Characteristics of the variety of cucumbers Vyaznikovsky 37

Characteristics of the variety of cucumbers Vyaznikovsky 37

Cucumbers are such a vegetable that we enjoy eating both freshly picked and canned. Gardeners in almost every corner of our country are cultivating this culture. Breeders around the world daily invent new cucumber hybrids. Along with them, old Russian samples continue to be popular. One of them is a variety of cucumber Vyaznikovsky 37.

Advantages of the variety

The variety of cucumbers Vyaznikovsky 37 has been grown since the beginning of the last century. The cucumber owes its name to the city of Vyazniki in the Vladimir Region. The fruits of this variety, with a mass of 120 grams, reach a length of 10-12 cm. The culture belongs to early ripening, from the emergence of seedlings to the maturation of the cucumbers, it takes from 40 to 55 days. Experienced gardeners harvest their crops after 35 days. Breeders describe the variety Vyaznikovsky 37, focusing gardeners on the versatility of the vegetable.
  1. This crop is suitable for growing both in greenhouses and in open ground. When cultivating a vegetable in film shelters, gardeners recommend using the seedling method. This contributes to an earlier harvest.
  2. Vyaznikovsky 37 easily adapts to any climate.Therefore, even adverse weather conditions will not prevent you from getting a crop of green fragrant cucumbers in a personal plot.
  3. The vegetable preserves excellent taste in fresh salads and in canned food. Consumers in Vyaznikovsky 37 appreciate the high content of vitamins. The vegetable is characterized by high rates of keeping quality and transportability.

Planting cucumbers

Gardeners plant cucumbers of the Vyaznikovsky 37 variety in open ground. Proceed to planting, if you are sure that the frost will not return, the soil on the beds has managed to warm up. The normal temperature of the soil for sowing seeds of the culture ranges from 13 to 15 ° C. Lower thermometer readings are hazardous to the seed. If this condition is not met, cucumber seedlings will not appear.
Vegetable growers begin to plant cucumbers in mid-May. Vyaznikovsky 37 is planted according to the 70x30 cm pattern. This provides the possibility of normal plant care.


Prepare the beds before planting the vegetable. To do this, fertilize the soil with organic fertilizers. Suitable rotted manure, mullein, chicken droppings. Sprinkle organic matter in the beds and dig up the ground. This operation will help provide the soil with a sufficient charge of nutrients. The soil will undergo a disinfection process and be saturated with carbon dioxide. Cucumber seedlings will receive proper nutrition. Break cucumber beds in those areas of the garden where salads, tomatoes, potatoes, and white cabbage grew last year. It is not recommended to plant cucumbers after carrots, beans and melons.

Seedling method

The variety of early ripe cucumbers Vyaznikovsky 37 feels great in greenhouse conditions. To grow a crop in a sheltered ground, seed seeds for seedlings based on the timing of planting the vegetable for a permanent place in the greenhouse. Take cucumber sprouts to the beds if the seedlings are 25 days old and have at least 4 true leaves. Make sure that the seedlings do not outgrow. Otherwise, after the transplant, the culture will need a longer period to adapt to a new place.


Куст нуждается в формировании

The bush needs to be formed

Caring for Vyaznikovsky 37 is not difficult. This process consists in:
  • the organization of the correct regime of watering the plant;
  • timely fertilizer application;
  • the formation of bushes.


A vegetable loves moisture. Keep the soil between the rows of culture slightly moist. Water the cucumbers in the evening, preventing moisture from getting on the leaves of the plant. In periods of extreme heat, water the vegetable both in the evening and in the morning. Do not allow waterlogging of soil on cucumber beds.Use warm and settled water for irrigation. Water the cucumbers until the flowers appear moderately, during the fruiting period, increase the number of waterings.


Top dressing of a cucumber Vyaznikovsky begins after the appearance of two real leaves. Make the first nutrition of the culture based on nitrogen-containing preparations. A solution of 50 grams of urea per 10 liters of water is suitable.
The next fertilizer application is focused on feeding the plant with phosphorus and potassium. The composition of such a nutritious mixture is prepared from superphosphate, potassium salt and urea in a ratio of 4: 2: 1. Carry out the following dressings with similar solutions, regulating the concentration of phosphorus and potassium. Gardeners give some tips for fertilizing:
  1. Feed cucumbers in warm weather.
  2. Combine dressings with watering the culture.
  3. Add nutrient mixtures in the evening.

Formation of bushes

Form the bushes of Vyaznikovsky 37 in order to to give an impetus to the intensive development of lateral shoots with a large number of female flowers. To do this, pinch the central stem over the 5th leaf.

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Pest treatment

Cucumber Vyaznikovsky 37 has a high degree of resistance to all known diseases and pests of cucumber beds.

Vegetable growers recommend not to neglect preventive measures. For this, fungicides and insecticides, which can be purchased in specialized stores, are suitable. The former will prevent the development of fungal diseases, the latter will save from the invasion of insects. Use the drugs strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Vyaznikovsky 37 cucumber is suitable for the classic description of the culture.This is due to its unpretentiousness in care. With proper and timely care, the culture will delight any grower with a plentiful harvest.

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