How to feed a pigeon chick at home

The chick, like human child, needs maternal care. But there are situations in which he is torn from her wing, for example, if he fell out of the nest. A person may well go out on his own a fallen bird picked up on the street, and when the time comes, release him into the wild. Be sure to read the recommendations of professionals on how to properly grow chicks and what should not be done.The article tells how to feed a pigeon chick at home, if you are professionally rearing or just warm a feathered cub in your home.

  1. Pigeons in the city
  2. How can I recognize a representative of pigeon offspring
  3. Beginning of feeding
  4. Second or third week
  5. Feeding the Monthly Dove

Чем кормить птенца голубя в домашних условиях

How to feed the chick blue I’m at home

Pigeons in the city

Have you ever wondered why almost no one saw the pigeons? The fact is that adult pigeons prefer to nest away from human eyes in places safe from predators: on roofs, in bridges, in hollows of trees and other depressions. A bird comes from the Mediterranean, and there nests fly in the rocks. In addition, pigeons abandon their homes forever if they are touched by a human hand.

This bird is one of the most popular on city streets around the world. Wild individuals live for about 5 years, and domesticated animals with proper care can stretch all 15.

A formed pair of pigeons makes a nest together: the male supplies the material (branches, hay), and the dove equips the dwelling.Over time, the nest outwardly improved. The breeding season usually lasts from April to September, but may end later if the autumn is warm. The female lays 1-2 eggs at a time and hatch them for 3 weeks. A hatched chick requires care, and if it is abandoned, only a person can save it: it is not customary for pigeons to pick their own chicks.

How can a representative of pigeon offspring be recognized

The newborn has a yellow fluff on a pinkish body, a large beak (with the exception of short-billed breeds), eyes bulging. He is able to fly from a month old, not before. Already at 1.5 months, a young bird is difficult to distinguish from an adult, except perhaps by the dullness of feathers and body density. Young flies still uncertainly, the wingspan is rather weak.

So, you have arranged a new tenant with a corner in your house. But there were a lot of questions left, the main of which was how to feed the pigeon’s chick? What does he eat and how much food can he be given in order not to harm a fragile body?

Start feeding

If you have a newborn chick in your hands, it’s important to immediately teach him to take it water and food yourself. The most difficult thing is to feed the pigeon chicks, which are a week old. It is inherent in nature that during this period they need mother’s milk. You need to try very hard to save the chick. Below is one of the algorithms for the first feeding.

  • buy a syringe for 20 cubes in a pharmacy, put a nipple on top of it, you can use a pipette;
  • an egg yolk rich in minerals needed for a nestling, or special grain is suitable crushed to a state of gruel;
  • gently introduce the substance into the chick’s beak, giving it the opportunity to process the food when it eats.

A similar procedure must be repeated at least 6 times in day.

Second or third week

The first week was successfully completed. During this period, the pigeon begins to grow stronger, his eyes open, he already hears the sounds of the world. Then you can start to introduce grain into the diet in small portions. This can be millet, millet, barley, the main thing is that the grains are chopped and steamed so that the feathered baby does not choke. Chalk or eggshells ground in a coffee grinder should be added to the mixture as a source of calcium. Greens should also be chopped beforehand. Honey will be a useful addition. Poultry farmers also recommend treating the pet with nutritious sunflower seeds.

At the age of 20 days, pigeon chicks wean from the pipette and begin to feed by hand. To do this, use your fingers to gently open the beak and put the food inside. If the chick resists, persistence should be shown. Over time, he himself begins to become active and open his beak.

To make sure that the pigeon is full, you need to feel its goiter (the area under the beak): if the bird has taken enough food, it will be full.

To drink the cub, you need to take into his hands and dip his beak into a container of water. After 2-3 times, he gets used to it and quenches his thirst on his own.

Feeding the pigeon chick
Force feeding the pigeon chick. Foundling
Artificial feeding of pigeon chicks. [Part 1]

Feeding the month-old pigeon

When the pet has gone the second month, a little more and he will be able to take care of himself. But while he still needs the guardianship of man. The pigeon already eats almost independently, but during this period the characteristics of the diet of chicks and the technical aspects of feeding differ from those that were before:

  1. The basis of the diet is balls of soaked white bread, gruel from raw carrots and boiled egg .
  2. Each meal should be enriched with vitamins in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  3. It is recommended to add special vitamin supplements to food and water, which can be purchased at the pet store.

Birds are very sensitive to environmental conditions, so you should not forget monitor not only the cages for cleanliness, but also the feeders with the drinker, regularly change the water in it.

Following the recommendations provided, it is quite possible to grow healthy pigeons and eventually either let them out or grow them further at home .

Many people cannot walk past birds that have fallen from the nest and lost birds: if you decide to care for such birds, feeding should be of high quality – you can watch a variety of videos on this topic or use the recommendations provided. The birds will be grateful to you.

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