What is the best garlic harvesting technique?

What is the best garlic harvesting technique?

Almost everybody loves such a spicy vegetable like garlic. It gives many dishes a spicy taste and expressiveness, therefore his active use in cooking are also garlic -. it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that are needed by people of all ages. But in order to grow this culture (no matter, we are talking about growing winter garlic or spring), you need to make a lot of effort. To facilitate the work of those who are used to planting garlic and picking it with their own hands, a convenient garlic technique has been created that helps harvesting.

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  3. Motor block
  4. Other devices on the motor block
  5. Types of combines and their functions
  6. Bottom binder
  7. Bottom separator
  8. Mini tractor for cultivating garlic
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Техника для уборки чеснока

Garlic harvesting machinery

Types of machinery

Garlic harvesting techniques Today there is a huge variety:

  • garlic to MBytes;
  • a motoblock that has a digger for garlic;
  • a tractor that can have a special cultivator for weeding the vegetable;
  • a heat generator that is used to dry vegetable plants preparing for landing.

These and other types of equipment will be discussed in this article.

Heat generator

An example of a pre-planting technique is a heat generator for drying a spicy vegetable.

Garlic is put in this equipment for 24 hours. The air warms up to 35 ° C. In the end, the bulbs dry out and become suitable for further crushing.

When the crushing process has been carried out (cleaning and crushing is done manually or using a crushing line, as well as calibrating garlic), a phytosanitary treatment apparatus can be used. But such equipment is too large and expensive, therefore it is used only on large farms.


Vegetable ready for planting is planted most often with the help of a motoblock.

Well motoblocks on the diesel engine, which are cooled by water, have proven themselves well. A power of 10-12 liters can be considered optimal.

Typically, many walk-behind tractors come with a soil-cultivator and a plow that can be used to cultivate the soil before planting garlic crops.

In some cases, it makes sense to purchase such wheel nozzles, like lugs. They will make the wheel traction better with the soil. When sowing garlic crops, a two-row garlic planter is usually used.

The functionality of such attachments allows you to set the row spacing, as well as adjust the distance between plants when planting.

Other devices on the motoblock

Types of motoblock equipment for harvesting and cultivating garlic:

  • Almost all crops grow with weed over time, so it is important to weed and loosen the rows from time to time. For this, attachments such as a triple plane cutter can be used.
  • If the planted area is not very large, a cultivator can be used for weeding garlic. It can be manual. This option is affordable, but it requires some physical effort during work.
  • For harvesting, the ChK1 garlic digger is usually used. This attachment can dig 2 rows at the same time. Thanks to this, garlic can be easily and quickly delivered from the ground and sent to boxes.

Types of combines and their functions

Техника существенно облегчит уборку урожая

The technique will greatly facilitate harvesting

If the area for planting garlic crops is very large, a combine is usually used for harvesting garlic. They can be single-row and double-row. They also differ in performance and power consumption.

On sale you can find both topper and topper balers.

topper binder

The top-binder garlic harvester extracts a vegetable from the ground with a stem. Then it is cleaned of soil residues and binds into bundles of equal volume. Then there is an unloading in the roll for subsequent collection. If the weather is nice, the bunches are laid out for several days to dry.

Uncut crop tops partially protect against direct sunlight and allow the culture to survive for a half-year period of time.


Performs a wider range of functions. He removes the vegetable from the ground, removes garlic from soil residues, separates the tops from the onion and sends the heads of garlic into bags or in special containers.

Mini tractor for cultivating garlic

It should be understood that garlic will be harvested faster and more efficiently with a tractor, but in order to buy it, you will have to spend a significant amount of money on the purchase. Buying a tractor may be relevant when there is a need to cultivate large tracts of land. If the allotment is not very large, it is advisable to use a walk-behind tractor or a mini tractor.

A mini tractor means a universal medium-sized unit. This type of equipment is also called an intermediate link between a motor-block, which plows a garden, and a full-fledged heavyweight tractor.

Agricultural machinery of this format usually does not have a cab. But, despite this, the work on the minitractor is still more comfortable than on the walk-behind tractor.

Do not confuse the motor-tractor and the mini-tractor are two different units.

The motor-tractor is the tractor that was received as a result of alteration walk-behind tractor. But practice shows that, in technical terms, it does not compare with a full-fledged factory mini-tractor.

A mini-tractor for cultivating a crop attracts those who have small farms.It is in demand due to its compactness, ease of maintenance, low price compared to a full-fledged tractor. And also because of its low weight, high maneuverability and ease of control are ensured. It is also important that very little fuel and lubricants are consumed.

Technique for garlic
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Now you know what kind of technique is used for cultivating and harvesting garlic. Choose for its cultivation that agricultural machinery and attachments that will fit the area of ​​your site and your specific conditions.

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