Description of the variety of cucumbers Harmonist

Description of the variety of cucumbers Harmonist

Cucumber variety The harmonist is a novelty in the modern vegetable market. It is characterized by high qualities of productivity and taste, therefore, every gardener wants to grow this variety on his own site. Moreover, it does not require special care, which is great for beginners in the field of gardening.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Growing rules
  6. Care
  7. Disease Prevention
  8. Conclusion

Описание сорта огурцов Гармонист

Description of the cucumber variety Harmonist

Characteristics of the variety

Cucumber Harmonist f1 was bred in Russia. The company that filed the patent for this variety is Gavrish. In early 2008, this the variety was entered into the National Register of the Russian Federation.

It was proved that this species is ideal for cultivation in all regions of the country. Regardless of climatic conditions, it shows high rates of taste and commercial quality.

Description of the plant

Cucumbers Harmonist – self-pollinated. They do not need the help of insects or bees in order for pollination of yellow flowers to occur. The ovaries are arranged in bundles. Growing can take place anywhere. That is, it can be grown both in greenhouses and in open ground. This species matures in a short period of time, which is about 40 days.

The growth of the bush does not exceed the mark of 160 cm, respectively, it is considered medium-sized.The female type of flowering prevails. Lateral branches are formed in medium quantities. The foliage is medium in size and has a dark green tint. About 4 shoots can be formed in one node.

Description of the fruit

Has a cucumber Harmonist f1: a description that will surprise everyone with its result. It has cylindrical fruits. The mass of one cucumber reaches 110 g. The length of an individual fruit is about 10 cm. If you cut the fruit, then the diameter of the fruit is about 5 cm. The peel has dark green hues. At the tip, slight peeling is possible.

The surface of the cucumber has small spots. It is also possible the presence of blurry bands, which are located only on a quarter of the area of ​​the fetus. There is a small fluff that has a white color. The pulp is quite sweet and crunches when consumed. A small amount of seeds is present in the pulp. These are universal vegetables that are suitable for any purpose. Perfectly show their qualities in canned form. Cucumber Harmonist f1 is quite fruitful. From 1 m2 farmers collect about 13 kg of beautiful fruits.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main positive qualities of this variety include the following characteristics:

  • universality of use;
  • high commercial quality and taste;
  • excellent yield;
  • resistance to common diseases: this species is not affected by cladosporiosis, powdery mildew and peronosporosis;
  • the possibility transportation over long distances, without compromising the quality of the presentation.

The main disadvantage, as for other varieties of category F1, can be attributed to ie the fact that the fruit seeds are used for planting next year. That is, you have to buy new seeds every year.

Growing rules

При соблюдении правил получите хороший урожай

If you follow the rules, get a good harvest

In the cold regions of the country you should not grow this species immediately in open ground. The thing is that the root system can freeze and rot will begin, so you should plant in a greenhouse. Seed preparation is optional. Breeders made sure that they did not need to germinate planting seeds or treated with special growth stimulators, because this species has high germination rates, even during normal planting.

The soil should not have a high concentration of chlorine or acid. This can adversely affect the root system.If your choice is not great, then a small amount of lime should be added to the soil. It will slightly reduce the level of negative substances. You should also wait until the soil warms up to a temperature of 18 ° C. The depth of seed application in the soil should not exceed 2-3 cm. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to rise. Experts say that the first seedlings are easy to notice in a week.

After planting, you must immediately irrigate the plant. This is best done with water at room temperature and only in the evening. This will allow moisture to fit better into the ground. A distance of 30 cm must be maintained between the rows. But between the holes it should be 40 cm (if planted in a greenhouse). Outdoor cultivation has slightly different parameters. Due to the fact that the description of this variety of cucumbers indicates their compactness, the row spacing should be about 35-40 cm. But between the holes it is necessary to adhere to a distance of 50-60 cm.


If you pay attention to the requirement for soil, then it should have nutritional properties. It is currently very difficult to find nutritious soil, because it is already completely worn out from constant crops. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to buy special land, you can feed the one that is. For these purposes, it is recommended to use mullein.

Do not forget about regular watering. Growing good fruits is the correct irrigation.Watering should be moderate so as not to rot the root system. For this reason, it must be performed in the evening. When installing irrigation, it is important to pay attention to the level of drainage of the soil. It is best to use drip irrigation.

Also, the main conditions for care are regular loosening of the soil for oxygen to enter the soil. Every 2 weeks, it is recommended to remove weeds and carry out the earthing up of rows, because the earth can sag from the irrigation and the root system crawls out. Fertilizers are used only organic. Animal droppings or wood ash should be used.

Disease Prevention

This variety is fairly resistant to common diseases. But, it is important to understand that preventive measures will never be redundant, because the future harvest depends on it. As a prophylaxis, it is necessary to use preparations containing copper. They will prevent the emergence of diseases from which this species is not yet protected.

Cucumber Harmonist F1
Cucumber Harmonist F1. Gavrish
Description of cucumber seed varieties using the example of #urozhainye_gryadki

From the influence of insects it is better to use external disinfection. Since this species belongs to self-pollinated crops, you can not worry that pollination insects will suffer from the preparations.


Care and proper cultivation are the two main components for the future harvest. If you follow all the instructions correctly and do not violate the order of actions, then you don’t have to worry that the yield will decrease.

A harmonist is an ideal type of cucumber for those people who are just starting to farm and do not yet know all the subtleties of this affair.

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