Palms grow slowly … – care

Many are interested in how to grow a palm tree from seeds. This business really has its own tricks.

The shell of palm seeds is very hard, so it is often filed, and the “seeds” themselves are soaked in growth stimulants, providing bottom heating of the soil for better germination.

Rattan palm

Farmer Eric in SF

A mixture of peat, sand and sphagnum in equal proportions is usually taken as a substrate for these purposes. A thick layer of drainage from pebbles or coarse sand is poured into a pot with holes, the prepared substrate is placed on it, and on top is a mixture of clean sand and finely chopped sphagnum with a layer of about 5 cm.

Treated palm seeds are immersed in the top layer (to a depth of 2-3 cm), watered, cover the pot with the crops with glass and put it in a warm place (22-24 degrees). The germination time of palm seeds depends on the pre-sowing treatment, the freshness of the seeds (old ones germinate more slowly than freshly harvested ones), and the conditions of germination. The glass with the resulting condensation is regularly wiped and turned over, airing the crops, and the drying substrate is periodically moistened.

It is possible that the seedlings will have to wait for several months or even 1-2 years. The appeared seedlings of palm trees dive into individual pots with a substrate (light turf, humus or leafy soil and sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 0,5).

Seedlings of palm trees outwardly do not look like adult plants, which often causes bewilderment among flower growers: only 6-7 leaves acquire the shape characteristic of this type of palm tree. Moreover, they grow very slowly. And only after 5 years of age, young plants acquire a decorative appearance. So you have to be patient.

Palms grow slowly ... - care
Date palm (Phoenix palm)

Farmer Forest & Kim Starr

Materials used:

  • Garden, vegetable garden – breadwinner and doctor No. 2-2009. Antonina Pfeiffer
Palms grow slowly ... - care
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