National signs about pigeons

Signs about pigeons help us to unravel the behavior of these birds, to understand what it brings to us. In most cases, beliefs say that doves promise happiness. For many nations, these are divine birds that bring messages from heaven. Their feather is considered a talisman. Even if the feathered one crap, popular signs about pigeons will say that a person is lucky. There are also negative signs that warn of danger. You can read about all this in this article.

  • The dove flew into the house through the window. If it is white – wait for the guests to arrive. They will be pleasant, bring you a lot of joy. White flies to happiness. If the pigeon is black – beware, this is not good. Perhaps unpleasant news awaits you. A colored bird – for news or a letter.
  • Birds flew up to the window, but did not sit down, so the news was not too important
  • Flew into the kitchen in the apartment through the window – you will have a long and happy family life.
  • If the dove entered the kitchen through the door, as if to his home, wait for replenishment.
  • The dove sat on the window sill outside the window and was watching you carefully.Most likely, she warns of trouble. Carefully follow everything you do in the house.
  • A white dove flew to the window sill for an unmarried girl is a signal of an imminent wedding.
  • A dove flew to the window with a twig in its beak – it brought happiness and good luck. Such a sign is considered especially good on the Annunciation and Palm Sunday. These days, the holy spirit itself descends to the earth in the form of a dove.
  • The bird beats its head on the glass – a bad sign. You are waiting for failure and misfortune. If a pigeon fell dead after that, it means that a real trouble or someone’s death awaits the family.
  • The pigeon hit the window and flew away and wanted to go through next to the glass – troubles will be serious but resolved.
  • The dove flew on the windowsill and knocks on the window-a good sign, wait for the news soon. If before this someone died in the house, then his soul flies in to communicate with his relatives. When the bird is calm, there is nothing to fear, if the pigeon flings its wings, knocks persistently, the deceased relative warns of misfortune.
  • He sat down on the windowsill of the room where the patient was lying, he would feel worse or die at all. If he also knocks on the window, then things are completely bad.

As you can see, if a dove flew into the house, there could be signs, both good and bad. It is important to read the message correctly. Attention to detail can prevent troubles.The sign about the pigeon on the windowsill will help you in time to recognize secret signals, both successful and not so.

Pigeon on the balcony

Birds can fly not only out the window or into the room sitting on the windowsill. Often in a city apartment they visit the balcony. What does it mean, what folk signs about pigeons when he flew onto the balcony? Here are a few explanations:

  • The dove flew onto the balcony and immediately flew away. If he is white, it means you will soon receive good news or meet an old friend, but for a very short time. If the dove is brown, the news will be neutral, and the meeting will be fleeting. Black bird – to trouble or illness, but not too severe.
  • Flies to the balcony or to the window constantly, trying to fly into the room – a warning about a serious illness or death.
  • A couple of doves settled on the balcony and made a nest for the girl – you will find great happiness, all the sorrows will bypass the house.
  • If you saw kissing white doves that settled on the balcony – this is for the wedding.
  • The couple calmly hatches their eggs and does not fly away – you have peace and harmony in the family.
  • Birds have fallen apart, they are anxious Wow, something in your house is wrong, you may have quarreled or been offended by someone.
  • When the birds that made their nests suddenly flew away and did not return, be on your guard. The energy has changed in the house, you have broken the harmony, flying away can mean approaching problems.
  • If the birds made a nest, laid their testicles, but did not sit the chicks, then the house is in danger. To prevent it, you need to carefully take out the nest to the garden and ask the pigeons for forgiveness, perhaps you offended them with something. It’s good to read a short prayer as well.
  • A lonely and sick little dove came to you, knocked on the window – try to answer the knock and cure it, do not leave it on the doorstep, and then the signs about the newcomers will be good. If this succeeds, then luck will not leave a person for three whole years. When he dies, bury him so that trouble does not come into the house.

When pigeons live on your balcony, you have to reckon with them. Try not to scare the birds with your fuss and noise. Even if the pigeon has fallen on the windowsill, do not be angry with him. You need to wash everything carefully and say a good word in your mind or in your ears about the birds. You can add food to the pigeons from time to time, then luck will certainly never leave your house.

Pigeons on the street

You can often see the pigeon on the street. Many people do not even pay attention to them. But the behavior of domestic birds can also say a lot. Let’s talk about it. Here are some signs about pigeons on the street:

  • You saw pigeons that flew up and disappeared from the eyes in sunny weather – wait for rain and bad weather.
  • Pigeons are nowhere to be seen, though Is the sun shining? It means it will rain tomorrow.
  • The birds will bathe merrily in a puddle after the rain – tomorrow it will be sunny.
  • To see a couple of doves make a nest – to pleasant troubles.
  • They say that at the moment when the birds make a nest, you can make any wish, it will come true.
  • A dove walks around the yard, does not fly away and cooes – they gossip about you.
  • A feathered flyer touched a person with a wing – warns of illness.
  • He flew over his head and touched his hair – that means you received a blessing
  • Flew in my face – soon to find a solution to a complex problem that was actually obvious.
  • Unexpectedly crashed you won’t be knocked down – you should wait for surprises, but it’s not clear which ones are pleasant or not.
  • cooing on a branch in the courtyard, flies up to the window from time to time – wants to meet you, but hesitates, good person .
  • The dove pecked at your shoulder or hand – reconsider your relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues at work. Perhaps someone is talking badly about you or is offended.
  • Birds are beating among themselves – you will find it difficult to sort things out. If they fight near the house, then there will be a quarrel in the family.
  • A dead pigeon fell at your feet — you will seriously fall ill or get injured.
  • A dead dove lies on the road – it’s better to turn to the side, so that trouble also goes around you.

As you can see, folk signs about wild pigeons can tell a lot. Therefore, do not ignore the birds when you walk. Take a look at their behavior, habits.Perhaps it will say a lot about you, your problems, victories and defeats. A bird can not only foreshadow events, but also change their course.

Pigeon droppings

There are a lot of superstitions about pigeons. To believe or not to believe in them is everyone’s personal business. Some beliefs are associated with the habits of birds, others with their arrivals in our house. But there are some strange ones that explain why a bird craps on a person.

Nobody wants someone to crap him. But pigeon droppings bring people happiness. I even know the story of how students before exams went to the attic to get a “happy mark” and pass the session well. Surprisingly, it helped. So, the dove and the litter, how are they interconnected? Here are a few examples:

  • Deeply put on your head – a good sign, you’re lucky in business.
  • I marked clothes flying by – to the new thing
  • a shoulder or a hand – it means that soon creative success awaits you or you just finish the household chores that you worked on for a long time.
  • He sat down and shit on the car – the person will have money.
  • Dipped in dove shit – wait for a pleasant surprise or an expensive present.
  • The dove not only spoiled, but also flew at you – you will be able to catch incredible luck.

Surprisingly, everything will take about pigeons and litter positive. Perhaps our ancestors wanted to brighten up an unpleasant situation in this way?Check it out for yourself, according to my observations, everything converges. In any case, the muck must be thoroughly washed off, and even better, everything should be sanitized after that. After all, birds, in addition to luck or bad luck, can also carry diseases.

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Killing a pigeon

In many cultures and religions it is absolutely impossible to kill pigeons. They symbolize purity, loyalty and unity. Killing will bring only misfortune. Even if you accidentally bring down there’s a problem with the bird, these are the signs about the pigeons that were killed:

  • A feathered bird flew into the windshield to death – be careful on the road, you may have an accident.
  • The pigeon crashed, hit, but did not crash – it means the situation will be emergency, but in the end everything will work out.
  • To crush a little darling in a car means to put trouble on yourself and your whole family.
  • To kill a bird on the roof means never to rise from the mud and poverty to wealth and success.
  • Tied pigeons fell into their hands and they were killed-a tangle of problems will not let go until the end of life.
  • A dove crashed nearby and finished it off – the curse will fall not only and you, but also to all offspring.
  • Throwing stones at a pigeon means wresting luck from yourself.
  • Putting power on pigeons – throwing a prison on yourself.

The killing of birds can only be justified if a person faces death from hunger. But even in this case, you should ask for forgiveness for your sin. When the danger is over, you need to feed the birds all the time. That they forgave you can be understood from the fact that they began to fly up to the window, sit on the windowsill. Even better, they sit on a cornice or balcony and make a nest there.

Customs and superstitions in different countries can be different. Some peoples grow domestic pigeons for meat and eat it with pleasure. And the eggs of these birds are in some places considered a real delicacy. Who knows what aura they have after that? If a person looks into the future, he will try to upset less harmony, listen to ancient wisdom. So do not eat pigeons, whoever tries to knock you out.

There is another sign – when a person saved a bird, many sins will be forgiven. In addition, such a dove will bring in its beak a lot of good, luck and happiness. So do not ignore sick birds that fell into the porch or nailed to the window. Perhaps this is your chance to change your destiny. If the dove and omen about him are happy, then all wishes will come true.

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