Ferret temperature norm

Having pets means taking on more responsibility for their lives. Quite often, ferrets are chosen as pets. These cute animals can bring joy to their owners.

  1. Temperature measurement rules
  2. Temperature norms
  3. How to bring down the temperature
  4. Preventive measures

Как измерить температуру хорьку

How to measure the temperature of a ferret

Do not forget that you need to not only play with animals: you need to take proper care of them. Very often the ferret’s temperature increases or decreases from improper care, so you should know how to correctly measure the temperature ferrets and what norms are permissible for these animals.

Rules for measuring temperature

In what cases can body temperature change? The following situations are distinguished:

  • colds;
  • enteritis – a popular disease among all animals;
  • intense activity or overheating;
  • anemia;
  • inflammatory processes of different character;
  • stress, fatigue or a change of housing.

It is not difficult to determine the body temperature of a ferret, just use an ordinary thermometer. It is best to purchase an electronic thermometer, as the pet can spin very much and accidentally break it. It is only necessary to measure the temperature rectally, so a separate thermometer for a ferret will not hurt.

Before starting the procedure, the thermometer is disinfected and lubricated with petroleum jelly. In order that the animal does not hurt the owner, it is wrapped in a towel. You can also ask someone to hold their pet during the event. Then the thermometer is slowly introduced into the anus of the pet slowly and kept there motionless until the end of the procedure.

After the thermometer has given a sound signal, it needs to be held for another 30 seconds in order for the result to be accurate. When the temperature is checked, the ferret should be stroked and fed with his favorite delicacy.

Temperature Norms

The ferret is an unusual pet. The ferret’s temperature is difficult to determine in appearance. This animal can feel great with a wet and dry nose, but also vice versa. Almost always, the ferret begins to rise in temperature when his breathing becomes too hot.

Нормальная температура у хорька

Normal temperature at a ferret

It is believed that for a ferret, normal body temperature can be from 37 to 39.5 ° C. At this temperature, ferrets may not bother, they will be in a good mood. Due to the fact that the animal is very active, its body temperature rises. Any veterinarian will be able to confirm that this is the norm and do not worry.If the indicator is still worrying, you can measure the temperature yourself and make sure that the pet has not picked up some disease.

How to bring down the temperature

When the body temperature of the ferret is within acceptable, this is a good sign. His body works fine and nothing threatens the animal. If the temperature has greatly decreased or increased, you should start to worry: most likely the pet is ill with something and needs to be urgently shown to the veterinarian. The doctor should examine the ferret and check everything.

High body warmth is the first symptom of a cold or some other illness. It can rise if the pet was active enough during the day. And during the time when he is resting, she gradually decreases. It is better to measure body heat several times and every 40-60 minutes. The degree of warmth should be checked more often and the data recorded: they will help the veterinarian make an accurate diagnosis.

When the temperature has increased, it is more often necessary to give the pet more fluid. But before that, it is advisable to boil the water. Many owners of these beautiful animals give them regular aspirin to lower their degree of warmth and relieve pain, if any.

Что делать, если у хорька повысилась температура

What if the ferret has a fever

The medications a person takes are not suitable for all animals, as each organism can respond to them differently. It is quite difficult for a ferret to determine the correct dose of the necessary medicine. First you should consult a doctor and try to follow all his recommendations. Also during this period it is advisable to feed the animal with fruits and vegetables, since they have vitamins, and he needs them.

In order for the ferret to become normal, you need to try to feed him more often, even if he not much want. The body will begin to fight the disease well and return to normal.

Low temperature is a symptom of weakness, which means that the animal drinks and eats little. In this case, you should carefully consider his diet and constantly check for the presence of water in his bowl.

Preventive measures

First of all, the ferret’s normal temperature will be constant if given he has a lot of rest and sleep. The animal should be in a state of rest for 20 hours. If the set time is reduced, his body will begin to weaken, and as a result, the pet will become ill, therefore it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it later.

It is necessary to monitor the room in which the animal lives: there should not be drafts and strong cold .You can not play with your pet on the floor, otherwise he will get cold. Cleaning is required more often so that the pet does not breathe dust. Coming from a walk, it is necessary to wash the animal’s feet.

Ferret Diseases
Domestic ferret. Interesting facts about ferrets.
How to treat ferret diseases

Before you start a cute ferret as a pet, you should carefully weigh your capabilities: will it be possible to take good care of him?The temperature level can range from 37 to 39.5 ° C, and this is the norm for small animals. If the slightest signs of illness have become noticeable, you should immediately contact a veterinary clinic.

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