When to plant garlic in the Urals

When to plant garlic in the Urals

Gardeners living and gardening in the Urals, especially in the northern regions, should correctly choose the variety of garlic. The selected variety must fully comply with the climatic conditions of the region in 2018. It is also important to know when exactly the planting of garlic occurs in the Urals.More recently, there were no spring varieties of garlic that were intended for cultivation in harsh climatic conditions and gardeners were forced to sow winter varieties. For the northern part of the Urals, the best variety is the one that throws an arrow with an inflorescence, because this species is considered winter and is more resistant to low air temperatures.

  1. Suitable varieties of garlic for the Urals
  2. Varieties for the north of the Urals
  3. Varieties for the south of the Urals
  4. Dates planting
  5. Popular signs
  6. Lunar landing
  7. Preparing garlic for planting
  8. Ground preparation
  9. Landing rules
  10. Garlic care
  11. Fertilizer application procedure

Посадка чеснока на Урале

Planting of garlic in the Urals

Suitable varieties of garlic for the Urals

The main territory of the Urals has a climate where sultry and short summers replace very cold winters. Given this situation, it is necessary to correctly calculate the time when it is better to plant the plantings in the open ground and which variety of winter or spring garlic to choose.

Varieties for the north of the Urals

  • Nazus
  • Vyatka
  • Amethyst
  • Azure

Varieties for the south of the Urals

  • Victorio
  • Gulliver
  • Dobrynya
  • Gribovsky jubilee
  • Lyubasha

The southern part of the Urals has a fairly stable climatic regime, so you can plant any varieties on this territory, including spring varieties. It is recommended that you consult a specialist before choosing a variety of garlic for planting.

Planting dates

The time it takes to plant garlic in open ground depends entirely on the climate, which is located in one or another part of the Urals. For the northern part of the Urals, planting begins in the middle of the second decade of September, but if you start to chill earlier, it is worth planting garlic before the first noticeable frost. As for the southern part of the Urals, the timing and time are completely dependent on the weather, but as a rule, landing is carried out closer to mid-October. When we plant garlic, it is very important to consider the state of the temperature regime. Also, many gardeners rely on folk signs and thus determine the optimal time.

Folk signs

  • Garlic is planted from the moment the birds migrate to the warm regions in winter .
  • You can plant garlic when fingers on your hands begin to freeze on the street.
  • If the soil has cooled to such an extent that it’s cold to stand with bare feet, it means that you can start sowing.

Landing by lunar calendar

If you look at the lunar calendar, you can see that the most suitable time for landing refers to mid-August. Dates on the lunar calendar may vary slightly, but we plant the planting material no later than the period from August to September. To grow garlic successfully, you need to not only take into account the dates on the lunar calendar, but also follow the necessary requirements for the care and cultivation of your plantings. Due to the fact that the climate is gradually changing, few people observe the lunar calendar landing dates. To take a good crop, it is worthwhile to correctly calculate the time of growing planting material. That is, time to make a landing before the onset of persistent cold weather.

Landing in open ground is made about 30-35 days before the ground begins to freeze. This is done so that the planting material can let the roots out, but does not try to hatch out of the ground.

It is also necessary to consider what kind of culture grew in the soil before planting the seeds. You must be very careful that garlic should not be planted for two years in a row in one place. Rest beds is about 3-4 years. The soil where the onions and other root crops used to grow was not favorable soil.There are also crops, after which it is recommended that the cultivation of garlic is cucumbers, eggplant, pepper and pumpkin. If you plant garlic in a garden where favorable crops used to grow and at the same time follow the lunar calendar, you can get a plentiful and healthy crop.

Prepare garlic for planting

Чеснок высаживаем зубчиками

Plant the garlic with cloves

Planting of spring garlic is done by dividing the head on individual cloves, but winter garlic can be used in two types of planting material, these can be either cloves or seeds that ripen on the arrow. When propagating by seeds, it will take two years for the head to fully ripen, and when propagating with cloves, the formed head will grow the next year.

But no matter what method of propagation is chosen, you need to properly prepare the planting material. In order for the planting material to subsequently produce a good and healthy crop, disinfection should be carried out immediately before planting in the ground. First of all, it is necessary to tackle the cloves, remove damaged and dried seeds, with rotting and very small. Then you should soak the planting material in the appropriate order in the following solutions:

  • In a salt solution, at the rate of 3 tablespoons per 5 liters of water. Leave the seeds in it for 2 minutes.
  • In a solution of copper sulfate 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water. Soak seed in solution for 1 minute.

But these two procedures can be replaced by one, in the presence of furnace ash. To do this, pour 400 g of ash with two liters of water, then boil everything for 30 minutes and cool. In the prepared and chilled solution, you need to soak the seeds for 2 hours.

Soil preparation

The fertilized and fertile soil plays a huge role in a rich harvest. Soils with a high content of sand or drainage are most suitable for this. Significantly lower productivity can be too acidic and heavy soil. To remove acidity, lime is applied to the soil at the rate of 1 cup per 1 square meter. You can also increase soil drainage by adding river sand to it.

Before planting the planting material in open ground, you need to dig a plot of land for planting to a depth of 20-25 cm in about 2-3 weeks The depth of the soil should not be greater.

In the process of digging, you need to fertilize the land from the calculation of 5-6 kg of humus per 1 square meter of land. In no case should fertilize the soil with fresh manure, this threatens the death of planting material or a significant reduction in yield. After digging and fertilizing, the site is watered with saline at the rate of 1 glass of salt per 1 bucket of water and covered with polyethylene before planting begins.

Planting rules

When to plant garlic for the winter in the Urals? When planting material is planted in the fall and winter, the planting schedules corresponding to the region in which the work takes place must be observed. When you decide on the timing of planting, both in the southern and northern Urals, you can proceed with the landing of planting material. On pre-prepared soil, you need to make grooves with a depth of about 10-15 cm and a row spacing of at least 15 cm. Planting of garlic in the Urals in autumn should be carried out according to all requirements, otherwise the plants cannot be protected from early decay.

The cloves themselves grooves are planted so that the distance is at least 10 cm between them. At the end of the disembarkation, the covered grooves should be sealed so that the cloves take root more quickly and an air cushion does not form. The first watering is done after the soil has completely dried. Then mulching is done. Mulching will not be enough for the northern regions of the Urals, so gardeners have to cover the bed for winter with improvised means or agrofiber.

Garlic care

Planting and growing garlic in the Urals in autumn difficult and subject to the basic rules, you can even dig a good and plentiful crop even from a small area in a cold region. If for the winter the bed was covered with a heater, then, accordingly, all work begins only in the spring.After the snow has melted, the soil should be loosened, but not deep, so the young roots are saturated with oxygen.

Tips for planting garlic in the winter

Planting garlic in the winter.

Planting winter garlic. When to plant winter garlic.
Growing garlic in the South Ural.
Super IDEA for planting GARLIC!
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When to plant winter garlic

In the spring planting watered as the soil dries That is, at the very beginning, it is necessary to control that the soil is constantly moistened. As it ripens, watering is reduced and already 3-4 weeks before harvesting, planting is not watered. Otherwise, excessive moisture can lead to premature rotting of the harvested crop. It is necessary to ensure that weeds do not grow on the beds. To save time on watering and weeding, the bed should be mulched. Mulching retains moisture and prevents weeds from germinating.

Fertilizer application

If the soil was fertilized for the winter in the proper order, then in the autumn there is no need for additional fertilizing. Only with the onset of spring will it be necessary to feed the kidney for three sets or more.

  • After the snow has melted, the soil should be poured with the prepared urea solution. The solution is prepared as follows: 1 tablespoon per 1 bucket of water at the rate of 2 liters per 1 square meter.
  • After 14 days after the first feeding, nitrofoska is applied in the proportion of 2 tablespoons per 1 bucket of water. Fertilizers are produced at the rate of 4 liters of the prepared mixture per 1 square meter.
  • About mid-summer, a month before the start of harvesting, superphosphate should be added to the soil. The solution is prepared in the proportion of 2 tablespoons per 1 bucket and applied to the soil with the calculation of 4 liters per 1 square meter.

Those gardeners who prefer to fertilize the soil with natural products can apply rotted manure. By following all the rules of plant care, good yield and quality are guaranteed.

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