Characteristic varieties of cucumbers White Angel

Characteristic varieties of cucumbers White Angel

Variety of cucumbers White angel is perfect for lovers of delicious juicy vegetables. The fruits of the variety differ in color: they are light green, almost white. It is the appearance that attracts gardeners.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Care
  5. Weeding
  6. Nipping
  7. Feeding
  8. Watering
  9. Diseases and pests
  10. Conclusion

Характеристика сорта огурцов Белый Ангел

Characteristics of the cucumber variety White Angel

Cucumber care White angel is no different from the traditional. Timely watering , compliance with the temperature regime, regular top dressing – the main procedures. Another advantage of the variety is its high yield.

Characteristics of the variety

White angel is a hybrid mid-season variety. It must take 50-55 days from germination to fruiting. cultivation is carried out in open ground, however, it is permissible to plant in a greenhouse or other enclosed space. The main thing is to comply with sanitary standards and often clean.

According to the description on the package, the variety of table cucumbers White Angel has the following characteristics:

  • excellent taste;
  • productivity of 12-15 kg from 1 sq. m;
  • fruits that do not deteriorate during transportation;
  • resistance to changes in climatic and weather conditions, but it is better to maintain the recommended parameters.

The variety has a high level of parthenocarpy, that is, there is no need for pollination for tying.

Description of the bush

Bushes are indeterminate. The growth of the central lash is unlimited. Many lateral shoots are formed on the stem. The type of flowering is mixed, but female-type flowers predominate.

The optimal planting density is 3 plants per 1 sq. Km. m. If there are more bushes, they do not grow well. Subsequently, the yield level may decrease.

The leaves are slightly wrinkled, medium in size, have a rich dark green color. Edges of leaves of irregular shape.

In 1 node, up to 2 ovaries are formed. From one bush they collect up to 20 cucumbers, or 4 kg.

Description of the fruit

The main value of cucumbers White Angel is an unusual color. Due to the light green, almost white skin color, they stand out among other varieties.

Brief description of the fruit:

    • medium-tuberous;
    • almost absent pubescence;
    • soft peel;
    • white, not prickly spikes;
    • small seeds;
    • cylindrical, elongated shape.


The average mass of one cucumber of the f1 hybrid is 100 g. Its length does not exceed 10 cm, its diameter is 3 cm. The pulp is loose and sweet, but often has a slight bitterness. The aroma is rich and pleasant.

Cucumbers are crispy and sweet, great for fresh consumption. For conservation, it is better to choose a different variety.White angel is often added to cold and warm salads, used as a vegetable cut.


Traditional plant care is required. It consists of a number of procedures:

  • weeding;
  • pinching;
  • watering;
  • top dressing.

Before planting, the seeds are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate for 2 hours. Similar processing is needed to protect the grains from pests. It is also important to remember soil fertilizer. Before transplanting seedlings or planting seeds, the earth is moistened and a small layer of mullein is placed.

Важно поддерживать оптимальную температуру

It is important to maintain optimum temperature

It is extremely important to observe the temperature regime. If cucumbers are grown in a greenhouse, the optimum temperature during planting is 22 ° C. During the growing season, it cannot be lower than 25 ° C, otherwise the male type of flowers will prevail. The main drawback is that they do not produce fruit.


Another important procedure is loosening. It is carried out when the soil is covered with a small dense crust. The purpose of weeding is to allow oxygen to enter the root system of the bush. This stimulates its growth.

Loosening helps prevent weeds. They are removed so that they do not hurt the roots.


Patching is necessary for the rapid development of the bush.It is important to trim the old shoots so that new and young ones are formed. This makes it possible to get a higher quality crop.

If the bush is fruiting actively, there is no need for pinching.


It is necessary to activate plant growth. Another goal of the exercise is to improve the quality of the fruit. For hybrid cucumbers, gardeners recommend considering a complex of organic and mineral fertilizers.

Among minerals, nitrophoska is the best. This is a mixture of several components:

  • nitrogen affects the germination of crops and seedlings;
  • phosphorus makes cucumbers dense, juicy, and the skin is crispy;
  • potassium is responsible for excellent taste.

Mullein and bird droppings are used as organic. During planting, a solution of mullein and sulfate is introduced. Need 1 tsp. sulfate, 500 ml of mullein and a bucket of water. All mix and let it brew for 2 hours. For 1 square. 5-6 liters of solution is enough.


The basic rule is to use only standing warm water. Watering is carried out daily in the summer, especially during a drought. In the rain, the garden is watered when the ground becomes dry.

Water should only fall onto the ground near the root. Leaves and fruits should not be watered, it is only allowed to spray them with warm water once a week.

Insufficient number of irrigations negatively affects the fruits. They become bitter and soft, deformation is possible.

Diseases and pests

The main disadvantage of the variety is poor resistance to diseases, but if the care is organized correctly, the probability of infection is very low.

Before planting, a greenhouse or field is inspected for ants. These are the main carriers of aphids, which is quite problematic to breed. The main method of struggle is to fill kerosene inside the nest.

Cucumber WHITE ANGEL. Cucumbers in bags 2017. Cucumber WHITE ANGEL. Cucumbers in bags 2017.
White Cucumber ,, White Angel ,,

The leaves are regularly wiped with a damp cloth. If the soil is too moist, root rot may appear. It will ruin the root system, resulting in small and inedible fruits.

Possible adverse effects of a number of pests:

  • brown spot;
  • olive spot;
  • mosaic virus;
  • powdery mildew;
  • cladosporiosis;
  • sclerotinia;
  • whitefly.

You must deal with them immediately after detection because they have the ability to quickly spread to other plants.


Cucumber White angel is an excellent solution for gardeners who love unusual plants. soft peel, juicy flesh are the main advantages of the culture. Despite the low resistance to pests, cucumbers tolerate temperature extremes.

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