Helksine Soleirola is soft as velvet – care

Helxine. Nettle family – Urticaceae. Homeland – Corsica, Sardinia. In culture, Helxine soleirolii is most often found. An ornamental, perennial, evergreen, herbaceous plant. Forms many drooping, thin, delicate, densely branched stems, covered with small, round, alternate, shiny leaves. The white flowers are so small that they are almost invisible. Helksine grows well even in poorly lit rooms with moderate temperatures.

Soleirolia. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com seancorr

In summer, the plant is kept in partial shade, watered abundantly and periodically sprayed. In winter, watered moderately, the leaves are not sprayed. For planting, a mixture of leafy, turfy land and sand (3: 1: 1) is used.

Helksine is re-grown every year. It multiplies easily. It is enough to tear off a few branches (cuttings), put them on top of the ground in a pot, lightly sprinkle and water. Plant up to 10-15 pieces in one pot. After 1,5-2 months, plants are formed in the form of a small ball. Helksine looks best in small hanging vessels. It is better to place them near aquariums, on shelves.


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