Animal Fat – The Benefits And Dangerous Properties Of Fat, Calories, Benefits And Harms,

Animal fat is deposited under the skin, near the kidneys, in the abdominal cavity.
Functionally, fat is considered as a nutritional reserve in the body
animal organism, consisting mainly of triglycerides, contains
a large amount of saturated fatty acid residues. Traditionally
lard with onions – a symbol of Ukrainian
the kitchen.

Since olden times, pork lard has taken pride of place on the menu.
Ukrainians, and even nowadays lard is considered a national
Ukrainian product. It is eaten salty, smoked, boiled
and fried. And lard with black rye bread is better than any overseas

Many people consider lard to be harmful to health, but how
proverb says: “They do not get fat from lard,
but on its quantity ”. If you eat a couple of pieces of bacon
on an empty stomach, you can quickly achieve the sensation
satiety. This will prevent you from overeating and you can
keep a good figure. Nowadays, there are even weight loss diets based on moderate consumption of fat.

Rarely does a feast go without lard. Needless to say,
a great snack for vodka, moonshine or gorilochka.
And the fat did not contribute to the rapid intoxication. So
consider this, and eat a piece before drinking
lard. This can save you from a severe hangover. Is happening
this is because fatty lard envelops the stomach and does not
gives the drink with degrees to digest quickly. Alcohol
absorbed later, gradually, already in the intestines. Alcohol
on the other hand, it helps to digest fat faster
and decompose it into components.

Useful properties of lard

Lard is a high-calorie product that contains about
770 kcal per 100 grams. Therefore, you need to use it
extremely carefully and in moderation.

Lard is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A,
E and D,
and, most importantly, it is not radioactive and does not contain carcinogens.
Lard contains arachidonic acid, which is classified as unsaturated
fats and is one of the essential fatty acids. Arachidonic
acid helps the body turn on the “immune response” when meeting
with viruses and bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to include lard
in the winter diet.

German scientists even advise to include a diet of 20-30
gram of lard daily, especially in heart rate diets
sick. Since arachidonic acid (related to
useful omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids), includes
into the composition of cell membranes and is part of the enzymes
heart muscle.

Lard also contains many other valuable fatty acids,
which are involved in the construction of body cells,
and also play an important role in the formation of hormones and cholesterol
exchange. They bind and remove toxins from the body.
Moreover, in terms of the content of these acids, lard is ahead of butter

It is in lard in an optimal, well-assimilated form
contains selenium,
which is a powerful antioxidant. According to the Institute
RAMS, 80% of Russians are deficient in this substance
… And athletes, nursing mothers, pregnant women and smokers
this trace element is simply vital. By the way,
in garlic,
which is often consumed with lard, is also contained
large amounts of selenium.

Lard is useful for pulmonary diseases, it removes
heavy metals from the body, cleanses blood vessels,
possesses antitumor properties, does not live in it
parasitic helminths. Pork lard, especially when combined
with garlic, improves immunity and vitality, especially
in the autumn-winter period. And also lard is
an excellent choleretic agent.

Nutritionists recommend eating lard with raw vegetable salad,
filled with unrefined sunflower oil and
natural vinegar (apple or grape), which
is a strong antioxidant.

A piece of bacon is a great “snack” during working hours. It
well absorbed, does not overload the liver and gives as much
9 kcal of energy per 1 g of product. It is much more useful
than even the most expensive sausage, bun or pies.

And in folk medicine, lard has long been considered indispensable.
means in the treatment of diseased joints. Good recipe:
if you pulled your back at the dacha, or hurt your knee badly,
but there are no painkillers, then tie a scarf to the patient
place a slice of cold salted bacon.

Gruel from lard with garlic can be used as an emergency
apply the funds to the inflamed tooth. This will help
draw out pus and prevent inflammation from developing further.

Our great-grandmothers used lard extensively as
cosmetic product. So, based on melted
lard made face creams that saved
skin in cold weather. The most common is sea buckthorn
cream (sea buckthorn berries were pounded, poured with a small amount of boiling water and mixed
with a little melted bacon).

With the same melted bacon (with the addition of garlic,
eggs and herbal decoctions) made strengthening hair masks, compresses
for eyelashes and eyebrows. The same remedy “treated” overdried
skin of hands and lips: a couple of drops were added to the melted fat
castor oil or beeswax (now you can
add a couple of drops of vitamin A or E) and smeared lips
before leaving the house in windy and cold weather.

Dangerous properties of lard

First of all, this product benefits the body only in
in the event that you use it in small quantities. For an adult
a person is enough 10-30 gr. lard per day. Everything from above can be postponed
like subcutaneous adipose tissue.

In addition, lard is not advised to subject to strong heat treatment.
As a result of frying cracklings, harmful carcinogens appear. However,
this happens with almost any fat, even vegetable. That’s why
fried foods are considered the most harmful.

Since lard is consumed fresh, this product should be chosen
without meat streaks, because they can be a source of different
helminths. We also recommend starting the choice of lard with considering veterinary

There are also a number of diseases in which fat is contraindicated.
These include diseases of the liver, bile ducts, bile
bladder and violation of cholesterol metabolism. Therefore, it is worth consulting
with your doctor and find out if you can eat this product.

A very simple and reliable way of salting bacon in a jar. The author of the video claims that this dish will not leave anyone indifferent.

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