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Breeding pigeons is an interesting and entertaining process. They can be kept on the balcony, but it is advisable to build a dovecote. Another important point is to determine the variety of pigeons for keeping. Calm breed, unique color and great popularity – all this is inherent in such a variety as Kirovograd pigeons.

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Кировоградские бескружные голуби

Kirovograd circleless pigeons

Species description

Kirovograd pigeon lilacs, or, as they are sometimes called, Kirovograd circleless pigeons, are small in body size. Their total body length is 30 cm. If the pigeon is larger, this means that he is not a purebred representative of this species A. Even small changes in genetics can lead to a change in flight style.If the total length of the bird’s body is at least 1 centimeter longer, the body structure changes, it becomes less dense, but the birds, on the contrary, lack a couple of centimeters up to 30, they have a drier structure.Only if there is a direct posture, low legs and a special arrangement of wings, it can be argued that the Kirovograd pigeons are in front of you.

The dove’s wing is very close to the body, which is why the wings on a few millimeters end p earlier than the tail, when in other species of pigeons the wings usually end farther. It’s hard for the Kirovograd pigeons to see the tail; it is small and not magnificent on its own. The tail is always visible when soaring, the bird opens it during the flight to coordinate the course.

The general structure of the body is proportional. There are cases when it is possible to observe birds, in which the body is slightly larger than the head. This happens, but rarely. Veterinarians and specialists do not consider such a body structure as a deviation from normal parameters. A similar deformation is observed in male birds.

The uniqueness of the breed

Kirovograd pigeons are unpretentious in breeding and reproduce very well, their offspring are never born sick. Also, all the chicks are born with pure genetics and with the correct parameters, the main thing then is to monitor the development of the bird and compare only with pure representatives of the breed.

Kirovograd end pigeons differ in flight characteristics, because they fly very well and quickly. It seems that the air just picks them up from the earth and carries them to the sky. The birds have a unique color, because of which it is difficult not to pay attention to them. Among other things, these birds have the ability to easily navigate in space, which gives them a great advantage, because they will never get lost and will always be able to find their way back.

Pigeons of the Kirovograd end species are very active in their liking, so see them in one place and in a calm state is almost impossible. Birds constantly need to fly, run, play, communicate and learn more and more about the world around them, although some pigeon farmers do not consider such a side of character a plus.Due to the active nature, it is very difficult for future mothers to sit their offspring, so females of this breed must be prepared for such an event in advance.

Little chicks do not need to be taught to fly, they are immediately born with this skill. Often they do not even need the supervision of their parents, since from childhood they can already take care of themselves, while most pigeons of other breeds need custody.


In fact, the breed Kirovograd pigeons have a very diverse color scheme, it all depends on what kind of blood flows inside. Usually, whatever the colors, they will be very colorful and bright, will merge into a strange pattern. Often, the following colors predominate in circleless pigeons:

  • black;
  • black mixed with rusty spots;
  • lilac color (lilac-sided pigeons).

In the photo on the Internet, most often you can see lilac-lobed birds with black colors. This is not a complete list of the shades that are present in the family of this breed, there are also others, but they are very rare. There are times when two parents with red colors are crossed among themselves, as a result of which their children Kirovograd young pigeons have an unusual red-fire plumage. But, unfortunately, often, during molting, they change their color to white.

The lilac-colored Kirovograd motley pigeons have a lilac color along the body, behind the wings, when hovering, you can see how this color shimmers and resembles acrylic paint or a sparkling diamond. Oddly enough, but the beak of birds of this color is slightly smaller than others, and there is a dimple on the chest. Experts cannot explain this in any way, they just suspect that perhaps the color somehow affects the structure of the body. Maybe lilac color carries some other genetics. Experts believe that pure breeding breeds have only a red color or rusty red spots, although they themselves say that the purity of genes cannot always be judged by color.

Interesting facts

Before acquiring a pair of individuals of this kind, it is better to look at their behavior, as well as how the individual flies. One of the factors that may indicate good health and genetics of a pet is that during flight it will keep its tail straight. But if a feathered one somehow bends its tail, it means that it will not be able to fly for a long time. This is considered a negative side, because this species should soar in the sky. There is also a possibility that future offspring will not have good flying performance and then the bird will not be able to take part in competitions. The flying qualities of this species are its main advantage.

Interestingly, the “middle” breed of this species does not exist.Almost every year they experiment with crossing this species with others, while receiving new colors and improving characteristics. But there is a minus: with an improvement in the general characteristics, the flight indicator of the birds often falls, they are circleless. If the flight qualities of this species are important, it is best to purchase pure rock.

Kirovograd pigeons have several varieties, one of which is end pigeons. They are slightly different in flight style. Representatives of the face can be found in lilac color, and usually they can not fly in the sky for a long time.

Nikolaev pigeons Mr. Tyumen Kirovograd lilac flights
Kirovograd pigeons visiting pigeon breeders of Kirovograd
Markov A’s circleless pigeons

If you purchase such a breed, you will become the owner of a unique species, which is distinguished by its unusual color. All actions of these birds are deliberate, their movements are smooth and graceful, which adds incredible beauty to the birds. Each time they are going to take off or land, they make a “candle”.

They do not make any noise when moving. Most experts say: the breeders give birth to this breed of birds to be able to observe their beautiful flights. The average physique and unique color add sophistication to these birds during flight, which not all birds can boast.

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