Description of the procedure for pinching cucumbers

Description of the procedure for pinching cucumbers

Pinching cucumbers is the main procedure for the plant. It is used for cucumbers growing in greenhouses and in open ground. Meeting the requirements of creating a bush will help increase productivity. Pinching cucumbers is a good method for quick fruiting.Those who do not know gardeners think that a plant growing in the soil only needs to be watered and fed from time to time, but this is not so, because to get a high yield and quality vegetables, you often need to take care of the vegetables.

  1. Why use pinching
  2. Non-pinching species
  3. Rules for pinching cucumbers
  4. Pinching the insect pollinated variety
  5. Pinching the parthenocarpic species
  6. P plucking in the open area
  7. Conclusion <

Описание процедуры прищипывания огурцов

Description of the procedure for pinching cucumbers

Why use pinching

Often a gardener, having no experience, generally refuses to pinch a cucumber. So whether it is necessary to pinch cucumbers and why should it be done:

  • helps to properly form a bush, for proper cultivation;
  • the plant will grow correctly;
  • easier take care of the plant;
  • quick harvest;
  • help in the formation of female flowers on the plant;
  • after pinching cucumbers, they do not taste bitter;
  • cucumbers have useful elements.

Many gardeners, thanks to pinching cucumbers, harvest a large crop in greenhouses and on the open ground, because pinching helped correctly form female flowers. But not always a large harvest will please gardeners, since instead of female flowers, male flowers grow in a year.

Almost all gardeners understand that pinching cucumbers is an integral part during cultivation. With such actions, care will be considered correct and true.

Non-pinching species

Today, there are a large number of varieties of hybrid cucumbers that do not need pinching. Their stem can independently produce female flowers, and a person does not need to engage in pinching. There are several fairly well-known hybrid varieties and they do not have to cut the top of the stem: Variety Metelitsa, Variety Valdai, Cucumbers Izhorets, Variety Blizzard, Variety Severyanin and all others with a mark of 1.

Side stems of hybrids are poorly developed, therefore, most of the crop grows on the main vine. In such cases, pinching cucumbers will not be reasonable. If you grow a vegetable in a greenhouse, then the plant will be one stem, and its stem does not need pinching.

Rules for pinching cucumbers

Schemes for pinching cucumbers must be followed step by step. There are several points that should be performed for any variety of cucumbers.

  1. Pinching cucumbers is done before the plants begin to bloom, this is quite an important point.
  2. The height of the bushes should be no more than 25 cm.
  3. After removal lower ovaries, the plant will give all the juices in order to form fruits. If the gardener does not touch them, then they will develop very slowly. As a result, there will be no chance to harvest a high crop.
Прищипнуть растение нужно до цветения

Pinch the plant is needed before flowering

These conditions are identical for all schemes when pinching cucumbers in the open ground and pinching cucumbers in the greenhouse. Schemes for pinching cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the open ground are divided into subgroups:

  • for insect-covered species;
  • partenocarpic species of cucumbers;
  • vegetables grown in the air .

A greenhouse is perfect for the first schemes, but many gardeners grow insect-pollinated species in the fresh air.

Pinching an insect-pollinated variety

How to pinch insect pollinated cucumbers? Gardeners in recent years often began to use insect-polluted type of vegetables for cultivation in greenhouses. By name, you can understand that these plants need processing by insects. It’s hard for insects to get into the greenhouse, so people pollinate female inflorescences with their own hands. To do this, apply brushes and, of course, humility.

How to pinch cucumbers in a greenhouse – preparing plants:

  • seedlings are not planted very densely;
  • from time to time fertilize the plant;
  • when the seedlings have been planted, they wait 2 weeks;
  • gardeners with good experience recommend putting trellises to garter bushes before starting the pruning, it will not be difficult to separate the top of the stem from the side branches with a garter.

Now you need to understand step by step how to pinch the cucumbers in the greenhouse.

  1. Start pinching with the formation of the apex. To do this, cut not above the top, but above, so that 6 sheets are formed. Thus, the plant will be stimulated.
  2. During the ripening of cucumbers, stepchildren tie up.
  3. On the bush you need to leave 3 sprouts, and the rest must be removed.

This design is also suitable for hybrid types of vegetables. For others, only 1 sprout is left. On the bush, it will be the main one. After this, you must continue to do this:

  • each branch should let 4 places of growth, it is on them that the fruits will begin to fly;
  • not many leaves leave on the branches so that the fruits take all useful elements;
  • be sure to break off injured leaves and diseased.

After you pinch the plant, you need to take care of the cucumbers in the usual way. If pinching is done correctly, you can get a large and high-quality crop.

Pinching parthenocarpic species

Прищипывание поможет сформировать куст

Pinching will help to form a bush

Do I need to pinch cucumbers of this variety? Parthenocarpic species of cucumbers do not need insect pollination. It is these plants that are well suited for growth in greenhouses. Quite often, fertile flowers appear on such bushes. Therefore, to increase the yield, pinching such varieties is not necessary.

This type of cucumber can quickly produce new branches, therefore, pinching is done so that the bush is dense and receives more light. How to pinch parthenocarpic cucumbers correctly, for this they perform the following actions:

  • the bush is fixed on the trellis;
  • when the main stem has a height of 50 cm, side branches are removed;
  • flowers and buds also begin to tear off;
  • over the bush you need to pinch the lash that forms near the first leaf, a little higher;
  • you should not forget that they do not touch 1 ovary, ;
  • the procedure is done at a height of 50 cm;
  • at a height of 1-1.5 m, from the ground you need to leave 3-4 branches, several leaves and 2 buds;
  • above height stavlyayut 3-4 buds and a few leaves.

Next, you need to throw the bush through the trellis, if the gardener is going to continue to grow. When the trellis is 20 cm to the ground, they destroy the place of growth.

Pinching in an open area

How to pinch cucumbers in open ground? When a plant is grown in the fresh air, and not in hotbeds, pinching depends on the density of planting. If the bush has small shoots, then pinching is not necessary because it does not affect the yield. But, when the branches grew long, it is necessary to carry out such actions:

  • cut off the top of the bush – this is necessary so that the main shoot turns out to be long, about 1-1.5 m;
  • on the side branches, the remaining shoots should also be formed, no larger than 20 cm.

This scheme is used for tied vegetables. If the garter was not done, the gardener should know how to pinch the cucumbers correctly in such moments. On the main branch, the growth site is removed after 4 leaves. The side branches should have a growth point after 2 leaves, so the growth site is removed. If the gardener grows Chinese types of vegetables, a pinch is done for the side branches. It is necessary to tear off all grown axillary processes. You also need to remove the first grown buds and empty flowers.


Every gardener should know how to pinch cucumbers properly, because the quantity and quality of the crop depend on this procedure. If the gardener did everything right, then the harvest will only please. The pinch has only positive aspects, but, of course, there are times when the procedure is not worth it.Basically, this applies to the side branches. All actions should be carried out correctly and carefully, and after the procedure, continue to care for the plant in the usual way.

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Breeders invented their own pinching method for each variety, therefore the gardener must take this into account. To grow in a greenhouse or in an open area, depends on the preferences of gardeners.

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