Features of yeast top dressing for cucumbers

Features of yeast top dressing for cucumbers

Yeast is a fungal-type organism that has only one cell. Her man was able to develop and teach for himself and his goals. Such a product is used in a wide variety of types of production. This can be, like baking, various cooking, and to create alcohol, wine, as well as beer and kvass. In addition, they are often used in rural industry, as a special top dressing for animals and for good growth of cultivated plants.Yeast feeding for cucumbers is a great way how to get excellent cucumbers and most importantly healthy.

  1. Yeast fertilizer scheme
  2. Topping cucumbers in open ground
  3. Topping cucumbers in a greenhouse
  4. Benefits of yeast
  5. The action of yeast for cucumbers
  6. Combined top dressing
  7. How to make fertilizer
  8. Conclusion

Особенности дрожжевой подкормки для огурцов

Features of the draw nutrition for cucumbers

Yeast fertilizer scheme

What recipe for pomegranate should be noted by the gardener? There is a fruit fertilizer scheme that you can always use.

  • The first time you need to fertilize your planting with yeast, when it takes 8 days after transplanting seedlings. You cannot use such fertilizer too much.
  • After 2 weeks have passed since the first feeding, add such fertilizer directly under the bush in a small amount. In addition, you can add a little water so that the fertilizer passes as deep as possible into the soil.
  • Then you need to carry out the third process. It must be carried out already in the second week after the first leaves have risen.Just add a few liters of fertilizer.

You can use watering cucumbers with yeast, as one of the methods. But you need to very carefully water the bushes so that most of the water with yeast falls on the ground, and not on the plants themselves.

Topping cucumbers in open ground

On average, cucumbers feed only 2 or 3 times for the entire germination season. The first feeding occurs when they only emerge (when the plant has 1-2 leaves), and the second time – at the very beginning of flowering, then such products will stimulate the appearance of new ties. Feeding cucumbers with yeast should occur only in a certain period.

Experts recommend a third time fertilizer in order to strengthen the root system of seedlings in order to allow the fruits to develop. You need to feed 3 times after the first flowering process takes place.

You must be careful, but do not overdo it with fertilizing, otherwise it will negatively affect growth. The problem is that too much fertilizer will provoke active growth of greenery, but the fruits themselves will suffer from this process.

That is why many experts say that it is better to give the plant less fertilizer than more. In order for the plant to fully receive all the necessary substances, it is important to alternate mineral fertilizers and your homemade one.

Feeding cucumbers in the greenhouse

If your cucumbers grow in closed ground, then it is logical that they need fertilizing, because they themselves can not get it from stagnant land. Perform this procedure every week. Foliar top dressing of cucumbers (also tomatoes) may contain the following:

  • bread;
  • yeast – 1 pack;
  • barley sourdough.

When growing seedlings, it is better not to use folk methods. After 2 weeks have passed from the landing at a permanent place, you can add minerals. During this period, they will be most effective. You can fertilize the land the second time already when the fruit sets, and the third immediately after the harvest.

Yeast benefits

Удобрение из дрожжей благотворно влияет на рост растений

Fertilizer from yeast has a beneficial effect on plant growth

In fact, for many people this product is known for it is added to food to obtain a softer and better product. But thanks to the microelements that make up their composition, they become an excellent fertilizer for the soil and especially for cucumbers. Yeast contains such useful minerals that affect the growth of cucumbers (also the development of tomatoes):

  • proteins;
  • various micro and macro elements;
  • amino acids;
  • glands.

If you fertilize cucumbers with yeast, this will significantly affect the growth of seedlings, give the plant a large percentage of natural bacteria that will help strengthen the immunity of the bush. In addition, this affects the improvement in the growth rate of fruits, the formation of new fruits and shoots. Even if there was little light during the cultivation of cucumbers, such additives can compensate for this deficiency with their vitamins.

When you create fertilizer, you should know that in no case should you add any kind of grass to the solution or same bird droppings. This is due to the fact that such organic additives completely remove all the beneficial effects.

The action of yeast on cucumbers

The principle of operation of yeast on the soil is quite simple. Due to its properties, they can alter the composition of the soil with the help of a fungus, so that the soil becomes fertile and thereby affects the development.

Fungi begin to process all the organic elements of the soil quite quickly and thus potassium and nitrogen begin to be released in the soil. For the first time, as a feed, the solution can be used already at the initial stage of seedlings. This usually falls at the beginning of spring.

It is possible to produce fertilizer both during the dive period and in the same way during planting in open ground. Some gardeners argue that you may not even use a pure product to achieve the desired effect.

Combined top dressing

As mentioned earlier, such a product is found in many food products. For example, beer or kvass. That is what you can fertilize your beds. It is enough to just water the bushes with them, but you should understand that it is necessary to use a natural product, not pasteurized.

These fertilizers last for several months, sometimes if it rains heavily, then such additives last for one month, and if it rains for weeks without stopping, then you need to carry out such fertilizer every week. If you are thinking how to feed cucumbers with yeast, you should know the most important thing correctly, that more than three times a season they do not recommend fertilizing the earth.

An important fact: although the solutions are useful for the soil, you must understand that they give soil nitrogen and potassium, but at the same time they completely reduce and take calcium from the earth. To balance vitamins in the soil, add egg shells or ashes as fertilizer. In addition, you can use another complex supplement. This type of additive can be used as top dressing tomatoes and cucumbers with yeast.

How to make fertilizer

Yeast can be dry, raw or in briquettes. The recipe allows their use in any form. To make the fertilizer good and effective, it is best to add a little chopped hops.

Then add some water and mix everything. Then this cocktail should be well infused for several days. According to experts, you can’t use fertilizer that is already old. For fertilizer, always use only freshly prepared fertilizer. This excellent recipe is suitable for tomatoes and greenhouses, and the processing of tomatoes and tomatoes grown in greenhouse conditions, experts recommend processing them with similar solutions. Ramie, don’t forget about the proportions.


Using yeast for cucumbers is a great way to protect them from diseases and pests, like in open ground, In addition, yeast is used to fertilize tomatoes and cucumbers, but you need to be careful with tomatoes, since they can be fertilized no more than twice a season. Watering cucumbers with yeast is best done only when the plants are ripening .

If you want to fertilize cucumbers with yeast and thinks e, how to feed cucumbers and in what way, it is best to choose a feeding scheme that is convenient for your territory. Spray in July; it is best to feed tomatoes with a solution in certain proportions of 1 to 3. In open ground for a foliar system, use a yeast-based solution.

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