Hazelnut oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is considered the youngest, because this product on the oil market
appeared only in the 70s of the last century. It was made for the first time
in France, a recognized land of gourmets. Since that time it is useful
oil is successfully developing other states and continents. The main
the exporter of hazelnut oil is still France, where it
produced from local nuts and supplied from Italy and Turkey.

It is worth noting that this oil has beneficial properties and beneficial
influence on the human body is no less valuable than the well-known oil

Tasty hazelnut oil is extracted by pressing the nucleoli
nuts without heating. Fluid and light, aromatic, it is different
high content of palmitic, oleic, stearic, linoleic
acids, sufficient saturation with vitamins necessary for the body
E, B, PP and C, as well as high energy value.

Externally, hazelnut oil is colored in a luminous pale amber hue,
however, it is absolutely transparent. This product is also used in
pure, and as an additive to other bases, although in mixtures
the proportion of this oil can be limited to 10-15%. The smell of hazelnut oil
light, almost invisible, nutty.

Hazelnut oil adheres well to the skin, spreading evenly
and easy. At the same time, it is almost weightless, instantly absorbed, providing
mattifying, refreshing, pore-tightening effect. After application
this oil does not leave any traces of oily coating on the skin.
However, it does not cause a feeling of oiliness. It is famous for its fast
toning effect combined with penetration into deep layers,
as well as cellular influence.

How to choose

Pay attention to the color of the oil, which should be clear.
and bright. Also remember to check the expiration date of the product. Worth
note that natural sediment is allowed at the bottom of the bottle – this is
is not considered a sign of poor quality.

How to store

Open hazelnut oil can only be stored for a little more than 6 months,
when darkened and tightly sealed, it is better in the refrigerator. If a
do not store in the cold, the oil will go rancid rather quickly.
As long as the bottle is closed, it can be stored in a dark place.
12 months.

In cooking

Like all nut butters, the hazelnut product is pleasant
aroma and taste. Since this product is slightly harsh
nutty rich taste, then you can use it along with the rest
light oils, including refined olive or sunflower oils.
It is good to combine a hazelnut product with peanut or walnut butter.

Basically, hazelnut oil is used for dressing dishes. This gives
the ability to completely preserve all sorts of its useful qualities.
Try adding this oil to your potato
mashed potatoes, you will turn a familiar dish into an exquisite one. Also this oil
can be an excellent substitute for butter in various cereals. Interesting,
that hazelnut oil has a sweetish taste, therefore in such a porridge
you can put in less sugar than usual.

Alternatively, you can use hazelnut oil to cook
different sauces, for example, you can make homemade mayonnaise based on it.

Hazelnut oil is not recommended for frying,
because it has a very low smoke point. However, they
it is advised to sprinkle the finished fish before serving directly on

It is advised to use hazelnut oil in desserts, especially it
goes well with cereals and chocolate. If you add a little
of this product in baked goods, you can get a delicate nutty flavor
and taste. With it, homemade bread, cookies,
cake cakes, pies, any pies, donuts, pastries, donuts.

Caloric value

For non-meat vegetarians, hazelnut oil
is considered a complete source of proteins, and carbohydrates in this product
so little that it can be safely used by those who are inclined
to overweight, as well as diabetics.

Of course, the energy value of the oil obtained from hazelnut
rather high, and therefore it is advised to use it in case of a breakdown,
heavy physical exertion, exhaustion and as a general tonic
means to improve adaptive abilities and increase endurance.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal – 99,8 – – 0,2 884

Useful properties of hazelnut oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Such an amount of fatty
unsaturated acids, as in hazelnut oil, are not present in any other
oil: there are 94% of them here – for the most part, it is oleic, and also
linoleic and linolenic acids. At the same time, the low content
saturated acids contributes to its almost one hundred percent digestibility.

Among the vitamins in the composition of the oil, the presence of E, C and group is noted
B. It also contains almost all amino acids necessary for a person,
and the mineral composition is expressed by sodium, zinc, cobalt, iron,
magnesium, phosphorus, calcium.

Also hazelnut oil contains carotenoids, phytosterols, paclitaxel
and up to 10% of phospholipids.

Useful and healing properties

Hazelnuts are considered a real health store. The oil that is produced
according to modern technology, it retains well all the properties of these
nuts. Of course, this oil, like any vegetable oil, is not
can get rid of all ailments, but with regular use
it will serve as an excellent preventive measure against many
even very serious diseases. In addition, using it in a complex
therapy of certain diseases, you will achieve only excellent results.

It is recommended to include hazelnut oil in the diet of obese patients.
It contains a lot of nutrients, promotes weight loss and
normalization of metabolic processes. Of course, it is worth remembering that oil
– a high-calorie product, and take this fact into account when compiling

Shown hazelnut oil and skin diseases: psoriasis,
seborrhea, rash.

It is also useful for nervous excitability and fatigue.
In addition, it will help increase performance and mental,
and physical. This product assists in the absorption of fat-soluble
vitamins, protecting them from oxygen destruction. Hazelnut
oil slows down aging. In addition, it is essential for a developing organism.

The product has anti-cancer properties. This is superb
a prophylactic agent against neoplasms in the thick, duodenal
and the sigmoid colon. It will help in the treatment of breast fibrosis. Also
it is recommended to be consumed by patients with sugar
diabetes, as this oil is low in carbohydrates.

This hazelnut oil is an excellent anticarcinogenic agent.
It cleanses the body well, supports well
immunity. Its elements are involved in the recovery process
DNA and protein biosynthesis.

It is recommended to include hazelnut oil in the diet.
nursing mothers to enhance lactation and improve the quality of milk.

Hazelnut oil is noted to improve heart function
and vessels. It improves blood circulation, normalizing clotting
and contributing to the increase in hemoglobin. Especially beneficial
the product acts on the peripheral circulation. With constant
when consumed lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Therefore hazelnut
oil is used in the prevention and treatment of hypertension,
angina pectoris,
diseases, arrhythmias,
varicose veins,
and heart attacks.

This product effectively removes toxins, especially the liver.
It successfully helps with stones and congestion in the bile
bubble. Hazelnut oil protects against putrefactive processes and has
anthelmintic action, which promotes complete cleansing.

This unique oil helps to improve the condition of patients with urolithiasis
disease and has a beneficial effect on reproductive function.
which is in the product, helps in the production of sex hormones,
increases libido and potency.

The successful combination of vitamins and minerals in hazelnut oil helps
strengthen bones. This oil serves as an excellent preventive
means of osteochondrosis,
osteoporosis and all kinds of joint diseases.

The product is also useful for maintaining visual acuity and reducing
seizure activity of the brain with
epilepsy. Teens, athletes and seniors need it
to replenish substances that are quickly consumed by the body: amino acids,
minerals and vitamins.

Use in cosmetology

The use of hazelnut oil in cosmetology cannot be overestimated.
It can be used both as an independent tool and in
combination with other oils and as a component of cosmetics.
This oil is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily sheen.

This product is used for the preparation of cosmetics
for the skin at home: creams and masks, milk as a tanning agent.
You can use hazelnut oil as an additive to various ready-made
means. This will enhance their healing effect.

This oil is suitable for all skin types. It does not clog pores, therefore
works well on combination, oily and inflamed skin.
It perfectly lays on such skin, cleansing it, deeply penetrating
inside and tightening the pores. To increase the tone of the combined and
oily skin is advised to make such an application: for 1 tablespoon of oil
hazel take 2 drops of orange essential oil and a drop of oils
ate and cypress. This mixture is rubbed into the skin of the face with light massaging
movements until absorbed.

This oil also treats abscesses and boils. Even for
skin with acne
such a product is extremely useful. Such an acne can be dealt with
combination of oils: add to a tablespoon of hazelnut product
5 drops of eucalyptus oil, 3 drops of sage and 2 drops of cypress. Daily
a mixture of these oils is applied to cleansed skin.

Shown hazelnut oil for aging and aging skin. It is great
moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates, improves color, tones the skin
faces. Masks based on it, with regular use, stop
the process of wrinkle formation.

This oil is successfully used for the care of thin, dry and
sensitive skin. It soothes, softens, nourishes the skin,
eliminating flaking and giving the face a healthy complexion. To improve
color, you can make such an application: to a teaspoon of forest oil
nut add a couple of drops of orange, cypress or spruce oil.
The mixture is applied drop by drop to the fingertips and massaging
rubbed into the face.

With normal skin, prepare a face mask with hazelnut oils
and walnut
nuts (tablespoon and teaspoon), black tea (tablespoon)
and ground wheat grains (1,5 tablespoons). All ingredients are mixed
and applied to the face for 20-30 minutes. The mask is made two or three times in
a week until the skin of the face becomes fresher and more elastic,
after which you can do it once every 5-7 days to support
achieved result.

The product is excellent for the care of delicate skin around the eyes.
You can prepare a lip balm based on it.

To cleanse your face, you can simply soak cotton wool in warm water,
squeeze out and apply on it a few drops of hazelnut oil – clean
or with other oils, then wipe your face.

Hazelnut oil is also used to get rid of vascular networks
and “stars”. You need to apply to the problem area daily
a napkin dipped in this oil. To fix this problem helps
also an application with hazelnut oil and lemon essential oils,
lime or cypress (for 1 tsp – 3-5 drops). In this mixture too
moisten a napkin and apply to places with a vascular mesh.

In addition, the oil can quickly soothe skin after sun exposure.
baths. In addition, this product protects the skin from harmful effects
UV rays, although the effect is small. Other consequences of impacts
external environment – caused by frost or wind irritation, redness,
peeling – also easily eliminated with hazelnut oil,
however, it does not cause any side effects.

You can use hazelnut oil for burns,
you just need to mix it in equal parts with the egg white and apply
a thin layer on the affected area, but do not rub.

With the systematic use of the product as a massage
oils, the skin acquires a healthy appearance, the manifestations of

The easiest way to use hazelnut oil is to apply
it on your fingertips and rub it into the body with massaging movements.
You can add other base and essential oils to it.

For foot massage, mix 4 parts hazelnut oil, 2 parts
– sesame, 1 part each – calendula and St. John’s wort. Gotta take order
2 tbsp mixture and add 5 drops of lavender oil and tea
wood. The resulting mass is applied to the legs and massaged while it
will not be completely absorbed.

Also, this oil perfectly moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes the hair.
To achieve this effect, it is recommended to add the product to
balms and hair masks. You can apply hazelnut oil to your skin
head and along the entire length, wrap the head, stand for 30 minutes and rinse
shampoo. This oil should be rubbed into the scalp and in order to strengthen
hair growth. This procedure is also effective for hair loss.
Yolk hair remedy is popular.
eggs and a tablespoon of butter. This mixture is rubbed into the skin, kept
15 minutes, rinsing hair very thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

Dangerous properties of hazelnut oil

The only contraindication to the use of oil
serves exclusively the individual intolerance of the product.
In addition, the use of this product is recommended with caution.
pregnant women.


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Hazelnut oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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