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The most popular bird on city streets around the world is the dove. For us, this feathered bird has also long become a familiar part of the landscape. There are both wild and domestic representatives of these birds. This article talks about birds like the Agarana Pigeons.

  1. Breeding History
  2. Appearance
  3. What are the features
  4. Care and breeding

Голуби Агараны

Doves of Agarana

Breeding history

This breed of pigeons hails from the East, from western Afghanistan, where it traditionally lived in the mountains. From there, in turn, in the 16th century, birds and migrants migrated to the Turkmen lands They live throughout Turkmenistan, as well as in some parts of P Akistan and Iran. The population is not too large due to the small increase. Due to the aesthetic qualities, Agaranov can be rented for wedding ceremonies.

Turkmen pigeons came to Soviet countries in the middle of the last century. Domestic breeders fascinated by the beauty and skills of birds breeding the described breed of pigeons at their latitudes. Today, representatives of the “camel” suit can be found not only in their homeland, but also in some other parts of Europe and Asia, mainly in the north of Russia.


What distinguishes Turkmen pigeons from their relatives? Being in flight, the bird is able to make a somersault and take a vertical position, rotating around its axis. How exactly it looks, you can look at the photo and video.You will immediately note that Turkmen pigeons have a special, characteristic grace. This is a breed of real feathered acrobats, whose flight can cause admiration for the audience. Birds can stay in the air for about 4 hours, and representatives of mixed types can be all 13.

Unfortunately, it happens that a stunted bird can lose its balance and break if dropped from a great height.

The styles of exit to the pillar possessed by war pigeons from Turkmenistan are divided into several types: an inclined stance with or without spiral rotation of the body, as well as several revolutions (the most intricate style), a curved stance with take-off back or with fingering. Agaran stunt lovers also appreciate the degree of noise of their wings, the speed of take-off, the grace of somersaults.

What are the features

The name of the species is translated from its native Turkmen as “camel milk cream” – namely such is the color of the plumage of an ordinary representative.Spectacular and noble, Turkmen war pigeons have the following external features:

  • well-developed muscles, wide flap of a long wing;
  • powerful bulging chest;
  • large sloping head unadorned;
  • medium-sized wax (so-called nose);
  • elongated neck;
  • gray or bright yellow expressive eyes;
  • light eyelids;
  • short, round, light yellow beak;
  • ten-feather tail;
  • intricate crest on the head of true representatives;
  • thick and hard plumage, small feathers on paws ;
  • on the wings there are yellow stripes, which also have pigeons Molokans and Tasmanians;
  • milky-white color with light brown spots, the tail is usually mottled, sometimes there are individuals with bluish colors, rarely – light yellow, brown, gray.

The chest and neck of a dove are diluted with unusual yellow-orange hues, while the head and body are almost always noble ash or silver, legs are snow-white. The female Agaran can be distinguished from the male by the external elegance of physique. You can see birds in more detail in the photo.

Agarana’s Dove Pigeons
Killing pigeons in Kazakhstan / Tasman / Lilac / Agarans (Zhenya B. Kazakhstan)
Agaran Oleg’s pigeons

Care and breeding

Popularity among Turkmen war pigeons deserved Titsovodov not only due to the appearance and flight features, but also because of the relative ease in cultivation. Slaughter Agarans are very unpretentious in everyday life, their diet is not too different from the requirements of relatives. Just do not forget that during the period of reproduction and flying exercises, Agharans need more protein. Just do not constantly keep the pigeon in the aviary: this adversely affects its health.

Constant training is needed to improve flight technique.As a poultry house, you should choose a spacious, bright room, ventilate it regularly and do wet cleaning. It is also important to equip sections with nests in the house.

As far as Agaran breeding is concerned, it can be described as follows:

  • developed instinct of a brood hen;
  • thorough feeding adult individuals of their offspring;
  • rather low fecundity: about 3 chicks per season – this inability is due to the characteristics of the organism of pigeons of this breed, low population growth is also explained by the low productivity;
  • male and the female is caring for the chicks together;
  • the best pair will be Aga Anes with the same characteristics of flight qualities, during the breeding season they are placed in one cage;
  • after the chicks are 1 month old, they need to be fed in the form of grains and small insects, young animals are vaccinated at the same age;
  • at 2 months old, the chicks can already fly, but they become sexually mature by one year.

As you can see, the pigeons of Agarana are worthy representatives of the pigeon family with unique species features. Their flight skills need constant improvement, and in the hands of a good owner a pigeon has a chance to become a champion in its field. If you plan to grow pigeons for your own interest, this breed will be a great option. You can buy individuals for breeding at poultry farms in some large cities.

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