How to clean a fresh pork stomach

Pork has been eaten for several millennia. Artiodactyl meat is valued for its high palatability, and the sebaceous layer is used for medical purposes. One of the internal organs suitable for consumption is the pig’s stomach. In boiled form it is stuffed with various fillings in many countries of the world. However, the digestive system needs additional preparation. Many housewives wonder how to clean their pig’s stomach.Different preprocessing methods are used for this.

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Как почистить свиной желудок

How to clean a pig’s stomach

Pork stomach in cooking

This offal has long been a traditional part of Slavic cuisine. A large muscular organ is used to prepare dishes such as:

  • brawn;
  • saltison;
  • haggis.

In cooking, such an ingredient is used for stuffing, which is facilitated by its bag-shaped form. The pig’s stomach rarely acts as an independent dish. Stuffed pork fresh stomach is an integral element of the Christmas table in many countries. It is appreciated for its high nutritional value and ease of preparation. This muscular organ contains useful substances such as:

  • vitamins A and E;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • arachidonic acid, which is included in composition of the cardiovascular system.

The calorie content of the product is 160 kcal per 100 g.Due to its high nutritional value, such a dish is very popular in the Nordic countries.

The process of preparing and cleaning the pork stomach

Before you start the pork stomach with minced meat, you need to carefully prepare the shell. Pigs are unscrupulous animals, and their meat contains many toxic elements for humans. For this reason, artiodactyl meat does not have a degree of roasting.

There can be many more harmful bacteria in the internal organs of a pig than in all other parts of the body. To avoid poisoning or infection by harmful parasites, the artiodactyl heart, intestines, stomach and liver require additional cleaning before cooking. Usually, after slaughter, the digestive organ is washed from the remnants of food, but this is not enough to completely disinfect the product. In addition, industrial cleaning is often of poor quality. The procedure for preparing the digestive organ for stuffing consists of several stages:

  1. The external surface should be washed for several minutes under running water.
  2. After processing the external skin, the stomach must be turned out and the folds cleaned with a knife.
  3. The inside should also be washed under running water and the mucus should be removed from the walls. To do this, you can clean the surface with a dishwashing brush.
  4. The product is placed in boiling water for 10 minutes to degrease, after which the protective film is removed from it.
  5. The muscle tissue is dried using paper or natural tissue;
  6. The organ is soaked in salt water for 5-6 hours.

To speed up the process soaking, you can put the body in salt water with the addition of a bite. For 1 liter of water, 4 tablespoons of 9 percent acid are used. In this solution, the product should lie for 2-3 hours. The use of vinegar also favorably affects the thick muscle tissue, making it more elastic, so the pig’s stomach will not tear during cooking.

How to clear the stomach of odor

After processing with vinegar, the organ should be washed in water, after boiling it, otherwise a specific taste may appear due to excess acid. To properly prepare a fresh pork stomach, some cooks rub organ tissue after soaking it with dry mustard. This gives the dish a special taste and well disinfects meat. You can also use cloves of garlic.

After cleaning, some recommend freezing the stomach for better disinfection. For this, the organ is packed in a plastic bag and placed in the freezer overnight. However, such a method can lead to a loss of taste, since moisture in animal tissue crystallizes and begins to destroy muscle fibers. Dishes from frozen stomachs come out dry.

Sometimes part of the intestine can be acquired with the stomach. To prepare stuffed dishes, this part is cut off and the hole is sutured.Artiodactyls’ stomachs contain many useful components, therefore it is impossible to overexpose the organ in the solution. If you damage the integrity of muscle tissue, then the stuffing may be outside the shell. To prevent the filling from coming out, the organ is sutured with strong threads using a gypsy needle.

Cleansing the intestines and stomach KABANA
pig’s stomach
The best way to clean the Tribune


A pig’s stomach has long been eaten. Most often, this organ acts as a shell for stuffing. You can also eat boiled pork stomachs in their pure form. Among culinary experts, this product is appreciated for its high calorie content and good taste.

Artiodactyls are used for preparing many national dishes of different countries. Before cooking, the stomach must be carefully processed to minimize the chance of infection with parasites or infections. In its raw form, this product can cause human poisoning.

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