Krachai, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

It is a relative of ginger. This is what the Thais call these roots,
and in other languages ​​it is Chinese or wild ginger,
fingerroot, galingale or Kaempferia pandurata.

Krachai is not very pungent and has a very delicate aroma, unlike
from ginger,
it does not need to be removed from the dish at the end of cooking as it is soft.

The smell of terry is very similar to ginger, but a little thinner, lighter,
with a citrus note. The root itself is very soft and juicy.

The outer part of the plant is small, only up to 50 centimeters. Branches
herbal, converge at the bottom into one common stem, fleshy and end
large leaves, the length of which reaches 45 cm, and the width –
up to 12 cm.During the flowering period, small
shoots on which beautiful flowers of pink-purple bloom

The possible homeland of the krach is the Indonesian islands, but it can be
meet in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam. Preferring
dark wet slopes and lowlands, also native to India
and South China. All parts of the tern are considered edible for humans,
these are: young stems, leaves, flower buds. But the root hides
the most important advantages. The peel of the root is very thin, yellow-brown
color, the same shade and its inner part.

How to choose

It is sold by weight in the form of whole fresh roots, similar to
on turmeric,
or as shredded packaged straws. If you consider carefully,
then it is very simple to distinguish the krychay from ginger – the ginger is peeled before
shredder, and the terry remains with a brown skin. In our latitudes
it is almost impossible to buy fresh kruch.

There are specialty stores where you can buy
Chinese ginger in a set of vegetables and spices for making tom yum,
Thai soup. Also in the food industry, ground
crust, which has found its use as a seasoning for sauces,
appetizers, salads and main courses.

How to store

In order for the crumble not to lose its beneficial properties, it needs
store correctly. Pickled krai is used as a condiment,
it should only be stored in ceramic or glassware, not
more than three months in the refrigerator.

Ground terry is stored only in sealed packaging. Fresh root
it is recommended to keep in the lower compartment of the refrigerator no more
5 days. During this time, the cure will not lose its useful and medicinal

You can also store the teapot in the freezer, there it is not only
will not lose its benefit, but it will also be able to persist several times
longer. It must be tightly packed before being placed in the cell.
For convenience, before laying, you can peel and grind the terry.

Calorie content

Krachai is not only very tasty and aromatic, but also ideal
for people who want to lose those extra pounds. Low calorie content,
component of only 80 kcal, makes it possible to safely turn on the krae
in the dietary menu.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 1,82 0,75 15,75 – 70,5 80

Useful properties of krying

Composition and presence of nutrients

Root rhizome contains a large amount of vitamins
B12, A and calcium. These components improve
vision, skin, hair, help to increase immunity and normal

Useful and healing properties

Traditional medicine in Southeast Asia has long been using
Chinese root crumble for medicinal purposes. First of all, it is a remedy
able to relieve stomach pains, normalize good work
digestive tract and its function in severe disorders.

Modern scientific research has proven anti-inflammatory,
antiseptic and anticarcinogenic properties of the active substances krying.
Also, thanks to its tonic properties, fingerrut is included in plant
Thai capsules that enhance men’s health.

In cooking

The distinctive aroma and taste properties of krach allow
open up wide culinary opportunities that allow you to use
Chinese ginger as a spice. It should be noted that the most
krachai found wide distribution in Thai cuisine. Often
cut into small pieces or grind into a paste.

But in the rest of East Asia, the root is actively cracking
used in the preparation of main dishes, soups, snacks, sauces
and salads. Mild taste and wonderful aroma of the root delicately highlight
the taste of the culinary product.

Taste and consumer parameters are perfectly combined
with fish and seafood.
The most famous Cambodian fish dish Fish Amok is prepared with it.
Leaves are also used instead of the root. Chinese ginger root
also found in curry mix.

In cosmetology

Krachai is a very low-calorie product, so you can safely
eat during a diet, adding to various salads and others

Also, nourishing face masks are made on the basis of terns.
and various creams.

Dangerous properties of krying

Individual intolerance, allergic reactions are the main
contraindications to the use of krycha.

An exotic uncle with comments in an incomprehensible language in a native setting prepares an unknown dish with the addition of krychay.

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