Characteristics of potato varieties Latona

The Laton potato variety, despite its Russian name, is of German origin, since this variety was bred by German breeders. At the beginning of our century, they invented Luton potatoes, which quickly became popular in all the expanses of the Russian Federation.

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Характеристика картофеля сорта Латона

Characteristics of the Latona potato

This variety is appreciated due to its high palatability and the ability to seed it. o reduces the cost of planting material and makes it possible to grow healthy tubers.

Features of the variety

Latona potatoes are distinguished by medium-sized bushes with large leaves that have wavy edges .

The color is dark green, but by the middle it becomes almost salad. The tubers can be recognized by their oval shape with even smooth skin and small eyes weighing from 96 to 133 grams. The potato has a peel with a yellow color and the flesh is of a pleasant rich yellow color.

Advantages and disadvantages

The exceptional taste and the property of not boiling allow the use of potatoes in various favorite dishes soups, frying , salads.Latona potato belongs to the culinary type B, and due to the low starch content 12.3% darkens when cooking.

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Laton seed variety has many advantages:

  • high yield, not less than 130-190 centner / ha;
  • attractive presentation;
  • good keeping quality, by the end of spring tubers remain flat and smooth;
  • rarely exposed to diseases, features such as golden potato cyst nematode, late blight, tuber rot, rhizoctonia, Y virus, leaf curling virus, etc .;
  • resistant to asuha and mechanical damage;
  • early maturity, allows you to harvest already 70-80 days after planting;
  • not picky to the soil.

Disadvantages of potatoes Latona is most often caused by improper growing conditions and inadequate care. With its high resistance to disease, the plant is highly susceptible to scab.

Potato planting

Latona variety conforms to the general planting rules.

Preparation begins a month and a half before landing. If tubers were stored in cold basements or other cool rooms during the cold season, then they should be moved to a warmer and more lighted place in a month and a half.

In the process of acclimatization, the tubers should germinate to the new conditions. In order to accelerate germination, they are sometimes placed in plastic bags, thus creating a greenhouse effect.

Soil preparation

Почву необходимо удобрить

Soil it is necessary to fertilize

Cultivation of solanaceous requires preparation of the soil since autumn. To do this, when digging, make rotted mullein or bird droppings in the soil. Organic fertilizers will stimulate the growth of the underground parts of the plant.

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Seed potatoes are pre-planted in separate containers. If it is planned to grow seeds, then the soil in pots also needs to be prepared. To do this, mix:

  • fertile topsoil;
  • peat;
  • river sand;
  • leafy humus.

Such a substrate will provide seedlings with all the necessary minerals and trace elements. Among other things, before planting, it is worth shedding the soil well with warm water.


Sprouted tubers are planted in the ground when its temperature reaches 10⁰C. At this temperature, sprouts appear after just a few weeks.

For proper crop growth when planting, we recommend that you adhere to the following standards:

  1. The distance between the rows is 70 centimeters, and between the holes – 35 centimeters. Such proportions will provide free growth of bushes, which will not interfere with each other during the period of growth and flowering.
  2. The description of the planting mechanism does not give clear advice on the depth of the hole, since this indicator depends on the nature of the soil.
  3. As well as before planting, after planting, the surface of the earth needs to be leveled for uniform germination.

It is very important to correctly select the tubers for planting. It must be whole, intact tubers of medium size. Soil characteristics are also taken into account. You cannot grow good potatoes in rocky, clayy soil.

Care for potatoes

In order for the plant to sprout and give a good harvest as quickly as possible, it is necessary to properly care for the plantings. Timely hilling and watering can increase the yield and size of the tubers themselves.

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Laton’s potato loves moderate moisture, since increased watering will lead to decay. The best way to moisten the shrubs is irrigation, which will provide normal moisture access for the tubers and the shrub itself. Water for irrigation should not be too cold so as not to injure a vulnerable rhizome.

After watering the beds, you must definitely push with a hoe. This must be done very carefully. It is also recommended to hive bushes after watering.


If fertilizers were not applied to the soil in spring, then it is worth feeding the bushes during loosening or hilling.

It is worth remembering that it is carried out only on moist soil, to increase the percentage of absorption of nutrients.

Into the soil make:

  • humus;
  • mullein or bird droppings;
  • ash;
  • phosphorus-containing and ammonia fertilizers

The last top dressing is carried out no later than a month before the harvest, otherwise the tubers may contain a large number of elements harmful to the human body. Among other things, such a vegetable will be worse stored.

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Pest control

There are two ways to treat a plant from pests. The first is before landing, and the second after it. If pests are found on the tubers, the plant is completely treated with fungicidal and insecticidal preparations.

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Before planting in open ground, germinated tubers are advised to be treated with special agents for disinfection (Prestige) and growth stimulation (Heteroauxin). If you process an already grown shrub, then the solution should be stronger, and you need to spray it in cloudy weather or in the evening. If it rained immediately after the procedure, then the spraying is repeated.


Laton potatoes have a lot of positive feedback and occupy one of the leading positions in the market of planting material.

The characterization and description of the variety speak for themselves. Due to its unpretentiousness, plentiful and high-quality crops, the plant earned its worldwide appreciation.

There is a description of the many dishes that can be prepared from these tubers. They are good both fried and boiled. The versatility of the variety once again emphasizes its uniqueness.

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