The rules for planting garlic in 2020


Garlic, the favorite spicy vegetable, is an undemanding culture, but the correct and timely planting will be the key to good growth. It is important to determine the number of garlic plants to plant in 2019, taking into account the region and calendar of the lunar phases, in order to achieve a good harvest.

  1. Features of the lunar calendar landing
  2. Winter garlic
  3. Spring garlic
  4. Planting in different regions
  5. Dates of digging garlic

Правила высадки чеснока в 2019 году

Rules for planting garlic in 2019

Features of the planting according to the lunar calendar

When starting garden work, gardeners rely not only on their skills, but also on dates according to the lunar calendar. It has been established that aboveground plants are preferable press in the phase of the growing moon, but the underground ones, on the contrary, will gain full strength precisely on the waning moon.

Do not forget about the main rule: you can not plant garlic in the phases of the full moon and new moon.

The time of planting works depends on the climate in different regions and the type of vegetable. There are 2 types of garlic:

  • winter (winter);
  • spring (spring).

They differ not only in appearance and quantity cloves, but also by planting dates: winter plants need to be planted in early autumn, and spring – in spring. Not observing them, you risk being left without a crop. In the case of winter bulbs with late planting, the plant may not have time to form the root system and die.

Premature planting will result in seedlings appearing before the temperature drops. It is important to compare the varieties of garlic and the information that the sowing calendar gives.

Winter garlic

Autumn is the time for sowing winter crops, including and a vegetable from the onion family. The weather often changes in recent years, in connection with this, gardeners advise to focus on warming the soil (not higher than 12 ° C).

Favorable days for planting a winter type of garlic in 2019 according to the lunar calendar:

  • in September – 2, 10-13, 19;
  • in October – 6, 8, 9, 11, 12;
  • in November (if the beginning of the month is warm) – 5-7;
  • in December (if climatic conditions allow) – 11-14, 17.

It is not advised to sow garlic during the winter during such periods 2019:

  • in September – 1, 6, 16, 20;
  • in October – 5, 6, 16;
  • in November – 4 , 8, 9, 10, 18;
  • in December – 1-3 , 18, 29.

Spring garlic

The spring species is planted as early as possible: the bulb must have time to grow to the desired size. If the soil warmed up to 5-6 ° C, the most favorable days for planting came. The deadline for planting is the last month of spring. The lunar calendar recommends such numbers for planting spring garlic in the spring of 2019:

  • March: 6, 9-11, 20, 23, 24, 26;
  • April: 2, 3 , 5-11, 20-24;
  • May: 8-11, 19-25.
Дата высадки зависит от климатических условий региона

The date of disembarkation depends on the climatic conditions of the region

Unfavorable days for planting garlic in 2019:

  • March: 1-3, 16-18, 30, 31;
  • April: 15- 17, 29, 30;
  • May: 14-16, 28, 30.

Landing in different regions

Garlic grows without problems in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, but the length of the Russian Federation leaves its mark: the climate is unstable, and the landing dates for each region are shifted (in the Volgograd region this will be the end of August , and in Rostovskaya adjacent to it, this time will move to the end of September.)

Summary table of planting dates for onion vegetables in different regions.

Duration of garlic digging

When the vegetable has already been planted in the ground, it is necessary to determine when to harvest, so as not to miss the deadlines and worsen the keeping quality and useful properties of garlic. Full ripening of the crop will occur 100-110 days after the appearance of the first seedlings.

Winter garlic is usually harvested in July (last days of the month), August, and autumn is suitable for spring. According to the lunar calendar of 2019, it is recommended to remove the winter view from July 18 to July 31 and from August 16 to 29. Spring garlic is better to dig out from August 16 to 29 and from September 15 to 27.

In regions with an unstable or harsh climate, it is necessary to visually assess the maturity of the fetus. The calendar of the lunar phases will serve as a hint, but not a guide to action. The danger to the entire crop is both a premature harvest and a late one. You need to wait until the warm, favorable days come for this.

The following signs indicate the end of the vegetation process and full ripening of the plant:

  • yellowed leaves (it is important not to confuse with possible plant diseases) will let you know that the bulb has ripened and no longer needs nutrients – such a vegetable is ready for harvest;
  • if the shoots are kept on the crop with this However, by shedding the cloves, it will become clear that the formation cycle is completed;
  • reaching its maximum size, the garlic head will begin to open in the ground, cracking the soil around it.

Based on the foregoing information, you can plan for planting and harvesting in 2019, eliminating possible failures.

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