Seaweed, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

Seaweed (Laminaria) – edible seaweed,
belonging to the class of brown seaweed.

Since ancient times, humanity has been consuming seaweed
as a simple, easily obtainable food product,
containing a significant amount of vitamins and minerals
substances. Previously, this healthy product was mainly consumed
residents of coastal areas. In our time, knowledge about healing
properties of cabbage, made it very popular in different
corners of our planet, far from the seas and oceans.

One of the oldest Japanese legends tells us
about the wise ruler Shan Ging. On the verge of death from the cruel
conquerors he appealed to the gods. And the gods brought a wonderful
a drink that gives strength, stamina, fearlessness and longevity.
To deliver the drink to all the islands of the state,
the ruler’s daughter, the beautiful Yui, drank it and rushed into
sea. The gods turned Yui into kelp, which absorbed
all the power of the divine drink. Algae spread quickly
around the islands. Having tasted them, the exhausted inhabitants found
fortitude and strength, and the enemy was defeated …

Useful properties of sea kale

Kelp brown algae contain a complex biologically
active substances: carbohydrates – 59%, proteins – 13%, fiber
– 11%, fats – 2%, mineral salts – 3%, moisture – 12%.

Seaweed contains iodine,
bromine, manganese, cobalt,
zinc, magnesium,
iron, potassium,
sodium, sulfur,
phosphorus, nitrogen and other chemical elements; as well as vitamins:
A, V1,
B2, B12,
D, E.
Seaweed contains pantothenic and
folic acid, polysaccharides, L-fructose, protein

Compared to normal
cabbage in sea water twice as much phosphorus, 11 times
– magnesium, 16 – iron, 40 times – sodium. Lovers
animals add it to dog food, which is why wool
they acquire a healthy shine.

Due to the unique chemical composition and properties
individual components of seaweed in the last
time have become the focus of attention of scientists.

Scientifically proven that the systematic use of marine
cabbage in small doses improves metabolism in the body
and increases its tone. According to Japanese scientists,
kelp algae contain special substances,
which strengthen the human hair roots.

Scientists have found that brown seaweed extract
can prevent the growth of tumors. It is assumed that
the active ingredient is a complex of polysaccharides,
which has a stimulating effect on the immune

Seaweed promotes rejuvenation, even prolongation
life, inhibits the development of vascular sclerosis. By the way, your
increased endurance and longevity the Japanese tend to
explain the regular inclusion in the diet of seaweed.
But as soon as they leave for the lands where this seaweed is not held in high esteem,
and the risk of atherosclerosis increases. It is established, for example,
that the Japanese living in their homeland suffer from atherosclerosis
10 times less often than those living in other countries.

It has been found that due to regular intake
excess cholesterol in the body of seaweed ceases
deposited in tissues. And, disintegrating into its components
parts, easily deduced from it. But not only that: it turned out
that seaweed prevents the increase in clotting
blood and blood clots. With its help it is possible to reduce
prothrombin index by 10-13%. Finally in the sea
cabbage has antisclerotic hormone-like substances

This product is especially necessary for a growing body.
Scientific and technological progress has given rise to a lot of new opportunities,
and at the same time the need to have an incredible
volume of knowledge. A generation born in the middle of the past
centuries, lives and argues according to the old, but the new generation
can no longer be stopped. Therefore, the brain of your child is necessary
nourish and support and at the same time do not forget about the benefits
seaweed. We must explain to the kid that we are not robots
and we need to eat right to be a winner.

In short, kelp is a perfectly balanced natural
a complex consisting of almost forty vitamins, micro-
and macronutrients. It looks like Princess Yui’s gift is capable of
help almost all disorders of the body –
in case of disturbances in the work of the central nervous system,
weakening of mental and physical capabilities, with
disorders of digestion and metabolic processes, diseases
cardiovascular and respiratory systems, dysfunctions
immune system, etc. etc.

And you can’t do without kelp for male and female
sexual dysfunctions. No wonder the practical British have long
produce kelp bread, and they say it is very popular
– after all, thanks to iodine, seaweed is reputed to be powerful

The preventive and therapeutic dose of seaweed is small:
it is enough to eat 2 teaspoons a day. spoons of seaweed
– dry, canned, pickled, cooked
in the form of a salad.

Dangerous properties of seaweed

There are few contraindications to the use of seaweed,
unless hypersensitivity to iodine, acute
diseases of the digestive system, nephritis, hemorrhagic
diathesis, urticaria, pregnancy, furunculosis and others
diseases for which iodine preparations are not indicated.

You can eat seaweed all your life, and the longer
it is included in the diet, the more benefits it will bring. But
with increased sensitivity to iodine and prolonged
not dosed intake of seaweed, phenomena are possible

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