Almond oil, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is customary to call almonds a nut, but this is not entirely correct,
since in fact it is the kernel of an almond seed extracted
from the fruit of an almond tree. Compared to other fruit stone fruits,
this product holds the record for oil content. Thus, the
concentration of oil, depending on the growing conditions, region
and variety of almonds, ranges from 40 to 60 percent.

Миндальное масло производят из семян разных сортов сладкого миндаля.
Из них извлекают ядра, сушат и размалывают их, а потом производят
отжим способом 2-кратного холодного прессования. Оставшийся после
отжима жмых используют для приготовления самых разных косметических
средств. Получаемое из сладкого миндаля масло можно употреблять
в пищу и использовать в косметологии, а продукт из горького миндаля
популярен в ароматерапии, применяется для косметических и различных
бытовых целей.

To obtain oil from the seeds of bitter almonds, they
are preheated, while the destruction of the amygdalin contained in them occurs.
Such oil is not suitable for use as a food product.
The cake obtained from the production of oil is also used in the pharmaceutical
industry for bitter almond water. It is a colorless liquid with a
pleasant odor and bitter taste (contains 0.1% hydrocyanic acid).

High-quality almond oil should be transparent with a faint
yellow tinge and no sediment. The smell is sweetish or absent, the
aftertaste is delicate nutty. It is better to buy oil in a small
bottle, because after opening and direct contact with
air, the shelf life of this product decreases sharply. It is advised
to choose oil in a dark glass bottle. Also, do not forget to pay
attention to the expiration date, as well as the composition of the product.

After the first use, almond oil must be
kept in the refrigerator in a bottle with a closed lid.

Cosmetic oil is usually sold in
small plastic or glass bottles (25-50 milligrams).

Almond oil is suitable for dressing various vegetable salads with
spices and herbs. High temperature destroys the properties
and delicate aroma of this product, therefore it is advised to use it
for vegetables, rice and pasta cooked in any way.
You can add almond oil to sauces, desserts
and baked goods.

The calorie content per 100 grams of oil reaches 884 kcal, like most
other vegetable oils.

The beneficial properties of almond oil

Composition and presence of nutrients

The composition of sweet almond oil contains monounsaturated
oleic (from 65 to 83%) and polyunsaturated linoleic acids
(from 16 to 25%), as well as amygdalin glycoside, vitamins
B2, E, carotenes, bioflavonoids, various mineral and protein
substances, and sugars.

Useful and healing properties

For the prevention, as well as the treatment of various ailments, it is advised to take
one teaspoon of almond oil in the morning and in the evening.

This product is able to prevent cardiovascular disease,
regulate blood pressure and maintain
normal cholesterol levels.

Also, this oil will strengthen the
immune system, protect against infections, activating natural defense
mechanisms. This herbal product is used for
throat diseases , bronchial
asthma, dry cough, pneumonia as an expectorant, sedative
and anti-inflammatory agent. For chronic bronchitis,
throat ailments , asthma, pneumonia
, cough with poorly separated sputum, you need to take
ten drops three times a day. The healing effect will come
within a few days.

Improves almond oil and the digestive tract, helping with high acidity,
ulcers, flatulence,
constipation, heartburn. In the case of peptic ulcer and gastritis,
it is recommended to take a teaspoon of oil in the morning on an empty stomach. It acts
as a laxative.

In addition, this product strengthens the nervous system and memory, and
can help in cases of insomnia.

Improves blood circulation, and also ensures the correct development of the
musculoskeletal system in children. So, with almond oil,
you can massage your baby. In addition to the benefits for the skeleton and muscles,
this product moisturizes the skin well. At the same time, almond oil
will help to cope with various skin diseases, inflammation,
allergies and rashes.

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The oil heals
herpes, injuries and microtrauma, dermatitis and eczema,
it helps well with
burns, including sunburn. In this case, it is necessary to lubricate the
affected area with almond oil ; for greater effectiveness
, two drops of lavender
or tea tree oil can be added to a tablespoon of this product . With
herpes oil, you need to lubricate the rash 4-5 times a day,
mixing it first with two drops of eucalyptus oil or
tea tree.

Thanks to its analgesic and warming effect, almond oil is
excellent for pain in the muscles, ears and ligaments. For a variety of
ear diseases, it is necessary to drip almond oil into the ear in eight
drops throughout the day. In order to quickly relieve headaches
and ear pains, ten drops of this oil are advised to be mixed with a drop of
juice. It is necessary to drip three drops of the mixture into the ear. If you
drop a drop of warm oil into your ear at night, ear
sulfur will soften .

It is worth noting that taking almond oil for two to three months,
half a teaspoon three times a day, is an excellent prevention of
and its potential complications.

For sports injuries and sprains
, napkins soaked in almond oil can be applied for half an hour two to three times a
day. It helps to relieve pain, and at the same time has an anti-inflammatory effect

For pregnant women with swelling of the legs and back pain, massage is recommended
using the following mixture: 100 milligrams of sweet almond oil,
seven drops of lavender oil, three drops of sandalwood
and neroli oils.

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For premenstrual pain, you can massage the lower abdomen in a circular
motion, starting a couple of days before and during your period
. To do this, use the following remedy: 70 ml of almond oil,
30 milligrams of St. John’s wort oil and several essential oils: five drops of
grapefruit, three drops of ylang-ylang, two of clary sage
and one of jasmine.

In case of female inflammation, doctors advise to insert tampons
soaked in sweet almond oil with the addition of two or three drops
of tea tree oil through the vagina .

Not recommended for ingestion, bitter almond oil,
which contains toxic substances, is highly valued in aromatherapy.
This unusual essential oil has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional
state. It stimulates brain function and can increase concentration.
You can use this oil to wake up after unconsciousness
or shock.
Bitter almond oil has a tonic effect,
which means that it can be used in case of loss of strength, chronic fatigue
and weakness. In addition, it can be used to prevent
colds and infectious diseases.

Use in cosmetology

Almond oil is extremely popular in cosmetology.
It is perfect for the care of the face, décolleté,
legs and arms, as well as nails and hair.

This oil can be applied either in pure form or together with a
variety of essential oils or other vegetable oils. In
addition, it can be added a couple of drops to the usual cosmetics
(masks, creams, shampoos, balms, etc.). Just
before use, the oil should be slightly warmed up, which will help improve
its penetration and increase the effect.

Almond oil is versatile and delicious for all
skin types. It does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies.
It can even be used to care for the delicate skin of babies. But
it brings the greatest benefits to aging, flaccid and too dry
skin. Almond oil is also effective in the care of the sensitive
and delicate area around the eyes, the décolleté area. This is due to
its nourishing, moisturizing, softening properties. In addition,
this oil has a regenerative, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
and soothing effect.

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With regular use, almond oil will improve the
complexion, make the skin smooth and velvety, increase elasticity
and firmness, and smooth out wrinkles.

Apply almond oil to the eye area before going to
Pure oil applied along the massage lines
to the eyelids with light tapping movements of the fingertips will help smooth out wrinkles and get rid of circles that have appeared under the eyes .

Although nutritious, almond oil is
quite light in texture and absorbs well into the skin. This product
penetrates deeply into the skin, softens, nourishes and protects it from drying out
and flaking. Sweet almond oil is capable of retaining moisture,
therefore it is advised to apply it in its pure form on previously moisturized
skin. It can also be applied after wiping the skin with a tonic,
ice cube or herbal infusion.

Regular use of almond oil in skin care inhibits
the aging process of cells and protects against the negative effects of UV radiation.

The balanced composition of almond oil helps to normalize the
functioning of the sebaceous glands
, prevent enlargement of pores, eliminate
inflammation, itching and irritation of problem and sensitive skin,
and also serves as an excellent preventive measure for loss of elasticity
and tone.

Like other oils, the sweet almond product can be used
to cleanse the skin of a variety of impurities and remove
. To do this, you need to slightly heat the oil, moisten
a swab in it and carefully remove the makeup. The oil cleanses
and exfoliates the skin well, preventing acne. If you use
this product before going outside, it is worth blotting your skin with a tissue
to remove excess shine.

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For normal tired, dry and flabby skin, almond oil has a
revitalizing effect , especially if you
add patchouli, rosewood and lavender oils to a tablespoon of this product .

Can be used in face care and toning mask suitable
for all skin types. To do this, dilute two tablespoons of oatmeal with
hot water, add two drops of lemon
and rosemary oils and 5 ml of almond oil to this mass .

And for cleansing the face and daily washing with
normal to dry skin, you can apply a mixture of yolk
pounded with a teaspoon of water and 15 drops of almond oil on your face
for 15 minutes. Wash off your face after such a mask with running warm

For mature, dry skin , almond oil is an excellent
moisturizer and regenerator. In this case, a
mask made from a mixture of 15 milligrams of warm almond oil and two
drops of sandalwood and neroli oils will be helpful .

With age-related skin changes, a
hot mask gives an excellent effect . For her, you need to moisten a cotton napkin
in hot water, squeeze, apply 25 milligrams of almond oil on it
and apply on the neck and face for half an hour. Cover the mask with a
towel on top . This procedure, carried out once or twice a month,
helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

For oily skin this oil serves as a protection against
germs. To do this, you can use the following mask: a mixture
of 15 milligrams of warmed oil and essential oils of citrus
and ylang-ylang.

For skin prone to irritation, with a noticeable vascular pattern,
sensitive, almond oil can give an even velvety
color, soften and refresh it.

Almond oil can rightfully be called one of the most powerful
natural remedies that stimulate hair growth .
It is suitable for all hair types. The oil strengthens the bulbs,
nourishes and perfectly stimulates their growth, restores shine and elasticity,
effectively treats dandruff. Half an hour or an hour before shampooing, it is advised to
rub the oil into the roots and distribute it with a comb along the entire length of the hair.
It is best to use warm oil and apply it to damp
scalp for optimal penetration. Also, this product can be
mixed with oils from other plants or add a couple of drops of
essential oil.

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If you have oily hair , then before washing you need to
rub oil mixed with 1-2 drops of bergamot oil, lemon
or aromatic cedar. If your hair is dry, you need to rub the oil
after washing into warm, still damp hair. For optimal effect,
add one to two drops of lavender, patchouli or ylang ylang oil.

The simplest way to use almond oil
is daily combing with a wooden comb, on which a
few (3-5) drops of almond oil or the aforementioned mixtures of
it with essential oils are applied . This will help make your hair manageable
and shiny.

For the growth and strengthening of eyelashes, you can comb
them overnight with a brush dipped in heated almond oil. The eyelashes
will become soft and fluffy.

Almond oil is considered an excellent remedy for
body massage
. It also shows itself perfectly when massaging
in places where there is cellulite. This oil is able to penetrate into the deep
layers of the skin, activate blood and lymph circulation. Excess
fluid and toxins will be removed from the skin, the skin will become tightened and elastic. For
cellulite, this herbal product can be enriched with essential oils of
grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, patchouli, geranium and rosemary –
one to two drops per 15 milligrams.

It is also useful to massage the décolleté and face area with oil heated
to 37-38 degrees, which helps to increase elasticity and smooth

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By using this oil during pregnancy, you can prevent
stretch marks on problem areas, whose elasticity is reduced. To
do this, it is advised to prepare a mixture of 100 ml of almond oil and essential
oils of lavender, mandarin and neroli (four drops each). This mixture
should be used to massage the thighs and abdomen easily in the second and third trimesters of

Warm oil is also successfully used for the care of the skin of the
hands with cracks
, as it has a regenerating,
wound healing and softening effect.

Also, this oil improves the condition of the nails . When
exfoliating brittle nails can be rubbed warm oil into the nail and
cuticle. The high potassium and zinc content makes nails healthy
and strong. And if you combine it with some kind of citrus oil,
the effect can increase several times. Almond oil in combination
with lemon and ylang-ylang oils (for five milligrams of almond
oil in a drop of essential) will help reduce the fragility of nails, restore
their strength and appearance. If you use this mixture every
day, the positive results will appear very quickly.

Bitter almond oil, due to its strengthening effect, is used
to improve the condition of hair, skin, eyelashes and nails. This essential
oil is recommended for skin toning and soothing
baths. Almond oil can be combined with essential oils of lavender,
cardamom, mint, rosemary,
thyme, clove, etc.

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