What are interesting pigeons of Kasana breed

People have long admired birds and their flying skills. One of the most striking representatives of birds can safely be called pigeons. Against the background of the others, Kasana pigeons are distinguished by the flight feature. They also gained their popularity due to their striking appearance and their unpretentiousness.

  1. A bit of history
  2. External characteristics
  3. Care and maintenance
  4. To summarize

Голуби Касаны

Kasana pigeons

A bit of history

To begin with, what is called a manner of flight in combat. Kasana pigeons are fighting birds that flap their wings during the flight. They quickly fly up and make up to 10 strokes This feature conquers professional breeders, and they are happy to acquire these birds. The ability to enter a pole with a turn is most appreciated. Uniqueness is not immediately apparent: they acquire their skill only with time. And little chicks do not possess such skills. Among the breed there are several subspecies. They are distinguished by their shape and color, but they are all incredible beautiful and rightfully considered decorative.

For many years, breeders have been working to obtain battle breeds. So the specifics of the style of flight laid at the genetic level. In Turkey, there are special centers in which decorative pigeons are bred, but Turkish Kasan war pigeons often have forelocks and feathers on their feet, while in the North Caucasus birds have feather patterns and even stripes on their bodies.The predominant colors among Kasans are black, yellow and red.

External characteristics

Uzbek pigeons are distinguished by a short beak and feather colors and a pattern that has been preserved since ancient times. Bukhara fighting are often used for breeding. It is easy to recognize representatives of this breed even from a photo. Key Features:

  • the average weight is 600 g;
  • the bird has a wing length of up to 25 cm;
  • the flight resembles the movements of a butterfly;
  • ability to hold the body with a pillar;
  • ability to long flights;
  • the ability to rise to a height of more than 20 m.

But they have a certain differences:

  • color (white, which the Molokans are famous for and shades of gray);
  • feather structure;
  • head shape;
  • length of beak;
  • the presence or absence of a crest.

There are representatives of the pigeon Kasan, who manage to master the nav Flight skills only by the third year of life. However, they are no less attractive. Pigeon breeders often prefer to breed one breed, and it’s the martial Kasans that are especially interesting to them. Over the past couple of years, individuals with a new plumage color have been hatched, there are even pigeons with a head decorated with a forelock.

The amazing stamina of the birds allows them to perform various stunts in the air for 5 hours in a row. Watching this action is a pleasure.The unique flying style of the butterfly and the take-off by the battle fascinate, attracts the eye. It is much more spectacular when several pigeons or even a whole flock rises into the sky at once. Then their field looks like a game or a spectacular performance.

Care and maintenance

Kasana pigeons are undemanding to living conditions, simple cells are quite suitable for them. After the babies appear, they are fed together with the whole flock. Interestingly, after some time they have an instinct to return home. This is due to the excellent memory. The following can be distinguished from the details of creating amenities:

  • you can’t use a very large room for the house;
  • it is important to organize the possibility of access to the street;
  • keep clean and dryness in the habitat of birds;
  • pigeons need fresh air, so you need to remember about ventilation, this will also prevent the emergence of various diseases.

Kasanas need regular vaccinations . The first is done in the first days of life, and the next – once every couple of months. Vaccination helps to develop immunity and protects against diseases. This species most often suffers from salmonellosis and Newcastle. Other ailments do not pose any danger to them. Before offspring should appear, extra space must be taken care of. Pigeons of the Kasana breed are very good parents, while they are able to hatch not only their own, but also other people’s eggs.

It is necessary to take nutrition selection seriously: it should be balanced, enriched with minerals and vitamins. The militant properties of young animals need to start developing early. The birds should be able to fly up a pillar and at the same time noisily flap their wings. It takes up to several years to learn these skills. It turns out faster when adults fly with young ones. How else to speed up the process? Birds need to start early to drive, why pectoral muscles will develop. Later it is much more difficult and sometimes impossible.

To summarize

Kasan pigeon breed birds are extremely good-natured and unpretentious. The paradox is that although they are considered military, the grace of manners and gracefulness of flights made them much more famous. Even newcomers to breeding, these artists are able to give the pleasure of watching them. It was this breed that conquered pigeon breeders from different countries. Any owner can be proud of such pets.

Even if there is no way to enjoy the sight in real life, numerous videos and photos from those who had possibility to see it, are able to convey a delightful picture. Really feel the whole palette of emotions while watching and get unforgettable memories. Elegant look these pigeons when they are released in pairs in the sky during the marriage ceremony. Spellbound guests and happy newlyweds – everyone will be satisfied with this idea.

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