How to germinate carrot seeds quickly

How to germinate carrot seeds quickly

In the spring, gardeners stock up on seeds of vegetables and fruits. A popular vegetable is carrots. The difficulty of seed germination of this plant is associated with an abundance of essential oils in their composition. There are several ways to plant carrots so that it sprouts quickly.

  1. Germination test
  2. Methods of preparing for sowing
  3. Soaking in a bag
  4. Germination <
  5. Biostimulation
  6. Disinfection
  7. Bubbling <
  8. Drageement <
  9. Mastication
  10. Which seeds are not to be processed
  11. Conclusion

Как быстро прорастить семена моркови

How to germinate carrot seeds quickly

Germination test

to assess the seedling potential of different varieties carrots, carry out an assessment procedure. For this, several seeds of different varieties are selected 30 days before planting. They are soaked and planted in a pot. To find out the timing of emergence on the soil, they are germinated.

Preparation methods for sowing

Carrot seeds will germinate faster if you subject them to one of the specific types of seed treatment. There are several quick germination methods, so choosing the right one is easy. There are several main methods. They are used individually or in combination.

Soaking in a pouch

Germination is a necessary procedure for all types of seeds. This allows them to get rid of essential oils.Before germinating carrot seeds, perform the following steps:

  • wash the planting material several times under running warm water;
  • soak in clean water until it swells (about 5-7 hours in gauze bag).

Seeds cannot be soaked for a long time in a solution of potassium permanganate. It disinfects it for 10 minutes.

Soaking in a bag of gauze is one of the easiest ways to prepare seeds.


В теплой земле семена взойдут быстрее

In warm earth, seeds will sprout faster

For this method Prepare a bed in advance. The ground should be moist and warm to immediately sow the material:

  • Soaked seeds are left on a moistened cloth.
  • To create a greenhouse effect, they are covered with a film, regularly sprayed with water.
  • Soon, future crops will sprout, after they are soaked with a dry cloth.
  • It is recommended to sow on the bed immediately after germination.


This method is sometimes used together with soaking.

Its feature is the preparation of special solutions to accelerate germination. When soaking, beneficial substances are added to the water, which help friendly shoots, strengthen the plant’s immunity against diseases and pests.

Recipes of solutions for biostimulation:

  • Solution with sodium humate. About 1 g of substance is diluted in 1 liter of water at a temperature of about 30 ° C. Soak for 10-12 hours.
  • Solution with epin. On 1 tbsp. 4 drops of water are added to the water. Leave for 10-12 hours.
  • Mortar with wood ash. In 1 liter of warm water, 1 tbsp. l ash without top. Future crops leave for a day.

After extracting them from the solution, they are dried to flowability and begin to sow. Sometimes it is advised to “harden” the seeds for quick seedlings even in bad weather: they are placed in a wet bag in the refrigerator for 3-5 days. The alternation of heat and cold tempers the future plant.


Get rid of dangerous pathogens before planting.

For this, apply weak solutions of manganese, boric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Recommended proportions for these substances:

  • Manganese – 1 g per 1 glass of water. Disinfect for 10-15 minutes.
  • Boric acid – 1 g per 5 liters of water. Keep in solution for 1 day.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – 3% solution. After 8-10 hours, remove and rinse them.

It is important not to overexpose the seeds and follow the proportions, otherwise disinfection will lead to the death of the material.

Способов для выращивания семян очень много

There are a lot of ways to grow seeds


In order for the carrots to sprout quickly, it is saturated with oxygen. To do this, you need an aquarium processor. The mechanism of action is as follows:

  • The future crops are placed in a jar of warm water.
  • Air from the aquarium processor should uniformly drive the seeds.
  • Every 9-12 hours water is renewed. The total saturation time is from 18 to 24 hours.

This method reduces germination time and the plant sprouts quickly – up to 6-8 days.


This is one of the most difficult ways to speed up your climbing time. The essence of the process is the enlargement of planting seeds. The germination shell, which enlarges them, consists of:

  • strained mullein solution (1 part to 7 parts water);
  • liquid starch paste or sugar syrup;
  • fermented whey;
  • filler: dry peat, turf, humus.

The seeds in the jar are treated with glue. They should not stick together. The optimum size after drazhirovany for germination is about 3 mm. A smaller size will not give the desired effect, and a larger layer will prevent it from rising. To prevent them from sticking together, they are sprinkled with ashes.


This procedure is carried out for the convenience of sowing. The essence of the procedure is sticking seeds to paper tapes.To perform gelatinizing:

  • Prepare paper tapes. Suitable materials: paper napkins, toilet paper or other loose paper. Other species will prevent the carrots from sprouting.
  • Prepare the paste. To do this, mix 2-3 tbsp. l potato starch with 1 liter of water. Cool to room temperature.

The treated seeds are spread with tweezers on a paper tape, keeping the distance between them. They are laid out in the hole of the bed and covered with a thick layer of earth.

Landing with a paste is carried out differently:

  • Pour 2-3 packets into the cooled solution. Mix and pour into a teapot with a narrow nose.
  • Pour a thin stream into the beds, previously watered with water.
  • Sprinkle the beds with soil or peat. Seeds germinate under the film, after which it is removed.

What seeds cannot be processed

Without procedures, the germination period is from 15 to 20 days. Not subject to processing:

  • seeds of hybrids and foreign producers;
  • granular;
  • treated with fungicides and insecticides.

Pest-treated seeds differ in color. In these cases, accelerated germination will only hurt. Sow them according to the instructions without processing.


A thorough preparation is required for productive germination of carrot seeds. In addition to increasing the chances of the plant to germinate, its resistance to diseases and pests, such procedures can accelerate germination up to 6-8 days. When processing them, it is important to follow the instructions so as not to spoil the sowing.

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