How to wean a ferret to shit in the wrong place and tame it to the tray

Many rodent owners are wondering how to train a ferret in the tray and is it possible to home conditions. An animal can be trained to walk in need to the same place, but the learning process requires patience. In order for the animal to stop spoiling where it should not, it is necessary to use special methods to teach ferrets to the pot.

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  1. Features of habitation of ferrets to the toilet
  2. Types of ferry trays
  3. How to train the animal to go to the tray
  4. How to wean a ferret to shit in the apartment

Как приучить хорька к лотку

How to train a ferret in the tray

Ferret in our time lives not only in the wild. Man has long been able to tame it and breed the domesticated breed of this predator – a ferret. Little curious animals respond well to training and love to play. However, keeping an animal in an apartment often reveals various problems.

Features of the training of ferrets to the toilet

Ferrets themselves strive for cleanliness and are quite neat. But, despite this, they are not immediately able to take some place in the house as a toilet and for a long time they can spoil anywhere.

Sometimes you need to adapt to the ferret if he stubbornly avoids walking in the toilet is in a particular corner and, conversely, constantly crap in another. In this case, you will have to reconcile and rearrange the tray to the place your pet has chosen.

Sometimes ferrets choose more than one place for themselves as a toilet. In this case, you need to purchase 2 or more pots for the predator.This is especially true for large rooms.

The process of teaching the animal the rules of hygiene should begin as early as possible. It should be remembered that females and cubs are easier to accustom to the tray than an adult male. No one can guarantee that it will be easy to train a ferret to the toilet in the right place, even if he is still a puppy. Sometimes, in spite of all efforts, the tray is simply ignored.

Types of ferret trays

If the ferret stubbornly ignores the toilet corner, it makes sense to try changing the tray itself to another one configurations. Today there are several types of trays:

  1. Ordinary feline equipped with a net. The advantage of such a tray is that it is always dry, as urine flows into the tray. But as the ferret defecates, snuggling up to the corner, he may miss the edge. You should wash the tray quite often, at least once a day, because otherwise the animal may not want to walk on it.
  2. The second type of tray is a tray with a filler. The design is a pallet with a removable side, where any filler is poured. If the tray is just that, but the ferret does not want to go there, you can try to change the filler itself. The problem is that ordinary cat-like filler is not very good for ferrets. Wood and clay granules can stick and cause skin irritation. It is better to do without filler at all, washing the pot several times a day.
  3. The third type is the corner tray.Its shape is ideal for ferrets, as it has high side walls and a low front. Cat litter or paper can be placed in the base of the tray. You can lay a diaper. But paper and diapers must be changed frequently so that the toilet is always clean. You need to wash the tray without using detergents, since it is important not to wash off the specific smell of the animal, by which it determines where its toilet is.

How to teach the animal to go to the tray

The ferret always shows his desire with his back high and tail lifted. As a rule, every morning after waking up, the ferret recovers within 10-15 minutes.

This moment should be used to direct the animal to the right place if it does not go by itself.

For she began to accustom herself to the cage. To do this, you should buy a corner tray. It should be located in the diametrically opposite corner from the feeder and be clean in the morning.

When the ferret wakes up, you can pick it up and hold it for a while until it becomes restless, after which it is advisable to put it on the pot and encourage after coping. As a reward, you can use a treat or a walk around the house. Training should be calm, it is extremely important to praise the animal for proper behavior.

Considering the fact that ferrets are very impatient in nature, taming to the tray should continue throughout the day every half hour, that is, every half hour the ferret should be planted in the corner tray in the cage, especially if characteristic external signs in animal behavior.

How to wean a ferret to shit in the apartment

If, however, the ferret inherited somewhere in the house while walking around the apartment, then you should never poke his nose into a puddle. These animals have very delicate noses, so you can not treat them like cats. You can slightly shake the pet at the withers, but you must do this immediately after the crime, otherwise the animal will not understand what is happening at all.

It is best to encourage the animal to do the right thing and not to let it walk in the wrong place. For example, you can knock on the floor or somehow catch the attention of a pet when it sits in the wrong place.

How to train a ferret to the toilet
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There is still a way to wean a ferret to shit in the wrong place. To begin with, the room where the predator is used to help needs is washed with special means that remove the smell, and then spread the diapers or litter from the ferret’s cage at the corners, they will smell like a house for him, and this will discourage the animal from hunting to defecate in a similar place.

At home, training a ferret in the toilet may take a few days. The main thing is not to start this process, otherwise the animal will get used to shitting anywhere. First of all, training should rest on discipline, consistency, hardness. There should not be any cruelty, otherwise the animal will become vengeful.

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