Cola nut, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Cola nut grows on a beautiful evergreen tree, which is attributed
to plants of the species Stekuliev… It can be as tall as
20 meters, but outwardly somewhat resembles a chestnut,
since it has hanging branches with leathery oblong leaves,
yellow flowers and star-shaped fruits.

This tree begins to bear fruit only in the tenth year and gives about
40 kilograms of nuts per year. The fruit is large enough and can reach
about 5 cm long.Each of them contains almost ten smelling
seed roses, which are cola nuts. Originally similar
the seeds may seem bitter, although you get used to their taste quickly.
It is worth noting that fruits contain three times more caffeine than
coffee beans.

Cola is considered the birthplace of the west coast of Africa. This plant is not
very whimsical and easily takes root in other conditions, growing,
e.g. Ceylon, India, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Australia
and in the Antilles.

Today this nut is distributed almost all over the world. And went
he is on a journey around the world with blacks brought by slave traders
to the New World. This is how the unusual nut appeared in America. And the English
sailors brought cola to India, Ceylon, Seychelles and other places.
The Dutch started growing nuts in Java and the Germans in Cameroon.
Europe got acquainted with the cola nut only at the end of the 18th century, and already
by the middle of the 19th, its miraculous properties to tone up work
the muscles and the heart began to be used in medicine.

Today, especially large cola plantations are located in Guinea. There
purposefully grow and care for trees that bear fruit
all year round. Nuts need special care, because when falling
can break, and this cannot be allowed. So under the trees
string nets or lay out bags to cushion the falling of nuts.
After harvesting, the fruits are transported to places where they are sorted and thoroughly washed,
to get rid of insects that might have settled in them. Such
close care is associated with the fact that most nuts go to
export. Cola generates constant income for merchants, as depending
quality and size, the cost of one nut may vary
200 to 500 Guinean francs, which is 4-10 US cents.

We owe this nut to the fact that the well-known carbonated
a drink called coca-cola. True, then, when it was invented
pharmacist John Pemberton, this drink had little resemblance to brown
a foaming liquid now sold in bottles. Back in 1886
Mr. Coca-Cola was a potion for chronic fatigue, toothache
and depressive state, and they bought it up rather slowly,
however, after the merchant accidentally diluted the cola syrup
sparkling water, it has become more popular among the population.

Is there now cola syrup in a popular drink, it’s hard to say
– the recipe is carefully guarded, and the label does not carry this information.
In addition, walnut was not the only component of the original
potions: there were also coca leaves containing a certain dose
cocaine. In 1903, the coca leaf extract was subjected to the addition of
into a beverage for processing to remove the narcotic component,
but it is also unknown whether this extract is present in Coca-Cola now.

How to choose

It is not realistic to find cola nuts in ordinary stores, you can
you can only find it in large supermarkets or specialized
online stores. But various products are widely represented
fruit-based: chocolates with grated nuts, confectionery
extract, and powder. You can buy tonic tablets at the pharmacy
and a variety of cola drinks.

How to store

To preserve the beneficial properties of a cola product, you must
comply with the conditions indicated on the packaging. Longest of all its qualities
does not lose cola extract – 2 years.

In cooking

You can eat nuts both fresh and dried. They taste a little
bitter, but they are nutritious and invigorating.
In different countries, it is used to satisfy hunger for and increase

Cola is used for the production of refreshing and energy
drinks are used as a food additive. Ground this nut
added to baked goods and chocolate.

In weight loss diets, cola nut is used to
a decrease in appetite, as well as an increase in vitality. Research
it is confirmed that if you eat 2-3 nuts, the appetite will not appear 5-8
hours, and body weight will begin to decline. For this purpose, fresh or dried
fruits are advised to just chew. In addition, you can prepare such
drink: dilute 1 tablespoon of cola powder in 250 ml of water.

Calorie content of cola nuts

It is only 150 kcal. At the same time, the nut is very
nutritious, so a small amount will allow you to satisfy your hunger,
and will not harm the figure.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 7,9 0,1 5,2 3 6 150

Benefits of cola nuts

Composition and presence of nutrients

Fresh cola seeds contain water, cellulose, starch,
protein, tannins, fats, essential oil, caffeine (2-3,5%),
as well as some theobromine and colatin glycoside. It is the combination
caffeine and theobromine with colatin is determined by the stimulating effect
nut as a tranquilizer.

The nuts also contain the carcinogen N-nitroso.
Therefore, in Nigeria, where cola chewing is part of many rituals,
abnormally high incidence of gastrointestinal cancer
and the oral cavity.

Useful and healing properties

This nut can be called simply a unique energy
stimulant due to its high caffeine content. European
travelers in the 16th century described the unique qualities of cola,
which could suppress hunger, relieve fatigue and give a long
cheerfulness. Travelers also noted that Aboriginal
eat this nut all the time.

For many years in Europe, tales of magical properties were considered
walnut with colonial tales and took this fruit seriously
only after the colonel of the French army in his report
the authorities described in detail the properties of the fruit. He reported that when
climbing Mount Kanga, eating a powder of crushed walnut that
helped him move without fatigue for 12 hours. This fact served
the impetus for the study of an extraordinary plant.

And in fact, studies have shown that under the influence of
substances contained in cola can improve brain function, increase
concentration of attention, which is especially important, for example, in front of a responsible
work or passing an exam. The beneficial properties of nuts help
make thoughts clear, completely get rid of drowsiness and fatigue.

The stake gained particular popularity among Muslims, who
do not drink alcohol. This wonderful stimulant is used
even older people who are trying to overcome fatigue,
age related.

And in Sudan, this nut is actively used for medical purposes.
It is eaten for headaches, dysentery and exhaustion. Thanks to
content of the same caffeine, the product helps to relieve even so
severe pains that accompany a woman during childbirth.

Most often, the nut is used for difficult and long transitions.
So, blacks from Africa, chewing only one grain of cola, can pass
80 km a day under the scorching sun. They are sure that this life-giving
nut can quench thirst, replace meat, purify water, increase
potency, detoxify after excessive use
alcohol, etc.

Scientists also confirm the effectiveness of this product in reducing
pressure, hepatitis treatment
and rheumatism,
congestive heart failure, which is common in older people,
sexually transmitted diseases, various infections of the excretory system.

For medicinal use, cola is most commonly done
tincture or extract extract. This tincture can be taken
three times a day, 2 ml. Nut extract as well as drinks and powder
based on it, they help accelerate the production of acid in the stomach,
contributing to the rapid digestion of food. Plus, cola extract
is an excellent natural bronchodilator, as it helps
relieve spasms during asthma attacks,
and a diuretic.

Studies have shown that cola is useful in treating so-called
functional diarrhea that occurs on a nervous basis. In some
tribes of Africa have loved to chew a piece of nut for over a thousand years
cola before every meal, which supposedly helped improve digestion.

True, not everyone is equally good about the nut and many believe
its dangerous, since a person, getting used to chewing these nuts constantly,
can almost completely refuse normal food.

Use in cosmetology

In cosmetology, cola powder is often used, which helps
tighten and regenerate the skin, stimulate cellular activity,
improves hair and nail growth. Masks and wraps that are performed
cola-based, are able to accelerate the lipolysis of subcutaneous fat, and
restore elasticity, normalize blood circulation and provide
excellent anti-cellulite effect. This nut can come in
in the composition of creams for rejuvenation, weight loss, in a variety of products
for sunburn, face lotions.

Dangerous properties of cola nuts

Side effects of the nut and its derivatives are sometimes encountered.
So, indigestion can occur, including heartburn,
nausea and vomiting due to excessive production of stomach acid.
Insomnia also occurs
due to stimulation of the nervous system, increased pressure, especially
in hypertensive patients sensitive to products containing caffeine,
and even hand tremors with constant use.

Like many nuts, this fruit can cause an allergic reaction.
Common symptoms: abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, runny nose
and nasal congestion, itchy skin
and mouth irritation, heart palpitations and difficulty
respiration, in the most severe cases there is anaphylactic shock.
People with heart disease, anxiety,
stroke survivors
should not eat cola nuts or other foods containing
caffeine. The ban also applies to pregnant women and those who receive
antidepressant patients.

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