How to prepare a bed for carrots in spring

How to prepare a bed for carrots in spring

To provide rich harvest of vegetables in the fall, it is necessary to prepare a bed for carrots in the spring. Qualitative and quantitative indices directly depend on correctly carried out agricultural technology before planting a vegetable crop.

  1. What soil does carrots need
  2. Suitable predecessors
  3. Earthworks and fertilizer
  4. Water permeability test
  5. Fertilizer
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Как подготовить грядку под морковь весной

How to prepare a bed for carrots in spring

What soil is needed carrots

Carrots are unpretentious crops that can grow well on any soil soil. shows on loose loamy and sandy lands, while:

  • the soil should not contain solid particles and decayed plant debris,
  • soil acidity should be adjusted at the level of 5.6-7 points,
  • clay and chernozem soil are diluted with sand at the rate of 1 kg per 1 square meter of cultivated area,
  • peat, manure and potato peeling are added to the sand soil in equal parts at the rate of 5 kg of mixture per 1 square. m of sown area.

When preparing the soil for carrot plantings by applying sand, adjust the indicator of moisture and friability of open soil.

In clean black soil the root crops grown from seeds will have an excess of fatty acids, which will cause a reduction in the shelf life of the vegetable.In viscous soil, the upper vegetative part of plants develops with disturbances, which affects the quality of root crops. Pure clay dries quickly, and this leads to a general lethargy and fading of the vegetable crop.

Suitable predecessors

When choosing a bed for planting carrots with seeds, they observe crop rotation and plant the vegetable crop after desirable predecessors, among which:

  • cucumbers, especially if after them manure and corn leaves were added to the soil, 1.5 kg and 5 kg per 1 sq. km. m, respectively,
  • red beets, land for sowing carrots with seeds after beets is fertilized with 0.5 kg of manure and 5 kg of peat mix per 1 sq. m. m, for winter varieties – fodder beets,
  • potatoes, which are judged by the good yield of the potential fertility of the land,
  • tomatoes, by the good quality of the fruits that conclude that the soil is medium-moistened for carrots .

Carrots are not planted after legumes and parsley, which are active distributors of pests that are dangerous to the harvest of carrots. Vegetable does not grow after sunflower and tobacco.

Earthworks and fertilizer

Садим семечки в рыхлую землю

We plant seeds in the loose soil

The soil dug up in the autumn before planting carrots with seeds and seedlings in the spring only is loosened and leveled, removing the emerging weeds.If preliminary autumn preparation of the land plot has not been carried out, it is dug up to a depth of not less than 0.3 m with repeated digging to a depth of 0.2 m, maintaining an interval of 10-12 days between digging. In the process of digging the earth make sure that there are no large earthen lumps left. The soil is loosened moderately, without creating excessive airiness of the soil layer.

For planting, choose a site well lit by sunlight, with a flat surface. When sowing seeds in lowlands with excessive moisture, root crops grow small and deformed.

Water permeability test

It is recommended to check the soil for planting at the level of moisture absorption, for which, before the second digging, about 8 liters of water are poured onto the sown area of ​​0.5 x 0.7 m in size:

  • if the soil has the ability to retain moisture, it is recommended to prepare ridges for planting seeds, raising ridges by 25- 35 cm,
  • if the soil dries well, make ordinary furrows at a distance of 20-25 cm.

To create greenhouse conditions, loosened soil soil is covered with a film 2 days before planting.


Fertilizing organic complexes are usually applied in the fall, but it is permissible fertilize the soil for carrots in the spring, but not with organic matter, but with mineral compounds. Fertilizers are applied one-time, 2-3 weeks before the planned planting date in the proportions provided for by the instructions for the complexes.

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Preparatory activities in the spring, before planting carrots, provide the vegetable crop with favorable conditions for growth and development.They include the right choice of soil, places, earthwork and fertilizer systems.

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