How to distinguish a dove from a dove

How to distinguish a dove from a dove


There are a sufficient number of reasons for the breeder to become aware of the sex of his pigeons. With knowledge in this area, you can accurately keep a flock count and have a clear idea of ​​the reproductive abilities of pets. At present, a lot of methods are known that can be used to cope with this task. Thanks to them, any owner of such birds will be able to learn how to distinguish a dove from a dove.

How to deal with babies

Regarding the determination of the gender of pigeon chicks it is reasonable to note that such a task is much more complicated than in the case of adults, which is explained by the fact that babies who have recently been born do not yet have the vast majority of the distinctive characteristics listed in this material: structural features of the pelvis, beak width, specifics of behavior, etc. However, on the basis of some signs, it seems possible to find out the sex of pigeon chicks.The main thing here is to be guided by the following points:

  • as a rule, the head of small males is slightly larger than that of females;
  • most often the males are slightly larger;
  • depending on the breed, there may be some other differences, for example, a large length of fluff.

In particular, the last point is very relevant for growing texans, whose females can boast much longer fluff than males belonging to this remarkable breed.

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