The same story with the name “Victoria”, which has long been in
everyday life to designate a variety of garden strawberries, which used to
called strawberries. Because of the confusion that has arisen, Victoria is now called
fruits of nutmeg strawberries.

If we talk about the most favorable place for planting strawberries,
then these are flat areas of soil, well illuminated and at the same time closed
from the wind. The plant does not like droughts, but it does not tolerate stagnant water well.
To get a good harvest, experienced gardeners recommend changing
landing site approximately every 3 years. Best to plant berries
after peas
or early vegetables, but after cucumbers and onions – they are not advised.

Strawberries are usually planted in late summer or early autumn. Can
also transfer strawberry seedlings to the soil in early spring, but tighten
it’s not worth it. The plant reproduces thanks to the “antennae” – shoots,
emerging from the lateral buds. When leaves form on them
with adventitious roots, they are carefully separated and transplanted. Best
strawberry seedlings are obtained from bushes two years ago. Can
also grow planting material from strawberry seeds. First them
mixed with wet sand, and a month later at the time of appearance 1-2
leaves, seedlings are transplanted into pots.

Strawberry care includes mandatory removal measures
weeds, and maintaining soil moisture. Before flowering
“rain watering” is allowed, but with the appearance of flowers and berries it is better
do not allow water contact with the ground part of the plant. With abundant
in the rain, the bushes are even advised to cover with foil. Recommended in spring
feed strawberries with mineral fertilizers.

Recently, it has become popular to plant strawberry bushes under an agricultural wire.
This polypropylene material is non-toxic, breathable, protects
soil from drying out and waterlogging, excludes contact of berries with
soil, which makes them clean and prevents the development of fungal diseases.
Another equally popular method is growing strawberries in pipes.
PVC (both horizontally and vertically). This method saves
landing area, creates mobility (the pipe can be easily moved)
and allows you to get a clean harvest.

Moreover, now there are many ways to grow berries directly
in apartments. In order for the strawberries on the balcony to take root and not stop
bloom is best to choose remontant varieties that can give
harvest several times a season. Choosing the right mixture is also important.
soil (sand, humus, earth from ephedra in equal amounts).
It is recommended to plant strawberries in pots of at least 3 liters in volume.

By the way, now a set of miracle butters is actively advertised on the Internet.
“Fairy collection” for year-round cultivation of strawberries on the windowsill.
Manufacturers offer to buy a complex consisting of seeds and specially
prepared soil. According to them, the first harvest can be obtained
already 3 weeks after planting, and in the future the bush will bring up to
10 kg of berries. Judging by the reviews of people who have tried this “miracle set”,
the advertising description is completely untrue,
and these homemade strawberries often do not yield a harvest, not only through
3 weeks, but also after a few months.

Among the most popular varieties of remontant strawberries are the following:

So, the importance of strawberries for the body can hardly be overestimated, because,
in addition to a large dose of vitamin C, it contains many minerals
and antioxidants. In addition, the berry is a dietary product that
suitable for diabetics and for those who just take care of their
figure. Moreover, it is increasingly becoming an object of scientific research.
and, according to scientists, can be used to develop the latest

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