The characteristic features of pigeons

Doves of Hryvuna belong to the original Russian breed of pigeons, which has become especially widespread recently. The breed has an elegant appearance and an unusual way of flying. Perm Hryvnia was bred in the Urals in the 19th century, however, only one century later representatives with characteristic marks, exterior and flight qualities began to appear that distinguish these birds from the rest.

The Hryvnians got this name due to the interesting color, which is solid and one-color throughout the body, but has contrasting spot on the back of the head. You can find out more about the unique appearance of the pigeons, as well as about the main characteristics.

What are their features

Doves of Hryvnia, as already mentioned , – a truly Russian breed, which also has a second name: sometimes these beautiful birds are called “Permyaks” because of the corresponding city of origin. Already in the twentieth century, Perm Grivuns began to appear in Chelyabinsk, Izhevsk, Kirov, Sverdlovsk. Currently, many Russian and Ukrainian dovecot boast the content of these amazing beauties. Consider what applies to the features of appearance.

  1. Compactness, accuracy and elegance.
  2. The presence of a proportional body with a strong skeleton and well-developed muscles, a strong and wide chest with a pronounced bulge and elation.
  3. A round, elongated head, smoothly connected to the forehead, nape and crown.
  4. Medium-sized wings and large, slightly convex, shiny eyes, whose black color mesmerizes. Light and thin eyelids.
  5. The presence of a strong constitution, a wide chest, a low-set body, a direct and sophisticated light beak with a pink hue. The top of the key has a curved end.
  6. An oblong, medium-sized wax. The presence of a chin with a shallow neckline that looks like an arc in contact with the neck. A straight and full neck, which in turn expands closer to the shoulders and smoothly passes to the chest area.
  7. Missing plumage on limbs with a crimson color. Light shortened claws.
  8. The back is narrowed near the tail, expanding at the shoulders, but neatly passing to the tail.
  9. The wing is short, reaching the border. The straight and even tail is also small, narrow, differs in closeness.
  10. Dense, rigid, wide, elastic plumage, characterized by smoothness.

A medium-sized feathered bird can meet in a completely different variations, but often Perm pigeons are distinguished by red, gray, black, yellow plumage. You can distinguish a white representative by a clear black and contrasting mark just below the back of the head. The Yaroslavl False Winged Grivans have a larger size, long tail and unique cherry eye color.

Flight characteristics

High-flying Hryvnas, like Ochakov, Nikolaev and fighting, can fly so high that they can’t even see from the ground. In flight, the Hryvnas circle, periodically changing the frequency of the swings and the duration of the soaring. Being flocking, the pigeons begin to take off in a friendly osprey, after which some individuals that soar above all may detach. Birds can sometimes turn blue sometimes disappear from view.

As for weak pigeons, they get tired much faster, because they sit down on the ground slowly. More hardy pigeons are able to soar in the air for 8 hours or more. Feeding specialists call hardy birds diamonds, because some individuals are in the sky for more than 12 hours at a great distance from the earth.

It is better to train the birds in clear weather in order to see a bright flight. Perm pigeons do not like to “stay up” in the winter, therefore, at the end of a week of training, they fly with the maximum grace and beauty. Choosing such a handsome man, the pigeon breeder draws attention to several important parameters. The size of the body should not exceed 38 cm, it should be proportionate and streamlined, and the stand should have a slight slope. The pigeon’s chest cannot be high or not raised, it must “step forward”.

Major shortcomings

Sometimes professional and selective pigeon breeders can find a number of permissible and impermissible shortcomings in the breed. The first experts consider the presence of:

  • feathered and tall limbs;
  • horizontal rack;
  • unusual beak, which has an owl shade, short and thick in shape;
  • dark brown eyes with wide eyelids;
  • uneven plumage;
  • dark claws.

To those that are not permissible for Grivun characteristics include the presence of:

  • of a rough and sharp constitution of the body;
  • feathered high legs;
  • not closed, narrowed and shortened wings;
  • wide and not closed tail;
  • sunken and ass abdominal rib cage;
  • pale eyes;
  • tufts;
  • black beak;
  • inappropriate breed of color with colored feathers, another pattern .

To summarize

Doves of Hryvnia as both in the photo and in life they are able to attract attention with their exquisite and unique appearance. Perm birds can become a real decoration for any pigeon, despite some possible flaws. The flight of birds can be so high that they cannot be seen from the ground. Features of the breed make birds welcome guests in the pigeonhole of any, even professional pigeon.

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