What is included in a beekeeper costume, detailed analysis

When maintaining an apiary, one of the most important attributes is the beekeeper’s suit. This equipment provides effective protection against bee stings, since in the process of work the beekeeper is constantly attacked by these insects.

Suit features

Clothes for work in the apiary are sewn with high quality, without cutouts. The material of the suit is selected with a flat and smooth surface without unnecessary folds. This will prevent bees from getting into fibers and clothing stores. Woolen clothes are not suitable for work in the apiary. It is preferable to choose a light color scheme of the fabric, since dark shades cause aggression in bees.

The beekeeper’s protective suit must be practical and of good quality. And also have the following properties:

  1. Durability – each element of the suit must provide maximum protection against bites;
  2. Moisture resistance – the beekeeper’s clothing must remain dry even when working in the apiary in rainy weather;
  3. Fire resistance – on contact with fire, the material of the suit must not ignite;

Protective clothing can be composed of different elements. It depends on the weather, the types of work carried out in the apiary, as well as on the personal choice of the employee. Shoes should be tall and gloves made of thick material.

Protective clothing will save you from unforeseen factors while providing a comfortable feeling.

What suit to choose for an apiary

What is included in a beekeeper costume, detailed analysis

Protective clothing can vary in style, cut and model. The main requirement is protection from bee stings, especially when opening hives. The suit is made of light, but dense fabric to avoid the queen bee’s sting piercing it. Casual clothing is unable to provide such protection. For those who have beekeeping skills passed down from generation to generation, there is a need to purchase a children’s suit for beekeeping. Such a model should have high properties with a low weight.


The suit must be the correct size. The small suit can be lifted up during operation. This will cause discomfort and significantly increase the likelihood of bee stings.

Currently, the choice of costumes is large, but special attention should be paid to the Australian beekeeper costume. This model has a protective mask with good visibility. This will make the job easier if you do not need an increased level of protection. If you wish, you can sew a protective suit with your own hands, personally modeling the cut and model, but taking into account all the requirements for protection against bee stings.

What is included in a beekeeper costume, detailed analysis

Beekeeper’s suit “Australian”

The standard set of beekeeper clothes includes the following items:



The jumpsuit is sewn one-piece, with a zipper, with the help of which it can be quickly put on and off. For convenience, a protective mask and mesh are already included with the overalls. This kit provides the ultimate in bite protection. Only the hands are left open on the body, which can be protected by wearing gloves. The beekeeper’s overalls have a spacious cut, which allows them to be combined with other things and provides optimal working conditions both in the heat of summer and in early spring.

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It is suitable for experienced beekeepers who have studied the habits of bees well. For beginners, it is better to wear a jumpsuit for more thorough protection. Most of the work is carried out in the summer, so the jacket is made from a light, light shade of fabric. You can use chintz. To avoid insects getting under the jacket, it should have tight elastic bands on the sleeves.

Mask (varieties)


The beekeeper’s costume must include a mask. Often it is made of chintz, in a circle and the front of the mask is sewn up with a dark-colored mesh of different sizes. Visually, such a mask is similar to a veil. It is better not to use a very fine mesh, this causes discomfort to the eyes. It is preferable to opt for a mesh with an average mesh diameter, however, a mesh with larger mesh will do. The front mesh can also be purchased in a metal, round or square shape. A removable mesh is also used, which is located on the hat. Beekeepers wearing glasses should definitely wear a mask. The glare of the lenses of the glasses attracts the attention of the bees.

Beekeeper hat


This headdress is an integral part of the beekeeper’s clothing. Chintz fabric is used when sewing on which a mesh is sewn. This makes the hat easy to care for.

A beekeeper hat can be made at home. To do this, a mesh is attached to the finished hat. Its length will help protect your neck from bee stings.



When working in an apiary, gloves with an oversleeve with thick elastic bands should also be used. They are made of leather or dense synthetic material. It is not convenient to work in such gloves, but during the period of bees’ anger, they are simply necessary. A pair of gloves cause discomfort when selecting honeycombs or when sheathing the frames of the hive with the positions.

Rubber and canvas gloves are also used, only high ones, since their ends are tucked into the sleeves to prevent the entry and sting of a bee.

Advantages of a protective suit

What is included in a beekeeper costume, detailed analysis

The beekeeper’s clothing is able to withstand the impact of the most aggressive bees. The inner surface of the suit is air permeable, which allows the beekeeper’s skin to breathe. The outer surface of the suit is not flammable, which is important for safety when using a smoker.


The optimal set of protective clothing can be of all kinds. It often includes a mask, jumpsuit, jacket, and gloves. The beekeeper has the right to choose various types of comfortable and practical protective clothing for working with bees. Whether it’s a one-piece jumpsuit or just a jacket and mask, it’s everyone’s personal choice, but a mask and gloves are sometimes difficult to do without. The Australian beekeeper costume is very popular. The features of this model are functionality and convenience.

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The beekeeper’s clothing is spacious and does not restrict movement. Does not create discomfort when working with inventory. Hygienic and meets safety requirements. Durable to avoid bee stings. Practical as the suits are made of water-repellent material. It is adapted to the performance of beekeeping processes and meets the requirements for labor protection.

An important thing in beekeeping is safety. When working in an apiary, it is important to protect the beekeeper from insect bites. A bee sting is dangerous for everyone, novice and experienced beekeeper. To avoid this, you need to choose your own version of the costume.

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