How many ferrets usually live

Today the trend towards unusual pets is returning to fashion. So, on the street you can see the owners with raccoons, ferrets, jerboas. The article gives an answer to a popular question among owners: how many ferrets live?

  1. General information
  2. Average
  3. Factors affecting life expectancy
  4. Proper care
  5. Conclusion

Продолжительность жизни хорьков

Ferrets Life Span

General Information

The ferret is a mammal of the genus marten. Vigilant and agile, this animal is a born hunter. when it’s getting dark, the ferret goes hunting. The predator eats voles, ground squirrels, frogs, insects and etc. It is important for him to have his shelter, which, however, he rarely digs on his own, settles and lives in hollows, haystacks, burrows of other animals, in buildings such as sheds and cellars.

Domestic ferret (ferret) was taken out of the forest at the beginning of our era in Europe. Appreciating the agility and hunting instinct of the animal, the man pursued the goal of getting a catcher of mice and rats. Interestingly, representatives of this species are often confused with ermines.

If you try to domesticate a ferret found in the natural latitudes, you will not succeed.

About what rules regarding nutrition and training are necessary to keep the ferret’s life span as long as possible is described below. Do not forget: it is important not only how much the ferret lives, but also the quality of his life.

Average indicators

On average, ferrets live with a person about 8-9 years old, a maximum of 15. For comparison: the wild hardly crosses the 5-year mark . This is due to the natural conditions in which he lives, the enemies are larger predators, lack of food, parasites. As many years as domestic ferrets live, they cannot hold out wild.

Хозяин должен окружить хорька заботой

The host must surround ferret caring

No living creature is safe from sudden death. The owner is able to provide everything necessary so that his pet stays with him as long as possible. How many years ferrets live in captivity largely depends on the conditions that are created for them.

Factors affecting life expectancy

What factors affect how much they live ferrets in captivity?

  1. Heredity. If both parents of your pet died a natural death, having lived no more than a dozen years, then he is unlikely to become a long-liver. Experienced breeders pick genetically healthy individuals for mating ferrets.
  2. Lactation. Every mammal in early life needs breast milk, and the ferret is no exception – this is how it works in nature. The lack of milk can lead to a lack of calcium in the body and cause the development of rickets in the animal. This disease will adversely affect the quality and longevity of the pet.There are medicines for this case, but it should be remembered that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.
  3. Safety rules. Allow your pet to walk only on designated territory. Small and nimble, it can climb into a stove, get tangled in wires. Young children should not be allowed to torture an animal.
  4. Vaccination. Do not neglect this event, because more than half of the unvaccinated pets get sick with plague, Aleutian disease or rabies. It is not necessary to contact other animals to get infected.

Humans like rabies are also susceptible to humans.

In addition to the main vaccines, ferrets are given additional, anti-infection: from hepatitis, enteritis, leptospirosis , adenovirus.

Proper care

We are responsible for those who have tamed. An animal is not a toy, it requires, like a child, that energy be invested in its maintenance and upbringing, and therefore care for it must be appropriate. You can’t feed the ferret as necessary. The basis of the diet should be raw rabbit, turkey, offal, chicken, trout, buckwheat, low-fat cottage cheese, quail eggs, vegetables, special vitamin complexes.

Правильный рацион хорька

Proper ferret diet

Missing minerals in the diet of the ferret leads to the development of gastrointestinal diseases, vitamin deficiency, decreased immunity, hair loss. The water in the drinker should always be clean. It is necessary to ensure that the prohibited product does not get into the rodent, because even a small piece of harmful food can cause food poisoning in the animal. It was noted that in ferrets, eating dry food, more often found cancer. It is important to feed your pet with natural food.

You can’t feed the animal in a closed cage for days: this negatively affects its physical and moral health. You need to regularly organize walks and games in the fresh air. We must not forget about training and muscle loads. The ferret is a friendly animal, inquisitive and easy to contact, therefore it needs attention and feedback from the person.

It is necessary to observe the rules of animal hygiene, regularly conduct wet cleaning in the room where the rodent lives, ventilate, change bedding .


Now you know how many ferrets live at home. The ferret’s life in a person’s house can be no less interesting for him than in nature, and certainly not so dangerous. The domestic rodent, as mentioned above, lives longer than the wild.

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