Description of the breed of pigeons Pavlinov

Peacocks doves amaze with their beauty and grace. At the exhibitions, the dove Peacock is the most welcome guest, many people are usually gathered at his cage, fascinated by its unique beauty. Peacock pigeon is currently considered the most popular and sought-after breed among pigeons around the world, although in Russia they began to breed and maintain such birds relatively recently.

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Голуби павлины

Peacock pigeons

The price of peacock pigeons can vary from private owners in the range from 500 to 2000 rubles per individual. However, it should be noted that when buying from your hands it is likely to run into scammers trying to sell an ordinary bird. The price of such individuals, especially marble birds, breeders at the breeze in pre ate from 3000 to 4000 rubles per pigeon, breeders, in turn, can provide documents and certificates, they also carefully monitor the health status of pigeons and provide them with good conditions.

Description of the breed

A magnificent tail reminiscent of pompous multi-colored peacocks is the reason why the peacocks doves got their unique name. The color of plumage is different. The most popular marble pigeons are Peacocks. These birds love attention and will never miss the opportunity to delight their admirer with their chic feathers. Even in their normal state, these birds keep their tail strictly upright, like real Peacocks.

Pigeons of a Peacock is a completely decorative breed.These luxurious creatures are not endowed with the ability to fly, and therefore it is not possible to use them in competitions. The maximum that they are capable of is small short-distance flights to move from place to place.

Even in ancient India, these pigeons served as a precious decoration of the Rajah palaces. The first information about winged creatures as delightful creatures endowed with unique natural beauty was found in ancient Indian texts. In Europe, this breed gained its well-deserved fame only in the 16th century; in Russia, they learned about peacock pigeons in the early 40s. Since then they have been bred for beauty, soul and heart. They can be found more often than other birds at lush weddings and as decoration for photographs.


The pure breed of these pigeons is distinguished by the absence of any dark marks on the feathers of their heads as well as expressive dark eyes. Among other things, the following features are inherent in it:

  • stately wide breast;
  • neat beak;
  • elegant rounded body of small size, various plumage colors: from clean snow-white to brooding black, bluish and yellow;
  • identical to the color of the beak, the color of the eyelids;
  • the presence of a small fossa on the back;
  • feather pillow and fluff at the base of the luxurious tail ;
  • tuft on the back of the head.

To better imagine these birds, you can turn to photos that are quite capable of conveying the majestic grace of birds.

The dove of the Peacock breed is endowed with extremely high fecundity. Just noticing the flirty dove, the black-tailed male will surely take the necessary stance at his fingertips, trying to show off and attract attention.

Many breeders breed this breed specifically for exhibitions and various awards. At the exhibition you can see peacock pigeons photos, as well as get acquainted with individuals live.

Features of the breed

Peacock pigeons are royal lazy: they rarely use their wings, use them only for moving. The rest of the time, the wings do not find practical application.

The breeder must be able to distinguish these pigeons from other breeds and know how to properly care for them, since the main value of such birds is appearance. Any inconsistencies with the breed standard will automatically reduce the value of the bird.

Breeding rules

Breeding of pigeons can begin in the puberty season. In general, sexual hunting in males manifests itself with the onset of spring. It must be remembered that during the mating season, these birds need to shorten the feathers on the tail, since their natural size physically interferes with them when mating. Each applicant for crossbreeding should be checked by a knowledgeable breeder according to the pedigree, since with an error it is unlikely to get purebred pigeons.Unpretentious in nutrition, graceful and aristocratic pigeons, Peacocks are the desired acquisition for any pigeon breeder, because it is so important to follow all the rules.

Now there are many breeders of pigeons specializing in this breed and constantly improving it.But, when buying such an individual, you must always refer to its pedigree and check the purity of the breed: only pure-bred Peacock pigeons will be a truly worthy decoration of the yard. If a breeder wants wedding photos or pages of publications announcing a winning exhibition to decorate his pet’s photos, he should try very hard: it’s imperative to keep the pedigree clean when breeding. requires attention and responsibility.

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