The rules for the formation of cucumbers in the open ground

The rules for the formation of cucumbers in the open ground


Cultivation process on open ground includes proper planting, pruning and maintenance. Only an integrated approach will provide a good harvest that can be harvested in early autumn. The formation of cucumbers in the open field saves space in the garden and improves the quality of the bush: the lashes are better blessed and grow faster.

  1. Why do the bushes
  2. Trimming bushes
  3. Methods of trimming
  4. Garter bushes
  5. Garter to the support
  6. Garter to the trellis
  7. Garter to the wire
  8. Garter to the cord
  9. Conclusion

Правила формирования огурцов в открытом грунте

Rules for the formation of cucumbers in the open ground

Why are the bushes formed

Planting seedlings of cucumbers is carried out in the warm season, when the upper layers of the soil are well The cultivation of different varieties occurs according to one scheme, which includes:

  • trimming unnecessary lashes;
  • garter branches to the support.

Two important stages ensure the quality of the crop: the formation of cucumbers with the help of pruning is the best option for a small garden so that the bushes bear fruit and the vegetables do not spoil. Before the formation of the bush, it is tied up, fixed to a whip.

In the formation of cucumbers in the open ground, the variety of the selected culture is important. A variety of cucumbers affects the pollination method and the number of inflorescences. Bee pollinated varieties need open ground. For hybrids, only vertical supports are used. In bee pollinated cucumbers, it is necessary to form only one central branch, and get rid of unnecessary lashes.

Pruning bushes

The determinant varieties of the slopes grow rapidly, with the formation of the main stem, the side lashes begin to grow intensively. Strong and medium growth of shoots in the open field requires a gardener to spend large expenses on caring for the bush. Before planting seedlings, the growth characteristics of the bush should be considered. Hybrids with moderate growth are characterized by such types of branch self-regulation:

  1. The first type includes crops with intensive shoot growth. The growth of the bush occurs on the sides.
  2. The second type of hybrids has a weak branching and growth of the main branch. At the same time, the apical bud is actively growing.
  3. Determinant varieties with the rapid growth of all shoots.

Regardless of the variety of cucumbers, side shoots are trimmed regularly: as soon as the fruiting period ends shoots are disposed of. Without pruning, the plant quickly weakens. Dying, dry or diseased shoots are pruned regardless of their location.

Yellowed leaves cannot be left on the bush. A growing cucumber needs additional nutrition, and excess whips take away juices. The shoots must not be allowed to grow too long. The processes of the second order are constantly undercut. The optimal shoot length is not more than 20 cm.

Cutting methods

As soon as the hybrid reaches the top of the trellis, the plant is trimmed.Pinching includes:

  • trimming the side lashes;
  • removing flowers in the axils of the lateral stems;
  • removing shoots at the level of 3 leaves.

Formation of a bush begins before planting seedlings. If the bushes are planted without a scheme and system, the installed trellises will not help to increase the amount of the crop.

In order to form a bush, he needs to create all the conditions for proper growth. Crowding of plants does not allow stalks to be tied up and allow side lashes to bear fruit.

Trimming side lashes

Необходимо общипать лишние ветки

You need to pluck the extra branches

Each formed cucumber will receive nutrients from the soil, if you plan the work to trim and form the bush. Removing the shoots at the time the fruit is formed will only harm the plant.

A correctly performed procedure is only useful if pinching and pruning are done in a timely manner. During the formation of the bush, with the appearance of 9 leaves, the side lashes are trimmed. All branches are plucked, which draw the juices from the plant. The lashes located above are plucked approximately on 1 cucumber and 1 leaf.

The last shoots (located under or above a wire) are plucked at the level of 2-3 leaves.Those shoots that have reached the upper border of the trellis are cut off, pinched, wrapped around the top of the support and neatly tied.

Removing flowers

For long-fruited varieties, pinching occurs according to a similar pattern: female flowers are cut off in the sinuses of the first three leaves and the side lashes are removed. In such varieties, pinching the main stem involves removing shoots above 3 leaves.

Removing shoots

Get rid of the shoots of hybrids that are above the wire. Leaves shoots formed in the axils of the upper leaves (no more than 3 pieces). They are lowered down and fixed at a height of about 1 meter. If you pinch it correctly, the bed will be even, and the bushes will not block the access of sunlight to neighboring crops.

Garter of the bushes

The main reason why it is useful to form bushes is such a process promotes rapid growth of side lashes. On additional branches, female inflorescences are formed, due to which the amount of the obtained crop increases. How to form cucumbers in the open ground: pinching of the central stem is mandatory. At least 5 leaflets should form on the central process. Early ripening varieties can not be formed, but their growth can be corrected in a timely manner.

Garter of cucumbers is carried out as the lateral shoots grow.To support the main stem, use:

  • trellises, which are installed before transplanting;
  • supports (pegs);
  • wire;
  • cord.

In open ground and in the greenhouse, the method of garter bushes is used to optimize the yield of the variety. If in a greenhouse plant growth is activated due to branching of shoots, then on an open ground one cannot do without pinching bushes. A well-formed bush gives twice as much crop. During the formation of lashes, blooms on the main lashes are cut off (male and female inflorescences are formed simultaneously).

Garter to the support

Нельзя перетягивать шпагат

Do not pull the twine

When the bush appears, the green stem is tied to the support using twine, and then around the support the main part of the bush. Supports are located along the entire row at the same distance from each other. The average support height is from 1.5 to 2 meters. If necessary, the support can be moved and adjusted to the location of the central shoot.

There should be a small space between the stakes (support) and the bush for safety. The lashes are directed parallel to the support vertically upward. It is important to correctly position the mount: the lower edge is fixed between 2 and 3 leaves. Conditional height from the soil should be at least 15 cm.You can’t pull the string up too much if the bush is weak, such actions will harm its growth.

Garter to the trellis

A popular garter method is performed using a fixed grid with a rare cell. The network is strengthened on wooden racks, and then cucumber lashes are launched through the cells on the network.

After the garter of the bush, the lowest lashes and the last three lower leaves are cut off from the plant. Fruiting in such plants occurs only on the upper tied lashes.

Garter on the wire

An effective garter method is used on long beds. At the edges of the bed (after the first and last bush), stakes are driven into the ground, and a wire is attached to them. The height of the stakes is from 1.5 to 2 m.

On each plant, the lower lashes are trimmed (unnecessary shoots and foliage are cut). Twine is attached to each bushes, which is attached to the wire. The entire plant is gently pulled and pulled up without bending the main stem. The second end of the sword is tied to the plant at the opposite end of the bed. This arrangement of plants will allow the bushes to be well ventilated and bear fruit.

Garter on a cord

Before tying the bushes, all lower lashes (extra lateral shoots) are removed: the bush forms around the main stem. Twine is tied to the root. It should tightly, but reliably grasp the stem – as the stem grows, the stem needs free space.

A crossbar is installed, which is fixed at different ends of the bed, and then the upper end of the rope from each bush is fixed on it. Once again we wrap the plant around the support. Over time, cucumber shoots will begin to grow around the crossbar.


Cucumbers grown in the garden are useful vegetables and a storehouse of vitamins.Planting seedlings and caring for the bush does not take much time if you plan all the processes in advance. Trimming and pinching of the shoots is carried out to optimize the growth of the bush.

After trimming and garter, the plant starts growing, and on the formed lashes, full-fledged fruits are formed. A bush is being formed before the greens appear.

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