Flaxseed oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is considered an important and irreplaceable health product. His regular
use can normalize the body and help with
many diseases.

About the incredible benefits of flaxseed oil and its healing properties
known for a long time. So, in Russia, flaxseed oil was irreplaceable
product – it was consumed in fasting with vegetables, prepared on its basis
holiday dishes added for flavor to baked goods. In the ancient
medicine, this oil has found application for complex treatment
cuts and wound healing, to relieve pain. And to this day this
the product successfully helps in the fight against ailments, preserving and maintaining

Flaxseed oil is obtained by cold pressing.
Flaxseed oil, which grows in the northern regions, is richer
unsaturated fatty acids, rather than from the plant of the southern regions.

How to choose

Flaxseed oil is very unstable, therefore it is important to choose only high-quality
product and store it. When choosing, you need to be careful and read
label, it must contain 100% cold-pressed oil.
Do not purchase oil that has been stored in the light and in a transparent container.
You need to buy oil in a dark glass bottle, or in a transparent
container, but packed in a box.

Cold pressed flax seed oil has a pronounced characteristic
aroma, golden yellow color, it tastes slightly bitter.

Flax oil has one drawback. Its fat
acids oxidize quickly, so keep it away from air and

How to store

Flaxseed oil can be stored for 1-3 months from the date of manufacture. therefore
it is better to buy a product in a small bottle.

Keep linseed oil only in the cold in a dark bottle from
glass with a tightly closed lid.

In cooking

Flaxseed oil is recommended to be added to a variety of
salads and vinaigrette, mix with kefir, yogurt and honey,
use with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut, season
them a variety of cereals. You can also add linseed oil to cottage cheese.
and sauces. This oil is often added to baked goods for a special flavor.
and a yellowish orange hue.

It should be noted that it is worth using edible oil cold and not
subject to heat treatment – in this case it will not lose
medicinal properties and retains all vitamins and nutrients.

For the prevention of various diseases, it is advised to take 1-2 spoons
oils on an empty stomach for 2-3 months.

You can use flaxseed oil in pure form, or in a mixture.
with other oils.

Caloric value

The calorie content of 100 grams of flaxseed oil is 884 kcal.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal – 99,9 – – – 884

Benefits of flaxseed oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Flaxseed oil is obtained from seeds by cold pressing (in the seed
it contains up to 48%). It is with this method that the oil retains
medicinal properties and can be used for medicinal purposes. Butter
from flax can have a shade from brown to golden (depends
from the degree of purification). In terms of value, this oil is rightfully ranked first
place among other edible oils and contains many useful
substances (polyunsaturated
acids, saturated acids (10% composition) vitamins F, E, A,
B, K).

Flaxseed oil is an excellent external source of polyunsaturated
and 6 (our body itself cannot synthesize these fats). Wherein,
if Omega-6 is also present in sunflower, soy, mustard, olive
and rapeseed oil, then Omega-3 is contained in sufficient quantity
exclusively in linseed oil. It has an Omega-3 content of two
times more than in fish oil, and significantly higher than in other
food products. Once in the human body, Omega-3 and
are able to penetrate into the structure of the cell and have a positive effect on
further on the activity of cells and the rate of impulse transmission

Flaxseed oil contains phytosterols, vitamins K, E and choline, and
phosphorus, calcium and zinc. It is also a valuable source of lignans.

Useful and healing properties

It is because of the high content of Omega-3 and 6 seed oil
flax helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body and has
many useful medicinal properties. So, regular use
in the diet of flaxseed oil helps to reduce
cholesterol and blood viscosity, increased elasticity
vessels, which ultimately prevents the development of a heart attack, atherosclerosis,
hypertension, coronary artery disease, reduces the risk of blood clots
and stroke.

In addition, this oil normalizes the digestive system,
improving liver function, contributing to the treatment of gastritis,
colitis, eliminating constipation, heartburn, providing an antiparasitic

Flaxseed oil is distinguished by excellent immunoprotective properties:
its use prophylactically prevents a number of oncological diseases
(cancer of the rectum and breast). It is also advised to take
flaxseed oil for debilitated and postoperative patients
rehabilitation time. Regular consumption of this is recommended
oils and children for a healthy, full development of the body.

Flax seed oil is useful for the health of any woman. This
oil should be included in the diet of pregnant women, since the components
it has a good effect on the development of the baby’s brain, facilitates pregnancy
and the course of labor. Daily use of this product normalizes
hormonal background, alleviates premenstrual syndrome and improves
state of health in the climacteric period.

Flaxseed oil has found application in the treatment and prevention of diseases
bronchi and lungs, thyroid gland, nervous system, kidneys and
bladder, problems with potency in men.

In addition, nutritionists have come to the conclusion that you can effectively lose weight.
by losing weight by replacing consumed animals
fat into easily digestible flaxseed oil. It is also an irreplaceable component.
for vegetarians,
refused fish.

As an external remedy, this oil provides relief and
recovery from residual psoriasis foci
(scaly lichen), cracked skin, dry rashes and painful
shingles. For calluses and warts, this product is applied
on the affected skin twice a day. And mixed with lime
flaxseed oil is recommended for the treatment of superficial burns.

Use in cosmetology

Flaxseed oil is widely used in cosmetology.
as part of a wide variety of masks for skin and hair due to the high
the content of vitamins and anti-aging, emollient, bactericidal

Flaxseed oil is considered to be an excellent hair beauty remedy.
So, you can before washing dry or damaged hair from dyeing
massage the scalp with this oil for 10 minutes, and then rub
hair. To help the oil absorb better, it is recommended to hold your head.
over the steam.

For seborrhea, it is also advised to use flax oil. They heat it up
and then rubbed into the roots 2-3 times every 7 days. The course of treatment is ten
rubbing in two to three weeks.

Flaxseed oil is also suitable for softening dry, rough skin of the hands.
So, you need to drop a few drops of oil on your hands, then grind
fingers and hands from bottom to top for 20-30 minutes. Oil from
flaxseed softens the skin as well as a cream.

An excellent result is obtained by a mask for hardened, damaged
and dry skin of the hands. You should take half a teaspoon of flaxseed
oil, one vitamin E capsule and yolk. Mix everything and apply
on steamed hands, put on gloves and stand for 30 minutes.

If your hands begin to peel off, you need to take the yolk and mix it with
a spoonful of oil, a spoonful of honey and lemon juice. Wash your hands with water
in which the potatoes were cooked, wipe, and then grease with cooked
weight and put on gloves for 2-3 hours.

Flaxseed oil is a delightful addition to face and décolleté masks,
especially for aging, dry skin.

In a mixture, oil and ground coffee are used as an excellent anti-cellulite
a scrub that is well applied and does not provoke irritation.

Dangerous properties of flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is not recommended for people with biliary diseases
pathways, stones in the gallbladder and pancreatitis.
With individual intolerance and increased bleeding
it is also better to refuse this product.

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