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Familiar pets like dogs and cats have become popular thanks to their complaisance and friendliness. But nowadays, it becomes fashionable to start exotic animals, a vivid representative of which is the ferret. If you decide to become a happy owner of a fashionable animal, you should know about his waywardness and stubbornness, so even before you put the animals under one roof, figure out whether the ferret and the cat can coexist peacefully.

  1. The power of natural instincts
  2. With whom the animal
  3. still does not get along pets
  4. Adaptation <

Как уживаются хорьки с кошками и собаками

How ferrets with cats and dogs get along

Strength of natural instincts

Are you used to a gentle cat and a loyal dog and think that they will show the same character traits in relation to a new pet? This is a big mistake. The thing is that the ferret is a wild and predatory animal with certain habits and highly developed instincts. Even seeming calm at first glance is not a reason to relax, because at any moment the pet can start hunting for rodents.

In nature, the ferret gets its own food, and its diet consists of mice, small birds and worms. So having settled in a house where there is no need to take care of food, he will not be able to resist the genetically instinct.

The conclusion is clear: those who already have a guinea pig or a hamster should not even think about a ferret: they don’t get along, as the first hangs a constant threat of being eaten. There are several animals for which the ferret is a threat: rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and decorative mice.They all panic from one of his smells; any attempts by the owner to make friends with the pets will not help. Would you really like to have both? So, it should provide each with a separate cage and place in different rooms. This is the only way out of the situation.

With whom the animal has not got along yet

There are other living creatures that the ferret does not favor in ordinary life – small birds. If a parrot, a canary or a titmouse already lives at home, it is better to forget about the desire to have a shaggy predator. It won’t end in good, and no matter how hard you try, the risk that the hunting instinct will awaken is very high, and you will have one less pet.

The reptiles have more chances to save. With an appetite, feasting on toads, snakes and lizards in their natural habitat, the ferret does not disdain them and stay in the house.

Classic pets

The paradox is that in nature a dog and a cat are not too friendly, but it’s a completely different thing when they live together under one roof. These human friends get along well with each other, but what happens if a ferret is hooked up to them is an interesting question.

Do ferrets get along with cats? A ferret and a cat are able to coexist peacefully in one territory, however, in the early days, pets need to be watched. The thing is the playfulness of animals, which, just playing too much, can harm each other.

Still it is necessary to reckon with the peculiarities of each pet, because there are more friendly cats, and there are also quite aggressive ones, then it is still not clear who is dangerous for whom. The adult ferret, though capricious, is extremely playful. This is what can provoke injuries in a cat and dog, since in the heat of the moment he loses control over himself and starts to use his teeth. The cat can scratch its claws in response.

When you have a ferret and a dog, the second one is often smarter. Of course, the breed matters, but most when a conflict arises, it leaves for a safe place. Many dogs tend to perceive exotic animals as little puppies and provide them with appropriate attention and care, steadily transferring all the pranks from fun games. For the time being they tolerate random bites, but when they cannot, they find it possible to report this.

Husky meets a cat husky meets a cat
Mach in the cage at Semyon !!! Cat and ferret got into a fight!
ferret and cats


It is important to remember that there are breeds of dogs bred for hunting, and if you are the owner of this, you will have to make a choice: either a ferret or a dog. about the natural instincts of both, do not leave them in mind those in the same room.

The ferret quickly navigates and gets used to new living conditions. But for those who want to have a ferret, dog and cat at the same time and not doubt that each of them gets along with the others, it’s enough to adhere to certain rules.

  1. A ferret will need a couple of days to adapt at home. During this period, you should not introduce him to the rest of the pets, it is better to keep it separately.
  2. The first time after meeting the situation you need to keep under control. It is immediately difficult to understand how a long-lived and feeling like a cat and dog will be treated as a new pet. Their reaction is unpredictable.It is necessary to ensure that the cat does not kill or injure the ferret, especially if the baby is taken into care, and not an adult.
  3. If there are doubts about the possibility of friendship, it is more reasonable to restrain the impulse and not succumb to fashion trends to have wild and exotic pets, and continue to take care of the existing traditional and peace-loving.

Do you think that you can overcome any difficulties and keep the situation under control? Then go ahead, turn anyone on, just tune in: it won’t be easy. If the ferret or your cat will not behave very friendly, take appropriate measures so that in the future you do not have to say goodbye to one of your pets.

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