What is the difference between orchid root and peduncle

Orchid-a whimsical flower, therefore, requires careful care and attention from its owner. Orchid blossoms sometimes take a long time to wait. In addition, the peduncle that has appeared is easy to confuse with the root – the difference between an orchid root and a peduncle is difficult to see for those who have just begun to get acquainted with this plant.

  1. Why distinguish between orchid root and peduncle
  2. Differences in the root and peduncle
  3. Differences in the peduncle from the germ
  4. To summarize

Чем отличается корень орхидеи от цветоноса

Than the root of the orchid differs from the peduncle

Why distinguish between the root of the orchid and the peduncle

It is important to learn how to correctly determine what kind of sprouts appear on the plant. This can be a signal, that he needs more careful care.

Orchid in bloom It needs special care and requires special attention. From time to time it needs to be fed with fertilizers and a change in the watering schedule.

There are times when a plant cannot be allowed to bloom, for example, if it has been sick for a long time (roots have begun to rot) or recently undergone a transplant, and the adaptation period was difficult. In such cases, the best way out is to prune the stalk of the peduncle, thereby preventing the plant from blooming. This will help the orchid to conserve strength and let them grow. Flowering requires a lot of energy from the flower.

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Differences in root and peduncle

The flower stalk is a long shoot on which orchid buds are formed. It grows both directly and in bizarre shapes, such as the shape of a spiral. A number of features distinguish it from the root.


  • grows at the base of a new leaf;
  • has a sharp tip and a stepped base;
  • in shape resembles a flat cone;
  • grows up, less often – to the side;
  • if you do not tie it in time, it will start to sink down under the weight of flowers.
Строение орхидеи не сложное

The structure of the orchid is not complicated


  • sprouts outside or anywhere in the neck of the plant, even from the center of the leaf;
  • has a bright brownish tip and a light base;
  • smooth, without scales and behind Attacks;
  • is able to grow in any direction, but most often tends to go down.

Differences between the peduncle and the germ

In addition to the roots and flower stalks in orchids form embryos of new flowers or, as they are also called, “babies”. Mostly they appear on the peduncle, but there are times when they grow near the root of the plant. In this case, the embryo is also easy to confuse with the peduncle.

At the beginning of development, the babies have the same shape, a similar step structure of the stem and do not even differ in color. To understand that the embryo has appeared, some signs help:

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  • the sprout does not have a growth point;
  • a leaf appears instead of the arrow;
  • the plant is more than 5 years old.

If you look closely at the shoot, in addition to similarity, you can also see some differences between the peduncle and the baby. The shoots look the same only at the very beginning, as the peduncle stretches and grows up, and the baby takes the form of a droplet with a characteristic deepening in the middle of the shoot. and do not develop during growth; after 10-12 days, the peduncle becomes longer, and the embryo releases 1 or 2 leaves.

It is not difficult to distinguish the root of the flower from the peduncle if you know the characteristic signs of each of the presented elements.

To summarize

An orchid is a tropical flower, so adaptation to unusual conditions is not easy. If sprouts appear on the plant, it doesn’t matter if it’s roots or flower stalk: this means that the plant is full of strength and fully adapted to a new place of residence.

Esl treat the plant with love and care, closely monitor its development and take care of it in time, it will delight the owner’s eye with magnificent beautiful flowering and unusual aroma for a long time.

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