Popular varieties of cucumbers for a balcony

Popular varieties of cucumbers for a balcony

Everyone wants to enjoy delicious juicy cucumbers grown in their own garden. But what if there is no land? Breeders came up with a way out of the situation and created varieties of cucumbers for a balcony or loggia. Consider which varieties are suitable for growing on the balcony.

  1. Conditions for balcony cucumbers
  2. What should be a balcony
  3. Features of the choice of culture
  4. Most popular cultures
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  6. Zozulya <
  7. Masha f1
  8. Hummingbird
  9. Aprilian
  10. Machaon
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Популярные сорта огурцов для балкона

Popular varieties of cucumbers for the balcony

Conditions for the ball horse cucumbers

It is clear that the agricultural technology of growing cucumbers on the balcony will not be much different from the conditions in the open ground, but you need to think ahead about the conditions under which vegetables will be grown, because they will need to create a specific atmosphere.

What should be a balcony

Make sure that the vegetables have enough light – if necessary, add artificial lighting. Those cucumbers that are grown in a balcony are usually afraid of drafts, and therefore the balcony must be glazed.

The temperature regime is important: no matter what season you decide to grow cucumbers, the standard temperature must be maintained at 15-18 ° C.If the temperature is lower, you will not be able to harvest a good crop.

Features of the choice of culture

Not all varieties of cucumbers are suitable for a balcony. Certain species can grow only in an open area or in a greenhouse. There are several varieties of cucumber crops:

  • parthenocapi – pollinated by themselves, do not produce seeds;
  • self-pollinated (f1 hybrids) – pollinated by themselves, they have seeds, but use them for germination will not work;
  • bee pollinated species are not suitable for growing on the loggia categorically, they simply will not bear fruit.

To successfully grow cucumbers on the loggia, you need to select plants in accordance with the following criteria:

  • compact;
  • high yielding;
  • unpretentiousness viyam;
  • cold resistance;
  • shade resistance.

The most popular crops

What are the varieties of cucumbers for a balcony are best suited? The best species for growing on a loggia are self-pollinated and parthenocapic. Hybrids f1 have proven themselves excellently. These are plants obtained in the first generation as a result of crossing 2 different cultures, adopting the best genetic qualities of parental specimens. Do not forget that in order to get a good harvest, you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations and carry out all agricultural activities in accordance with them.For different varieties, the conditions and rules of care can be very different.

Among the popular crops for growing on the loggia, the following varieties are distinguished: Window-balcony, Zozulya, Masha f1, Hummingbird, April, Swallowtail, Debut, Calendar, Cucumber, Elegant.


The name of the variety speaks for itself. The species has been selected for breeding on the balcony, loggia and window sill. The plant is undemanding to conditions and care. Bushes of medium branching, which allows you to grow cucumbers even in a small room. From 2 to 8 fruits are formed on the bushes in each internode.

Растение очень неприхотливо в уходе

The plant is very unpretentious in the care

The peculiarity of the species is the consistent formation of ovaries, therefore the green leaves ripen for several weeks alternately. The fruits are tuberous, oval-cylindrical. The length of greenery can reach 10 cm. Window-balcony variety belongs to the universal species. Planting seeds can be carried out in late March because the variety is not susceptible to temperature changes.


Zozulya cucumbers are very popular among farmers. View bred in Holland. Culture is disease resistant. Bushes of medium size with moderate branching. The fruits ripen at the same time.

Zelentsy are cylindrical.The structure of the peel is medium hilly, with slightly pronounced spikes. The length of the green stuff is 20 cm, the average weight is 180 g. The variety is valued for good taste.

The pulp is sweet, with a pleasant aroma. One of the features of the product is the lack of bitterness. The fruits are used for fresh consumption and for preservation. Cucumbers, even after heat treatment, remain crispy.

Masha f1

A variety of Masha is also a product of Dutch selection. Planting seeds of this variety must be carried out, referring to the description of the manufacturer. The seed has already been treated with a disinfectant and growth accelerators, so it does not require additional soaking before planting. Fruits can be obtained already 38 days after seed germination.

Cucumbers retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time. In application are universal. Bushes of medium size, with weak branching. The weight of a ripe fruit is about 100 g. Have a pleasant taste and aroma, crispy. When heat-treated, the greens do not lose their elasticity.


The gherkin has a good yield. At each internode, up to 10 gherkins can form. The surface of the fruit is tuberous. The peel has dark and light stripes.

The length of Zelentsy is 8 cm, and the weight can barely reach 80 g. Basically, Zelentsy of this variety is used for canning. The advantage of the variety is its high resistance to many diseases.


An early appearance. The first fruits appear 1.5 months after the appearance of the first sprouts. The bushes are stunted, their height does not exceed 25 cm. The crop is formed at a single time.

Zelentsy are cylindrical, coarse-tuberous, small spikes of white color. The weight of one green stuff is about 200 g. The pulp is distinguished by excellent taste. With an untimely harvest, the fruits begin to outgrow and lose their taste.


The gherkin hybrid is great for breeding on a balcony, loggia or window sill. Bushes are large with multiple lateral branches. Up to 8 fruits can form on each node.

Огурцы двнного сорта вкусны в любом виде

Double cucumbers are delicious in any form

Cucumbers are distinguished by a tuberous structure. The length of the greenhouse is from 7 to 11 cm, the weight ranges from 60-100 g. The quality of the fruits is preserved even when they are on the bush for a long time. Cucumbers are great for pickling, eating raw and cooking all kinds of culinary delights.


The self-pollinated plant is perfect for growing on a balcony or loggia. The species is attractive for its high productivity and early ripening of greenery. With 1 m2, you can collect 3.5 kg of greens. Sowing of seed material is carried out in March or April.

Bushes of medium size.Lateral shoots are not very active. The fruits are cylindrical in shape. The peel is thin, tuberous. The weight of the ripe fruit is 70 g, length 12 cm. Zelentsy has excellent taste indices.


To grow such a plant on your balcony is a pleasure. Bushes branch weakly. However, up to 6 pickles can form in each node. Lateral sprouts bear fruit more actively than the main one, therefore it is recommended to pinch the growth point to ensure their good development.

The shape of the fruits is oval-spindle-shaped. The structure of the peel is tuberous. The color of the fruit is dark green with longitudinal light stripes. The length of ripe fruits is 10 cm, and their weight is 90 g.

Urban pickle

One of the varieties of bunch gherkins. The bushes are distinguished by good branching of the side shoots, so as the plant develops, some shoots will have to be stepsoned. In each node, up to 9 ovaries are formed. The species is early ripe, fruit ripening occurs 40 days after planting.

Zelentsy is small in size 12 cm, weighing 90 g. A characteristic feature of the species is the presence of an elongated peduncle. For the elegant shape and long stalk, the vegetable was nicknamed the cucumber.

One of the advantages of the species is a long fruiting period. In addition, bushes of this species adapt perfectly to conditions with insufficient lighting and do not require additional illumination.The city cucumber is highly resistant to many diseases of cucumber crops.


This is the only bee-pollinated variety that can be grown on the balcony. Recently, many hybrid varieties of this species have appeared, which allows you to get a good harvest, even without the presence of bees. From 1 m2 you can collect 7 kg of greenery.

The bush is sprawling, forms up to 5 side shoots. The form of Zelentsy is elliptical, the color is dark green. The structure of the peel is tuberous. Suitable for making fresh salads and pickling.

Among the main advantages of the plant are high resistance to diseases, as well as the ability to be pollinator for other varieties growing nearby. Cold resistance allows bushes to develop even at relatively low temperature and temperature extremes. There are practically no drawbacks to this variety.

Final part

When choosing a suitable variety for growing on a loggia, you should first of all focus on what conditions you can create for plants. It is important to select a species that does not require pollination by bees, is unstable and immune to temperature extremes.

Do not forget about the equipment for proper ventilation of the room and maintaining the optimal humidity mode.Ideal is to mount drip irrigation for plants.

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