Medicines and Vitamins for Pigeons

It is important for anyone who decides to breed pigeons to know how the owner should take care of his bird. So, it is important to pay sufficient attention to nutrition, on which it will depend on how strong the immunity of the flying postman is, whether he can bring offspring. It will also be about such a question as vitamins for pigeons, you will learn what trace elements the bird needs, as well as how to maintain its immunity at the highest level.

What medicines needed for pigeons

Unfortunately, even with good care, pigeons can hurt. How to understand that a bird is sick? Feathered behavior changes dramatically, appetite worsens, feathers become groomed, tousled.It is important not to self-medicate, but immediately seek qualified help. The first thing to do is to identify the sick pigeon in a separate cage in order to prevent the further spread of the infection.

Next, we will consider specific vitamin preparations for your pigeons that are used to treat a particular disease. It is worth noting that the cause of the ailment can be either a virus or a bacterium, or poor bird care.

Rules for the use of medicines for pigeons

As mentioned earlier, the veterinarian should deal with the treatment of pigeons, since only a professional will be able to determine the cause of the disease and prescribe effective medication how many grams per liter, what dosage is one hundred thousandth. It is also important to treat the pigeon exactly as much as necessary, it will depend on how quickly the nestling recovers. People engaged in breeding pigeons know that this bird can react sharply to improper treatment if it is incomplete.

Medications for pigeons enroflon for oral use are bred in water, sometimes stirring in food is allowed. However, it is worth saying that the doves are not enthusiastic about the feed with the drugs added to it, so it’s worthwhile to hold the birds on a hungry diet for a while to give them an appetite.If a sick bird flatly refuses to eat mixes with medicines, you can use sugar or sugar water as a basis and add Chiktonik argue. Or, inject a medicinal solution with a syringe, that is, by force.

What medications are needed to treat pigeons

Pigeons often get sick, are very susceptible to one or another bird’s disease. The causes of the disease can be:

  • viruses;
  • bacteria;
  • fungi or parasites.

Including or otherwise, antibiotics, antiparasitic or antiviral agents will be needed as therapy.

Here is a list of drugs that are most often used during treatment of pigeons:

  • Oxytetracycline;
  • Doxycycline;
  • Ciprofloxacin or Enrofloxacin;
  • Metronidazole Baytril;
  • Polodoxin;
  • Triflon, Tetramisole or Tiamulin;
  • Tromexin or Enromage;
  • Keprocyril;
  • Enrostin (enroflon);
  • Baykoks;
  • Sorghum sulfate for pigeons;
  • Pulsoceril or Keproceril;
  • Trichopol;
  • Erythromycin and others.

Now we will examine how this or that medicine works, for which diseases of the pigeons they need to be taken and how to choose the right dosage.


Baytril is an antibiotic used to treat intestinal diseases such as enteritis or colibacteriosis.Batril is produced in Russia, although Baytril can also be found under other trademarks, for example Baytril Extra. Take Baytril strictly in accordance with the information specified in the instructions. From there, you can find out what contraindications there are to the use of Baitril medication, its side effects and, most importantly, how long the course of treatment with Baitril pigeons lasts. Of the benefits, you can cancel the fact that the effect of Baytril manifests itself quite quickly, within a few days.


Pigeons often suffer from trichomonellosis, it is used to treat this disease Trichopolum. As already mentioned, birds are reluctant to peck food mixed with medicine, so Trichopol needs to be poured directly into the beak of the bird. In no case should you increase the dose of Trichopolum, as this can lead to death.


Fosprenil is an antiviral agent, it is often used to treat such ailments like orthomycrovirus, twirl, Newcastle disease and so on. It is worth saying that the only way to use Fosprenil is through injections; it is pointless to give it with food. Dosage should be calculated based on the weight and age of the bird. The course of treatment is designed for 4-5 days.

In addition to the fact that Fosprenil is used to treat diseases, it is recommended to prick pigeons for preventive purposes, for example, when a dove lays eggs or when the period of molting, arrivals and so on begins. The dose is determined individually by the veterinarian.

Efficacy of Furazolidone

Furazolidone is used in cases where the pigeon is affected by colibacterium, coccidia or salmonella. The direct effect is on the digestive tract, where it is completely absorbed. Its effect can be compared with a drug such as Baytril. The prepared solution of Furazolidone is not subject to long-term storage, so it must be consumed within 2 days, a maximum of 3 days.

It should be said that Furazolidone is one of the most popular medications, it is prescribed more often than others. This is because the cost of the drug is not high, and its availability is attractive.


Enrofloxacin belongs to the group of antibiotics. It is characterized as a rapidly digestible medicine that quickly brings relief to the health status of a pigeon. It is also worth noting that the drug Enrofloxacin has no side effects, that is, it is absolutely safe for birds. What diseases are treated with Enrofloxacin? This is mycoplasma, brahispiriosis and other ailments, the development of which causes one or another pathogenic organism.


If you find parasites on the pigeon’s body or if they settled in the bird’s digestive tract, you need to start antiparasitic therapy immediately. Veterinarians usually prescribe the simplest drug called antiparasit or argue. Its advantages are the duration of exposure, complete safety and ease of use. The powder must be diluted with water and added to the pigeon in the proportion: 10 g of Sporovit or Antiparasit powder per 1 liter of water.

Group of universal drugs

There is a special group of medicines, which are called universal. They are used to prevent or stop the disease at the initial stage of its development. These are drugs for pigeons such as levamisole, parastop, farmazin, enroxil, enrofloxacin, Vladivak, sporovid or enroflon in the form of an aqueous solution.

Timely use of the above drugs to prevent diseases in pigeons will keep their health status under control and let die from this or that disease. It is important to start a preventive course immediately after the first symptoms of malaise have been noticed, when the bird becomes restless, eats poorly or, on the contrary, prefers not to get up, stops flying and so on.

Salmon treatment Lesa pigeons

Salmonellosis is one of the most dangerous diseases, which in most cases lead to a massive drop in bird population. The danger of getting salmonellosis is not only threatened by poultry and other animals, but also by a person who is in close contact with the farm. The causative agent of salmonellosis is the bacterium Salmonella, which can be picked up in various ways.As you know, the best treatment is prevention (for example, vaccinations, periodic disinfection of perches, premises and work equipment), but it also happens that, despite all the measures taken, the pigeon can still become infected and get sick. Find out what veterinary drugs will be needed to treat salmonellosis? The most effective is sulteprim. The dose of its use should be calculated based on the weight and age of the bird.

The advantage of this antibiotic is that it is quickly absorbed by the bird’s body and acts almost immediately. However, for greater effectiveness, veterinarians prescribe two or three antibiotics at once, for example, Baytril and sulteprim, since salmonella is not always treatable.

After the course of treatment is completed, doctors recommend conducting rehabilitation therapy, which includes a course of taking vitamins or minerals. The course lasts exactly as long as indicated in the instructions. This can be Gamavit, Vetom or any other concentrated vitamins that are top dressing.

Avitaminosis in pigeons

Like any living organisms, pigeons often suffer from vitamin deficiency, especially often it appears in spring or in the fall. Young animals, that is, newborn pigeons, also suffer from vitamin deficiency. We will learn in more detail how the behavior and appearance of the pigeon will change if there is a lack of one or another vitamin.

Vitamin A deficiency

The pigeon is not gaining weight, physical development is slowing down, the condition is painful and weak. Conjunctivitis or anemia may develop. To prevent this condition, you need to add fish oil to your diet, as well as regular carrots and garlic. However, it is important not to overdo it and not bring the bird to hypovitaminosis, that is, an excess of vitamin A in compound feed.

Vitamin D deficiency

The first symptom of a deficiency of this vitamin is a structural disorder bone tissue of a bird. In addition, gait is disturbed, behavior becomes lethargic, feathers fall out, egg laying rate falls.

If you do not correct your diet on time, that is, fortify it, irreparable changes in the health of the pigeon may occur, it will become unsuitable for breeding and falls into the category of rejected ones.

To make up for the lack of vitamin D, you need to enrich the food with fish oil, and also provide the dovecote with an ultraviolet lamp, which will serve as a natural source of vitamin D when the walk is not presented seems possible.

Not enough vitamin E

In the case when the pigeon does not get enough vitamin E, you can observe the following symptoms:

  • general lethargy;
  • immobility;
  • disorders of the digestive tract;
  • if vitamin deficiency is diagnosed in young animals, brain liquefaction appears;
  • involuntary twitches and cramps.

In order to prevent the development of these symptoms, prevention should be in the first place and then, you need to ensure that the nutrition of pigeons is balanced and aznoobraznym. Compound feed should include cereals, seeds, lactose, probiotics and vitamins.

Methods for treating vitamin deficiency with medications

In addition, you can review the nutrition of pigeons, it is recommended diversify it with the help of vitamin complexes. Most commonly used are:

  • Aminovital or Intestevit. In addition to the fact that Intestevit and Aminovital contain all the vitamins necessary for pigeons, it also contains vital trace elements and amino acids (zinc, iron, potassium, and so on). Recommended use strictly in accordance with the instructions.
  • Chiktonik. The composition is also diverse, its periodic use helps to improve the immunity of the pigeon.
  • Felucen or Alben. It is also a fairly common vitamin supplement.In addition to vitamins, gravel is added to the composition, which helps all food to be processed faster by the bird.

Alternative methods of prevention

It is not necessary to carry out prophylaxis for pigeons only with pills and injections. Folk remedies have proven themselves not bad, they are often used in poultry farming. Most often, this is propolis directly from honeycombs, or rather, a tincture based on it, which is similar in effect to the drug Baytril. For its preparation it is worth using the following recipe:


  • Propolis – 60 g or ml;
  • Alcohol – 0.5 l.

It is required to mix both components and leave in a dark cool place for 2-4 days. As soon as the formation of sediment becomes noticeable, this will mean that the tincture is ready, and it can be given to pigeons. However, you must first strain it through a sieve in order to get rid of a wax precipitate. Judging by the reviews, pigeons add tincture to drink, they drink it with pleasure. Also, in order to improve the health status of pigeons, you can use apple cider vinegar, tansy, iodinol aqueous solution, copper sulfate, and so on.

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