Growing a baby orchid on a peduncle

The processes that form after flowering on the stems or peduncles of some specimens of orchids are called children. They are a complete plant with its root system. Growing orchid kids on a peduncle is a painstaking job. The gardener will definitely take the opportunity to grow an orchid from a baby at home.

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Growing a baby orchid on a peduncle

Growing an orchid baby on a peduncle

How to separate the baby

Young shoots usually appear at the end or in the middle of the peduncle. The baby is planted to propagate his flower and get a new plant identical to the first. If not to do, then the buds will bloom throughout Phalaenopsis, transforming Sometimes they disappear on their own.

Separation from the mother-flower occurs when the baby grows up to the proper degree, as evidenced by the appearance of 2-3 leaves and the formed root system, 4-4.5 cm long. The latter is usually it takes from 4 to 6 months, a cake (baby) with insufficiently overgrown roots will not survive. It is also not worth it to overexposure the sprout, because overgrown roots may not fit into the pot.

Using boiled and sterilely treated scissors, the peduncle is cut 5 cm on both sides of the shoots. The peel around the cut-off place should dry, and then it is sprinkled with crushed activated carbon or cinnamon for disinfection. From this moment, the cake is considered an independent plant.Some experts do not approve of separating the cut process from part of the peduncle – this increases the chances of damaging it.

Some species of Phalaenopsis may not let the roots out at all, therefore they cut the baby by the appearance of 5-6 leaves and root by hand.

Growing Tips

Before growing orchid kids, you should root it. There are several ways to do this at home:

  1. Soaking the cut material in water with growth hormone for 15-20 minutes: to accelerate the development of roots and soften them before planting in the soil.
  2. Place the baby with the base in the foam opening. Then the whole structure is immersed in a deep glass plate, but the plant should not touch the water.
  3. Extract in a greenhouse (for example, a plastic bag) to moisturize, providing protection from direct sunlight.
  4. Transplantation into a transparent small cell (to prevent root decay) in a small container (so that the roots of the seedling can be freely placed in it) into a special substrate or moistened bark of coniferous trees mixed with peat. Moss is laid out below. The container is covered with a glass on top.
Обеспечьте молодое растение хорошим уходом

Provide the young plant with good care

Plant in the center. To smooth out roots of a seedling on a surface. It is impossible to cover with moss, it retains moisture and the rhizome begins to rot.In the greenhouse, the pot with young growth is kept until 4 leaves are punched and the roots grow to the bottom of the container; mineral fertilizers can be added. After transplantation, care is the same as for an adult. If a flower stalk is formed at the keika, it should be cut off. A young plant should not waste extra strength.

In order to grow an orchid’s baby in a full-fledged way, it is necessary to provide it with proper care, sufficient light, daily watering and top dressing. Beneficial for development will be a temperature in the range – 15 and 30 °. A pot made of natural material is suitable. Fine pebbles, well boiled, are used as drainage. 1/3 of the pot is filled with it. Add wood bark, moss, peat, coal. A new orchid grows after about 3 years.

Stimulation of development

To promote the development of the kidney, it is necessary: ​​

  • cut 2 see the flower stalk after flowering;
  • observe high temperature and drops;
  • stop watering sharply for 15-20 days;
  • use fertilizers with lots of nitrogen;
  • purchase meristems in specialized stores – substances for the formation of shoots in plants;
  • stimulate the growth of shoots with hormones, such as cytokinin paste.

If you use those hormonal means for the formation of cake, first you need to open the kidneys that are in a sleeping state and clean them of scales. The paste is applied with gentle movements.The ideal period is the beginning of spring, when the plant wakes up and begins to develop.

The desired result is achieved after 3-5 applications. Phalaenopsis is placed in a greenhouse or room with a temperature of 30 ° C. Not always the gardener manages to achieve the germination of full-fledged children. Sometimes they appear after a couple of months, and sometimes side branches, flowers, leaves simply grow.

How to grow a baby orchid on a cut flower stalk
How to grow a baby from an orchid flower stalk WITHOUT USING cytokinin paste


The decision to grow a baby in an orchid at home should be accompanied by a conscious approach, because for the mother plant this the process is a heavy load. Provide him with more quivering than usual care during this period. Cultivation does not require much effort from you.

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