Breeds of decorative pigeons

Decorative pigeons decorate any pigeon with their appearance and are participants in many exhibitions and the pride of pigeon breeders.

  1. Special features of decorative birds
  2. Decorative sack
  3. Common in appearance of the sacks
  4. Large sack from England
  5. English dwarf dwarf
  6. Blown Brno pigeon
  7. Structural birds
  8. Jacobin breed
  9. Peacock pigeon
  10. Breed of curly
  11. Decorative lines with other unique features
  12. Bohemian swallow
  13. Barba

Декоративные голуби

Decor solid pigeons

Special features of decorative birds

The decorative group of pigeons is particularly popular and rich in various breeds, which can be clearly seen in numerous photos. bird species:

  • original color of plumage,
  • unusual appearance,
  • specific differences of individual features and body parts, distinguishing them from other breeds.

Pigeon farmers from Russia like to breed decorative breeds due to unlimited possibilities FOR A versatile implementation of selection decisions. At the same time, not only professional poultry houses are capable of developing such birds.Although most exotic breeds were bred outside of Russia, domestic pigeon breeders also took part in their breeding. So, for example, a shawl dove appeared in Altai in the 1920s.

No matter how the decorative dove looks, the purpose of its breeding is aesthetic pleasure. In Russia, such winged people often become participants in wedding ceremonies, evening celebrations, and circus performances.

To grow and keep an aesthetically beautiful and outwardly original dove as a pet even even ordinary people in apartment conditions can do. This is possible for the reason that decorative breeds do not require a lot of attention, do not differ in their whimsical living conditions and live with pleasure in cages or indoor aviaries.

Decorative puff

Species of ornamental carcasses are one of the most interesting in pigeon breeding.

General in appearance of carcasses

A decorative carcass dove differs from the usual one in that it contains the ability to inflate the area of ​​goiter at a time when the bird cooes, therefore the name of the bird got its own aznoe. The goiter of pigeons is so large that it protrudes far ahead, leaving its small head somewhere behind.

In addition to other features, the corpses stand out with their elongated body and narrow long wings.Pigeon paws can be both long and short. The color of their plumage is also varied. In nature, you can see white and black bodies, fawn and brown. By the nature of dutysh, they are considered very temperamental and pugnacious, therefore they are advised to keep them separate from other birds.

A large sack from England

This breed is especially popular among pigeon breeders in Russia and in Ukraine. Such birds are pulled in a stance into a vertical string, sticking out their goiter with a round ball. The British belong to fairly large decorative pigeons, growing up to half a meter. The length of their paws, covered with white plumage, in the measurement from the femur to the middle finger reaches up to 18 cm. Their small oval head lacks a forelock with a slightly convex frontal part. The chest of the English datysha is long and narrow. The tail is assembled from long feathers and is rounded at the end.

The color of a feather in English dotyush can be various: black, white, silver, gray, sometimes there are red English dotyush.

English dwarf dwarf

This is a small copy of its large relative, which outwardly copies it, differing only in height. In length, the dwarf sack grows no more than 35 cm with the length of the paws up to 15 cm. The miniature appearance of the decorative pigeon gives it elegance in appearance.

Blown Brno pigeon

This bred in Brno breed decorative pigeons belongs to the dwarf.Due to its natural elegance and harmonious constitution, it has gained popularity among the world’s pigeons, becoming a regular participant in exhibitions. In addition to the peculiar appearance, the Brno sack is notable for its good flying qualities.

In length, dwarf males from Brno grow up to 35-37 cm, females – no more than 35. In the stance they keep straight, the goiter is inflated in the form of a ball, placing it symmetrically cervical spine, touching the top of the beak. High red paws devoid of plumage distinguish the Brno pigeon.

The color of the Brno breed can be almost all colors of the rainbow: red, yellow, black, blue-violet, silver. Among the necessary characteristics of the pen is its gloss, which must be present in black, red and yellow birds.

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Structural birds

This line of decorative pigeons is distinguished by a special arrangement of the feather and unique shapes in which the plumage develops.

Jacobin breed

Jacobins among decorative structural breeds are distinguished by elegant collars located around their small heads and covering the entire cervical region. A slender bird with a long neck and short legs can be of different colors.

Because of the specific feather decoration that looks like a wig, the Jacobins are often called wig pigeons.

The Jacobins are unpretentious in maintenance, but they fly slowly and with difficulty, since they are deprived of full vision due to the magnificent collar, therefore pigeon breeders prefer aviaries for their maintenance. Birds are shy by nature.

Peacock pigeon

The breed of decorative pigeons got its name due to its beautiful tail that looks similar to a peacock. They look quite voluminous, and the highly raised chest of the bird gives them a proud look. Birds touch their broad neck with their occipital part.

Peacock pigeons became a prototype of the birds of the world. It is them with large magnificent tails that are painted on propaganda posters and photos in Russia and abroad.

The most common plumage of this breed is white. Often there are black and yellow peacock pigeons and representatives with colored tails.

Curly breed

The small growth with short feathered legs the bird got its name from the quality of plumage, which she curls like sheep’s hair, and only on the body. The feather on the head is smooth, without crests. The chest of curly decorative pigeons is wide, brightly protruding forward.

Decorative lines with other unique features

In addition to those aesthetic breeds that stand out from ordinary pigeons with plumage and an outstanding goiter there is those that have gained popularity thanks to other specific features.

Bohemian swallow

A breed of pigeons known as the cosmopod Bohemian swallow, originally from the Czech Republic. She stands out from other pigeon representatives in color.Her feather has a clearly defined chess ornament on the wing, preserving the structure regardless of color. Bohemian swallows are white-brown, white-black. In addition to the fact that the wings of pigeons are painted with a unique pattern, they still have a mark on their heads – a cockade. Yes, and the legs of the astronomical representatives are not too similar to the usual ones: they are densely covered with bright feathers. For its magical appearance, a dovecote arrived in Russia from the Czech Republic and acquired this name.


Not everyone will like the specific breed of barb, as its appearance is expressed in the form of a skin growth around the eye. Among other features, the description of the bird also includes a convex frontal part with a short beak.

There are no motley barbs in nature. They can be exclusively monophonic, in red, black, white or yellow plumage.

Barbov are classified as warty due to leathery formations.

Of course, these are not all types of decorative pigeons, but we have listed the most famous.

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