Milk thistle oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is rightfully considered a valuable medicine and one of the most useful
vegetable products. This oil is cold pressed.
from herb seed spotted milk thistle. Many
of us know this thorny plant with purple flowers as a thistle.

Its leaves are extremely thorny and up to two meters in height.
the stem did the trick. This touchy, albeit with beautiful boxes-inflorescences,
scares away vegetation lovers with thorns.

But ancient legends, and many peoples, connect healing
properties that milk thistle has, with the name of the Virgin. And medicine
appreciates this plant. For the treatment of many ailments
almost all of its parts are used.

And the true popularity came to the plant only in the last century,
when German scientists studied its biochemical composition.
It happened in 1968 at the Munich Institute of Pharmacy. And now
the unique properties of milk thistle are transmitted to us through a variety of medicinal

It is also worth noting that milk thistle vegetable oil does not possess
pronounced taste and has a pleasant smell of dried nuts.

It is worth choosing only the milk thistle oil that has been produced.
cold pressing method, because it is in it that the best way
useful and medicinal properties are preserved.

It is better to buy oil in a small bottle, because after
opening and contact with air, its shelf life is sharply reduced.

After the first use, milk thistle oil is advised to be stored in the refrigerator.
in a glass bottle with a tightly closed cap.

Milk thistle oil should not be cooked. But his
can be added to the finished dish immediately before serving on
table. In addition, you can add it to sauces, cereal side dishes,
salads, cereals,
pasta, vegetable dishes, rice dishes, hot
and cold snacks.

This product can be used to diversify pastries by adding it to pies,
bread, pies, buns, pancakes and pancakes.

This oil is used in the fight against overweight and obesity, but,
undoubtedly, it is worth considering the considerable energy value of this
product amounting to 898,8 kcal. Oil can only help with
a significant decrease in the total calorie content of the diet. In this case
the oil will support the metabolism at the required level.

The oil contains biologically active substances that neutralize cholesterol,
and polyunsaturated
acids, which stimulate metabolism. In addition, the use
oil helps to remove toxins and toxins.

Useful properties of milk thistle oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

Milk thistle seed oil contains polyunsaturated acid
(about 62%), monounsaturated Omega-9 acid
(about 22%), saturated acids – stearic, palmitic,
behenic and arachidic.

Macronutrients and microelements add usefulness to the product. This row
represented by substances such as potassium, magnesium, manganese. there is
the oil also contains phosphorus, selenium, zinc and chromium. It is also rich in
copper, boron, iron, aluminum.

In addition to the aforementioned substances, biogenic amines can be isolated.
These are tyramine and histamine. There are also essential oils, silymarin,
chlorophyll. This oil also contains phytosterols, vitamins K and E.

Useful and healing properties

Milk thistle oil is considered an excellent remedy for strengthening
protective forces. Due to the rather rich vitamin and mineral
complex, this product enhances immunity, and is also able to improve
feeling of well-being with colds, restores after prolonged severe
diseases, operations, radiation and chemotherapy.

The plant itself has established itself as the best remedy for treatment.
liver. Therefore, the oil from its seeds is recommended to be taken for
treatment of cirrhosis,
liver dystrophy, use in case of poisoning with poisonous substances.
This product restores the cellular structure of this organ,
preventing damage to the cell membrane and strengthening the protective
functions. The active component of the oil is the substance silymarin,
which neutralizes the effect of harmful
on the liver of poisonous substances.

Milk thistle oil can help reduce the harm done by alcohol.
This oil is able to inhibit the synthesis of acetaldehyde, which is formed
in the body when drinking alcohol. You can take 15
drops of milk thistle seed oil every day to remove
body toxins.

It is recommended to take this oil and when refusing alcohol,
tobacco and drugs. It helps in the early elimination of toxins,
slags and other harmful substances.

In addition, milk thistle oil helps protect against negative
aggressive action of free radicals and toxic substances
not only our liver, but the entire human body. Thanks to
the antioxidants in the oil,
cell aging processes slow down and the risk of developing cancer

Polyunsaturated acids, which are included in considerable quantities
in the composition of the oil, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.
With its constant use, lipid content will be normalized.
exchange, lower cholesterol levels,
normal blood clotting is maintained. Included in
oils unsaturated acids, magnesium, vitamin E and biological
active substances help to strengthen and increase elasticity
walls of blood vessels. In general, this leads to a decrease in high blood pressure.
and the risk of blood clots, preventing plaque formation
on the walls of blood vessels.

Flavolignans, vitamins, some trace elements effectively protect
heart and blood vessels from inflammatory processes and the effects of free
radicals. B vitamins and trace elements contribute to the complete
the work of the heart muscle. Chlorophyll stimulates metabolism in
a heart. The oil strengthens the muscle and increases energy resources.
From this it follows that this product is recommended for consumption.
in the treatment and prevention of such vascular and heart diseases:
cardiosclerosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary artery disease,
varicose veins. In addition, milk thistle seed oil is effective
a prophylactic agent for heart attacks
and strokes,
and also actively fights against anemia.

Due to its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties
consuming milk thistle seed oil is beneficial
and on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. This product
used for prolonged digestive disorders
path. It also helps with gastritis, stomach and intestinal ulcers,
colitis, gallstone disease, inflammation of the spleen and gall

Milk thistle oil has a relatively mild laxative effect
and helps to normalize intestinal motility. This vegetable
the product activates fat metabolism and cleanses the body
from slags. That is why it is very useful to add it to the diet.
those who want to lose weight.

The beneficial effects of oil on the pancreas have been proven.
It contains the necessary complex of trace elements for stimulation
insulin production by the pancreas
iron. Therefore, the use of this product is recommended for sufferers
diabetes and in the prevention of this disease.

Benefits of milk thistle oil for damaged and problem skin.
And all thanks to the fact that it has a bactericidal, analgesic,
anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, wound healing and anti-allergic
action. Vitamin E in Milk Thistle Oil Improves Skin Condition
and is often used in the treatment of skin diseases such as
acne, psoriasis,
vitiligo, baldness.

This oil can be used to treat extensive wounds and burns.
Cloth dressings are soaked in oil and applied to the affected
areas of the skin. Such a bandage will not stick to the wound, it is easy
is removed without injuring the affected area and without causing

This milk thistle product is also used in gynecological practice.
Contained in it, and in considerable quantities, vitamin E, is considered
the best regulator of the reproductive and endocrine systems, regardless of
whether it is a woman or a man. Contribute to the components of the oil and
restoration of reproductive function.

In addition, the use of milk thistle oil is recommended for emotional
discomfort and pain in premenstrual and climacteric

Local application of oil is advised for atrophic climacteric
vaginitis accompanied by itching. With inflammation in the vagina,
endocervicitis, cervical erosion, colpitis and in order to prevent
and preventing the formation of scar tissue, topical application is beneficial
a combination of milk thistle and tea tree oils.

Milk thistle oil is successfully used in dental practice.
It is used in the treatment of stomatitis, periodontal disease, periodontitis,
gingivitis, as well as for wound healing after surgery. For this
the oral cavity is treated with a disinfectant solution, and then
make applications with milk thistle oil.

They successfully help in the treatment of throat ailments such as tonsillitis,
pharyngitis, etc. A mixture of tea tree and milk thistle oils is lubricated
tonsils in chronic and acute tonsillitis.

In case of inflammation of the ear and nose, it is advised to instill milk thistle oil,
heated in a water bath. For these purposes, a mixture of 50
ml of milk thistle seed oil and 2-3 ml of tea tree oil.

To strengthen the body and prevent cardiovascular diseases,
in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver, milk thistle oil is recommended
drink a teaspoon 2-3 times a day 20-30 minutes before taking
food. It can be drunk in a course of 1-2 months, after which it must be done
a break of several months.

Use in cosmetology

Milk thistle oil is considered an excellent antioxidant due to
why it is an excellent assistant in the struggle for youth
and beauty of the face and body, has a cleansing, rejuvenating, toning
and wound healing actions. Therefore, this product is widely used
in cosmetology.

The oil is able to improve the condition of the skin, helps the regeneration of cellular
membranes, stimulating the process of tissue renewal. Milk thistle product
protects the skin from peeling and drying, maintains elasticity
and even improves complexion. It is suitable for absolutely all types
skin, but you simply cannot do without it with dry, problematic, flaky,
inflamed and irritated skin. Oil is able to normalize
activity of the sebaceous glands in the case of oily skin. Unsaturated
fatty acids perfectly cleanse acne, various
rashes and prevent possible enlargement of pores.

An excellent anti-aging effect is obtained by using a mixture of oil from
milk thistle seeds with almond or olive oil in equal proportions.
It is applied to a previously cleansed face, neck, décolleté
instead of a nourishing cream.

Give a healthy color to the skin, increase elasticity, remove wrinkles
helps to mix milk thistle seed product with oil
tea tree or avocado. To prepare the mixture, you need 3 tablespoons
tablespoons of milk thistle oil and 1 teaspoon of one of the listed
heat oils in a water bath. The resulting warm mixture is simply
lubricate cleansed skin instead of cream at night or 2 times a week
make a mask with her. To do this, moisten gauze in a warm mixture and
put on the face, neck and décolleté for 30-40 minutes. Then all
washed off with cool water.

A mixture of milk thistle and grape seed oils is used to
protection against weathering. Milk thistle product protects well
skin from frostbite and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Lubricate
face before going outside with this oil, and the skin will be under excellent

Also, milk thistle oil is advised to be used for lip care,
skin of the legs and arms. It will help to quickly heal cracks, small wounds,
relieves itching and irritation.

Perfect results are obtained by massage of the face and neck with this product.
This massage is advised to do in the evening after washing, while
the oil should be left overnight.

This oil, among other things, is successfully used in anti-cellulite
massage, as it can enhance circulation in the subcutaneous fat layer
blood. And this, in turn, prevents the accumulation of deposits.

Milk thistle oil is also effective for strengthening hair because
prevents hair loss, perfectly fights hair loss, gives
the head of hair has a healthy look and shine. If hair falls out, it is recommended
rub the heated oil into the scalp. This procedure
should be carried out a couple of hours before washing your hair every other day. Course
should take 1 month.

If you want healthy long hair, you can add 10
ml of milk thistle seed oil per 100 ml of shampoo or any balm,
apply to wet hair, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse
warm water.

This oil strengthens nails well, so you can rub it into
nail rollers and nails.

Problems with skin, nails, hair are often caused by various internal
problems, therefore it is advised to combine internal and external use

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