Cloudberry, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Cloudberry is a small perennial herb
with a creeping branchy rhizome. The stem is simple, erect.
10-15 cm in height, ends with a single white flower.
Leaves are wrinkled, heart-shaped, with lobed
edge. The fruit is a composite drupe, initially reddish, and
amber yellow when ripe. Blossoms in May-nyune, ripens
in July, August. The fruit is acid-spicy, wine.

Cloudberry is common in the polar-arctic, tundra,
forest-tundra and forest zones of Western, Middle and Eastern
Siberia; also found in Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Is growing
on peat bogs and ryamas, on wet moss and moss-lichen

Useful properties of cloudberries

Fresh cloudberries contain:

Calories 51 Kcal

Cloudberry is rich in trace elements, especially hematopoietic
row – magnesium, calcium,
potassium, iron,
aluminum, phosphorus,
silicon, and vitamins C,
B1, B3,
РР, А.

Cloudberry fruits contain proteins, sugars, pectin
substances, fiber, organic acids (ascorbic
lemon, apple, salicylic), anthocyanins, carotenoids,
tannins, phytoncides, leukocyanins, leukoanthocyanins.

Cloudberry seed oil contains a large amount of natural
active ingredients, the most valuable of which are
antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Cloudberries contain
– essential fatty acids: linoleic acid (omega
6), alpha linoleic acid (omega 3), antioxidants
(carotenoids, vitamin E), plant sterols.

Cloudberry contains 3 times more vitamin C than
in an orange.
And he participates in many biochemical processes, in
including regulates the transport of hydrogen. Supports
colloidal state of the intercellular substance and normalizes
capillary permeability. Cloudberries are superior to carrots
by the content of provitamin A, which rejuvenates cellular
population. Miracle cloudberry is a rich source of tocopherols,
accelerating the regeneration of damaged cells and participating
in the most important processes of tissue metabolism. Insofar as
cloudberry contains a lot of potassium, it helps to protect against cancer
and cardiovascular disease.

In folk medicine, only flower cups are not used:
roots and leaves as a diuretic, for kidney stones,
vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorders, from colds,
hemoptysis, malaria. Infusion of leaves is used for
internal bleeding, diarrhea, as an anti-inflammatory
and a wound healing agent. Fruit juice has a strong
bactericidal action. They are smeared with scabies
areas of the skin.

Cloudberries are consumed fresh, soaked and
pickled, used in medical and dietary nutrition.
Cloudberries are used to prepare jelly, compotes, preserves, liqueurs,
wines and juices, and soaked cloudberries are a real delicacy.

The healing properties of cloudberries make them an irreplaceable ingredient.
medical cosmetics and hygiene products. She nourishes the skin
and hair tired from physical and emotional stress.
Soothes them in cold and hot weather, helps to restore
strength and function.

Essential fatty acids – linoleic and linolenic,
cloudberries included in the oil, restore the epidermal-lipid
barrier of the skin and moisturize it. As a result, it disappears
feeling of tightness. Carotenoids, phytosterols and vitamin
E give the skin additional UV protection
radiation and slow down the aging process.

Thanks to cloudberries, the skin is restored and renewed,
filled with moisture, becomes smooth and elastic. Fingernails
become stronger and the hair shines.

Dangerous properties of cloudberries

With peptic ulcer
stomach, duodenum and gastritis with increased
acidity, especially during an exacerbation, use
cloudberries should not be. It can also cause allergic

Try to make unique cloudberry jam with pine nuts – surprise your loved ones with an amazing treat!

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