Crawfish, Calories, benefits and harms

General information

Spiny lobster is a sea dweller with rather strange habits,
which do not interfere with everyone who wants to feast on its delicious and very tender
meat. It is caught on an industrial scale.

This crustacean belongs to the family Armored. is he
very similar to a lobster,
but with a slight difference – the absence of claws. There is in nature
about 100 species of lobster. Their habitat is the Pacific Ocean, shores
Japan, Mediterranean waters, South African coast, New Zealand
and Australia, as well as Europe and America. It should be noted that sometimes
lobsters can be larger than lobsters in size. Some of these crustaceans
can weigh up to three kilograms, and the length reaches half a meter.
Despite such a variety of species, only a few of
them, namely: Green lobster, Florida, Red Breton,
Brown and Atlantic pink.

У green lobster in addition to the green shell, twelve
legs and longer antennae.

The most formidable spiny lobster is considered to be quite bright reddish brown
… However, it is only scary in appearance, but in reality
very shy and defenseless. It is also known as the “needle lobster”.
It should be noted that the meat of this crustacean is the most exquisite.
and sophisticated.

У Atlantic pink lobster the most tender
and light taste.

On the shelves of shops, the most common brown
… They are sold frozen.

A distinctive feature of lobsters is: no claws, long
mustache and body covered with outgrowths-thorns. These creatures must hide
between corals, underwater vegetation or in rocky

How to choose

For cooking, only the tail is used, which
be under the armor rings. She goes to store shelves
frozen, fresh or boiled. During the transportation of lobsters
placed in wet wood shavings, and until they are sold
placed in an aquarium. It should be noted that the longer these crustaceans
there are, the worse their quality. Please note when buying
on the tail, it should be curled inward. This is the very first and
an important sign of freshness, but there are others. For example, the brightness of the shell
is also a sign of freshness. Lobster eyes should be black
and shiny and a salty bitter smell should come from it.
When a fresh spiny lobster is picked up, it strikes hard with its tail.
The final decision on who is tastier than males or
there is no female yet. Recognizing a female is very easy because
they have large flat legs on the abdomen and it is with them that they carry
your balls.

How to store

The ideal temperature for storing lobsters is -18 degrees
and no more. The maximum shelf life of the crustacean is 4 months.

Reflection in culture

For catching lobsters, special trap baskets are used.
To do this, they put bait in them, and then lower them to the seabed.
for the whole night. At night, crayfish go out in search of food
and fall into a set trap. The trick is
that the spiny lobster can easily crawl into it, but cannot get out.

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Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 44,8 2,7 1 1 13,6 112

Useful properties of lobster

Composition and presence of nutrients

In addition to proteins, fats and water, lobster contains ash. The meat contains
such vitamins as niacin, riboflavin, retinol, thiamine, pyridoxine,
ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid and cyanocobalamin.
It also contains calcium,
phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, manganese, copper, sodium and iron.

Useful and healing properties

First of all, it should be emphasized that lobster is low in calories
a product in which there are no carbohydrates, but there are proteins that
represent the bulk. This is very important for those who
monitors his figure, because this means that you can use without fear
eat lobster every day and do not gain weight.

The meat of this crustacean is a natural source of protein
and a huge amount of amino acids, which are essential for the structure
human tissues.

Lobster is very rich in calcium and phosphorus,
which is essential for joints, bones and teeth. If these trace elements
simultaneously enter the body, then they are more fully absorbed. Calcium
takes part in the process of blood clotting, muscle contraction,
and is also a part of enzymes. Phosphorus is very important for the body,
since it normalizes the work of the nervous
system and takes part in the metabolism of energy and carbohydrates. FROM
it maintains acid-base balance. If in
the body has a lack of phosphorus, it will greatly complicate the absorption of vitamins
group B. Deficiency of calcium and phosphorus leads to the fact that a person
bone deformities develop due to softening of the bones or rickets.

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Lobster also contains potassium, which is very important for functioning.
heart muscle.

In cooking

Everyone knows that lobster is a delicacy. It is these dishes
occupy leading positions in the menu of all the leading restaurants in the world. Chefs
use only the abdomen and tail of this crustacean and they call
its “neck”. Many are surprised because they represent only a few
grams, although in fact there is about a kilogram of tender meat of the highest class.

Lobsters can be baked, fried, stewed, boiled, added to
soups, salads or other complex dishes. Cooking recipes are
the same as for lobsters, however, lobster meat has a more delicate taste.
This is most likely why they are most often used for spicy dishes.

Dangerous properties of spiny lobster

In some cases, lobster meat can cause allergic
a reaction that can manifest itself in the form of edema, rash, hives
or itchy skin.

It is not recommended to eat these crustaceans in food for people with
intolerance to seafood.

In this video you will see how fresh lobsters behave in the market.

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