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According to gardeners, breeze potatoes are no worse than similar foreign species, so you should consider all the features of this variety to familiarize yourself with it. In 2005, in the Republic of Belarus, breeders of the scientific center of academic sciences who are engaged in the study of potato growing introduced a new variety, as well as patented it and gave the name breeze.

  1. Description of the potato breeze
  2. Pluses of the breeze variety
  3. Productivity of the variety
  4. Preparation of planting material
  5. Rules planting and growing breeze varieties
  6. Propagation of the potato breeze
  7. How to store the potato breeze?
  8. Diseases and pests
  9. Treatment of late blight
  10. Treatment of scab
  11. Reviews about the potato variety breeze

Сорт картофеля бриз

Potato variety breeze

After that about covering of a year has passed, and this kind of success made in the register of the Republic of Belarus, and later in the Russian catalog of vegetables in 2009. Breeze was recommended for planting in the northern and western parts of Russia, as it is resistant tubers to various climatic conditions and the spread of disease. Before buying this variety, it is recommended to study the characteristics and read the potato breeze. Description of the variety; feedback from other gardeners who have already grown such a variety in their area.

Description of the potato breeze

According to gardeners, the breeze potato variety has an upright bush of medium height. The stem is slightly thinner than other varieties and it does not have a bright shade. The leaves are large, bright green in color.The inflorescence in the form of a corolla is reddish or violet, of medium size in diameter. The breeze has a large percentage of yield, which reaches up to 600 centners per hectare.

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For this species, this is a pretty good indicator. The description of the breeze potato variety indicates that the tubers are oval, large, with a yellow and smooth peel, studded with a small number of small eyes. The weight of one fruit is about 130 grams. The inner pulp has a yellow color, which does not disappear even during cooking. The starch content in one tuber is 12-16%. The breeze is widely used in cooking and is mainly used fried for the production of chips, fries or freezing.

Pluses of the breeze variety

  • Good keeping quality.
  • Great taste of the fruit.
  • Beautiful tuber shape.
  • Resistant immunity to such viral diseases as mosaic and fungus.

Productivity of the variety

The largest crop was registered in the Kaliningrad region, then agricultural farmers collected 450 centners from one hectare, this figure is higher than that of other similar varieties . By standards, approximately 300 centners of tubers are harvested per hectare. In the Republic of Belarus, a crop of 625 centners per hectare was registered. All this is due to the high plasticity and adaptability to nutrition, breathability and water permeability of the soil on which plantings grow.Experts concluded that the more you improve the nutritional composition of the soil, the greater your yield will be.

The breeze is an early variety and during the growing period it was recorded that by the 35th day of planting they reached a yield level of 60 centners per hectare . After 1.5 months, this indicator was already 170 centners per hectare, and after almost 2 months 270 centners per hectare. It should be noted that this variety has one feature. According to its positive qualities, this variety is especially popular among gardeners for the sale of young tubers. Due to its taste, smooth skin and oval shape of tubers, the breeze variety is in great demand.

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Preparation of planting material

Клубни нужно подготовить для посадки

The tubers need to be prepared for planting

  • The tubers are exposed to light at 13 degrees for two weeks. For hardening two days before planting, tubers need to be covered with bags. If there is, then you can even use hay or straw or any material for insulation. You can check the soil temperature using a thermometer, putting it 10 cm in depth. The soil temperature plus should be about 8 degrees.
  • You should also add potash and superphosphate fertilizers to the soil, and then dig the soil under the planting.Wells dig according to the scheme: depth 10 cm, distance between holes 40 cm, between grooves 70 cm. This scheme provides easy access, and during flowering and growth dense thickets do not form, which also affects the plant’s nutrition and crop.
  • We put the tubers in the holes with the sprouted eyes up, and on top we fill with nutrient soil with the addition of ash. This method protects the plant from pests and a number of diseases.

Rules for planting and growing a variety of breezes

To plant, you need to warm the ground to a temperature of 7- 8 degrees, with a depth of 10-12 cm, only in this case, you can begin to plant planting material in the ground. Typically, the planting period begins in season by early May. Despite the fact that the general characteristic for such potatoes is positive, it is not recommended to plant planting material before May, so that the plantings do not freeze. As for soil nutrition, the breeze has been successfully grown throughout Russia. If timely planting is watered, then you can expect a high yield on any soil.

We recommend planting according to the following scheme: at the rate of 550 tubers per one hundred square meters of soil with light soil, up to 400 tubers for heavy soil . In order for the crop to be plentiful and of high quality, and the taste qualities of the fruit to be the best, one should properly take care of the plantings.

The breeze grows well on beds that are plentifully and constantly watered with water.Gustatory quality and disease resistance are directly affected by the amount of watering planted. This variety does not equally tolerate both arid and too wet soil. This variety accepts mineral fertilizers well. It takes superphosphate and ammonium sulfate well, as it is necessary to maintain the pH of the soil. In this way, the breeze receives nutrients for its further and productive development.

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Propagation of the potato breeze

The breeze is successfully propagated vegetatively using tuberous parts halved by seedlings in germination time, branches, as well as division of the bush and tuber seeds. With the vegetative method of propagation, you can get more yield, but it is worth considering that after 4-5 years of constant planting of potatoes, its yield decreases and the taste is worsened. This is often due to the fact that the planting material should be replaced with new tubers, as the old ones lose their effectiveness, and thereby yield decreases.

The description indicates that for a constant and good harvest, planting material must be replaced with a new , periodically replacing seed tubers. When planting seeds, after a year a crop is obtained only from small fruits, and when they are planted next year, good tubers grow. The breeze is good because it is not susceptible to mechanical damage, due to its long keeping time.The characteristics of the variety are such that the tubers do not require special conditions during storage, and a dry cellar is suitable for this variety, where the temperature ranges from 2 to 5 degrees.

How to store the breeze potatoes properly?

Картофель необходимо хранить в прохладном месте

Potatoes should be stored in a cool place

More 97% of gardeners believe that this variety is suitable for winter storage and at the same time tubers do not lose their presentation. Often it is necessary to observe such varieties, and especially the early ones, which simply do not reach the spring and undergo rot, spoilage and early germination. Vegetable growers who sell early, young potatoes begin to search for the varieties needed for planting. Gardeners also take care of the conditions of cellars and storage for potato crops.

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Potato breeze differs from many varieties in that when the tuber is warmed up, the germination of shoots begins. In this regard, experienced gardeners do not store tubers in very warm rooms. Tubers can sprout in bright light. Thanks to the light, the kidneys become denser, even out and shoots emerge more actively. Vegetable growers do not cover the tubers to keep the fruits in good condition. The presentation of the breeze tubers is very good and equals a percentage of 95-96%, which is considered an excellent indicator.

Diseases and pests

The variety is susceptible to the potato nematode.If this parasite lives in your garden, then you should look for another cultivar or get rid of the pest. There is also a slight chance of a scab loss. The breeze is medium resistant to the black leg. There is a chance of a fungal infection, but this is only with a weakened immunity of the variety. If the immunity of plantings is weakened, then fungicidal treatments are recommended. At the moment, agrochemists have a large selection of quality drugs.

Using them in a timely manner, such drugs can stop the appearance of the fungus, and when it appears, prevent the spread of infection throughout the field. Also, when selecting any type of potato, often the varieties are compared with those already planted in the garden and as experience shows, it is not worth making conclusions for one season. For two or three years, based on my experience, correctly evaluate all the features and disadvantages of this variety. In this way, you can choose the kind of potato that is suitable for your region and give a good harvest.

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Treatment of late blight

Blight is the most insidious of all nightshade diseases. The focus of infection is the fungus that causes the disease. If fungal diseases are detected, plantings are recommended to be treated with fungicides. And in no case can sick tubers be prepared for planting. In this case, as a preventive measure, regular weeding is needed. With untimely treatment, the disease can destroy about 71% of the crop due to the affected areas.At the same time, the seed material loses its immunity, and the eyes completely disappear.

Treatment of scab

The scab is treated with fungicides and fertilizers in order to create a slight acid effect reactions in the soil. As already stated during the ripening period, weakened tubers are often susceptible to infection. In the future, for prevention and control, the seed material must be properly prepared for planting, first of all, it is necessary to rinse the tubers and destroy the affected areas. For processing, drugs such as heterosis, urea are suitable. Planting corn at the potato planting site can also help with this problem. This is how you can protect plantings and secure the soil in advance. Also, do not forget to treat and feed the soil with minerals.

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Reviews for the breeze potato variety

According to gardeners, if you are looking for better and newer varieties, it’s worth stopping your choice on this potato.Every year, more and more lovers of this variety are winning the appearance and taste of the fruit. they have been planting potatoes for more than a year, and they say that the more fertile the soil, the higher the rates, and the smaller the potato produced less. However, many who trade potatoes in the market are not happy, because not all people want to buy large potatoes, since it often contains voids inside, and this leads to quick spoilage and rot of the tuber. After tasting, the variety was rated by gardeners and specialists at 7 points, which is a pretty good indicator and got a mark of “good.”

Without exception, everyone likes the taste of the fruit. Gardeners and gardeners, in principle, are satisfied with this variety, but they say that outwardly the variety is the same as everything, the matter is in taste and abundant productivity. Also, potatoes are not cooked during cooking.Gardeners say that if you use additional fertilizer to the soil, then the taste of potatoes will turn out to be much tastier. Potatoes are rich in nutrients thanks to well-fertilized soil, and during processing each year they restore their mineral and organic balance of substances.

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