Cooking Black Garlic

Cooking Black Garlic

Garlic is a fragrant seasoning that gives any dish a good taste and aroma. It is not often possible to see a vegetable of a dark color, but it really exists. To get black garlic, you need to be able to cook it. Dark product is usually added to various sauces, salads, meat and fish, as well as to first courses.

  1. Characteristic of the vegetable
  2. Growing
  3. Homes
  4. In the garden
  5. Recipe
  6. Pros and cons for a person
  7. Eating a vegetable
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Characteristic of the vegetable

Black garlic tastes good, it absolutely does not spicy, rather sweet, tastes like balsam in taste Yeh vinegar. The smell is not the most pleasant, but does not differ from baked vegetables or grilled.

First appeared in Japan. It was the Japanese product that was often used in various dishes. But the people of Korea believe that the properties Black garlic kills cancer cells in the body and significantly prolongs life.

If a person eats black garlic, his breath will remain fresh.

You can cook it yourself at home. During fermentation, melanoidin is produced, this element is responsible for its color and consistency. The black appearance of garlic is quite expensive. Its price ranges from 2 to 50 US dollars.


The technology for preparing black garlic is carried out by fermentation. This product was deprived of a bright aroma, but gave a sweet delicate taste. The consistency of a dark vegetable resembles dried fruits.

In order for the vegetable to acquire a dark color, it must be kept for 2 months at very high temperatures. Garlic contains sugar and amino acids, so the vegetable gets a dark color.


You can make a vegetable at home, the only problem will be hard to keep the temperature at 60 ° C for 2 months. This can be done using the oven, but not everyone will leave it turned on around the clock. Black garlic has become popular in Korea for a very long time. But he was also noticed in Thailand. He is often called God’s good gift, and his ability has become to give people good health and long life.

In the garden

It is very simple to grow black garlic in the garden. It is usually planted in the spring, and in order to get a high yield, it is necessary to plant at least a few heads.

He perfectly fights against parasites throughout the plot.


To cook black garlic at home, you need to take the foil and the head of the product. The preparation method is presented below.

  1. It is necessary to prepare a deep container. Lay out the product slices in it. It is recommended to take very deep dishes.The product should be fresh, without visible damage, rot, seedlings.
  2. Well, you need to wrap the container in foil, it is recommended to make 3-4 layers and close tightly. This will help to keep the aroma and will not allow various bacteria to get inside during fermentation.
  3. The dishes with the product should be placed in the oven, at 55-60 ° C. The dish will be ready in 35-40 days.

Not everyone can afford to keep the oven on for such a long time, but if possible, you should try to do it, because the cooked product is worth such sacrifices .

A rice cooker can be used to produce a dark product. Many experimenters use a radiator battery for production during the heating season. With this method, the vegetable may not turn out very dark.

Pros and cons for a person

Польза для здоровья

Health Benefits

To date, black garlic is often used in cooking and traditional medicine. It has a beneficial effect on the body, and especially on the circulatory system, and also on such organs:

  • restores pressure;
  • improves the functioning of the heart;
  • is prophylactic and therapeutic agent for atherosclerosis;
  • increases the softness of blood vessels.

In addition, it has positive properties for the digestive system, helps with overweight and normalizes the liver. The use of the vegetable by a person with diabetes will give a positive result, because it completely replaces sugar of natural origin.

The properties of black garlic help in the restoration of cells, due to rejuvenation of the cover. Vitamins and beneficial elements increase the body’s immune system and help fight inflammation and infections.

Relatively negative properties have not yet been seen.

Eating vegetables

When cooking various dishes, housewives often use a fragrant product. It gives the dishes spiciness, piquancy and aroma. Helps increase appetite, which leads to the appearance of gastric juice, which positively affects the work of the stomach and intestines. Scientists claim that the vegetable can retain all the necessary properties, it is forbidden to give it to heat treatment. But this cannot be said about the dark vegetable.

As scientific developments show, this product is able to hold useful elements, and also multiplies their number several times. In modern times, people often use the product to make sauces and butter. It is added to energy drinks and chocolate. But a regular vegetable with chocolate is simply not compatible.

Black garlic is usually used not only as an additive for various dishes, but also as a separate dish.He enjoys success with cooks around the world. In the medical field, the dark product began to be used much earlier than in cooking. Scientists using it are trying to achieve immortality, prolong life, as well as rejuvenate a person and cleanse his body of serious diseases.


There are no restrictions on the number of black garlic consumed, but it’s better not to get involved. This is especially true for those people who suffer from the following diseases:

  • stomach disease;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer;
  • hemorrhoids.


We can conclude that the black type of garlic has many useful qualities. It will be useful to eat for many, because it enhances health, improves the appearance of the skin and prolongs life. Of course, cooking it at home will not be so easy, but it’s worth a try.

People who keep gardens will not be able to grow a vegetable.A regular product is also useful and contains many vitamins, but leaves an unpleasant smell of human breath. Garlic is available to everyone at any time. It is useful to eat it in the winter, because it strengthens the immune system and reduces the chances of a cold. He will decorate any dish, give it spiciness, piquancy and incredible aroma. Those who eat vegetables are sick little and feel great.

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